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David Javen ([info]davidjaven) wrote,
@ 2012-10-08 20:06:00

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Why Focus on Facebook Application Development for Marketing?

Any type of marketing is beneficial to a company, so it often does not matter which method is chosen as long as it is effective and positively impacts the company’s bottom line. One of the best marketing strategies available today involves app development on the social media giant, Facebook. Social media in its current state is a stable way to market brands and it is turning out to be the most valuable way to market brands. Without social media, a company’s brand could be annihilated by the competition. A brand could easily get lost in the crowd. Thanks to social media, companies now have the control to retain, maintain, promote, and increase their brand’s visibility, equity, and image.

Facebook Gets a Brand Seen

A Facebook app development company such as ConvoSpark can completely transform the bottom line of a business. Simple and integrated application development can bring more visibility to a brand than any other marketing channel. For instance, a customized Facebook landing page can help a brand gain fans. The number of fans a page collects indicates the number of people who have viewed the page and have actually liked it. A company may be relatively sure that a percentage of these fans will actually inquire about their products or services. Additionally, a good number of fans may even share a company’s page further enhancing a brand’s visibility on this social media venue.

Conduct Marketing Cost-Effectively

ConvoSpark’s Facebook application development solutions offer cost effective development to market a brand without breaking a company’s budget. Since this Facebook app development company is experienced, their application development efforts are process-oriented and well established.

Currently, there is an increasing demand for companies to build cost-effective quizzes, games, interactive applications, custom landing pages, e-commerce apps, and so much more for a truly enriching social media experience. A company can apply an integrated marketing effort and yield results that are exponential in nature. This is something that a company cannot expect from traditional marketing efforts when the cost of marketing to the ROI of marketing is compared.

Keep Up With the Competition

Sometimes, a marketing strategy may fail because of lack of competitive intelligence. However, this is not the case of application development for online integrated marketing programs. A Facebook app development company such as ConvoSpark helps companies understand what succeeds and what may not.

A company will do well to partner with an app company that understands the methods and ways of a popular social media platform – which ConvoSpark does very well. Facebook marketing is competitive, but rewarding. Visit www.convospark.com to ensure the company’s marketing success in more ways than one.

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