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David Javen ([info]davidjaven) wrote,
@ 2012-08-20 11:26:00

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Current location:San Francisco, CA

Integrate Facebook Apps into Your Marketing Efforts for Massive Benefits

If you’re searching for effective strategies to expand your company’s marketing efforts, then perhaps it’s time to consider the numerous benefits that exist for brands expanding through social media. Today, one of the most effective forms of reach is through the development of facebook apps for higher audience engagement and retention.

Facebook application development, when done well, offers extended branding, customer engagement, and lead generation. This marketing tactic also delivers increased web traffic, reputation management, and access to this social network and its intangible value. When your brand is savvy enough to hold its own in this marketplace, you gain a bit of the, “cool factor,” which further propels your brand’s awareness and reputation.

There are already nearly 3,400 applications installed on Facebook. Although the majority of these exist for fun and are non-business in nature, there are many clever apps that are helping big brands extend their awareness and audience reach through newer, more social feedback mechanisms. The companies that have implemented Facebook apps in their marketing efforts are using Facebook not only for branding and awareness, but also market intelligence. Using this social giant’s unique form of customer engagement enables smart companies to glean a bit more about their consumer behavior based on content sharing and commentary provided.

Of course the likely holy grail of facebook application development is the hope that one’s business app will benefit from a viral effect. This level of awareness and attention takes word-of-mouth to an entirely new level! Think of a viral effect as a crowd attracting an even bigger crowd, and so on!

Through the benefits of increased awareness, intelligence, and buzz it’s no wonder why many corporations are beginning to consider the many benefits of Facebook application development. Becoming an active and engaging brand on this platform is a critical part of 21st century marketing evolution. Consider the opportunities that participating in this active community may bring and sift through customer behaviors, comments, and usage to build successful cases for targeting new niches and vertical markets – with very specific tactics for execution.

If you’re sold on the need for Facebook apps, then you’ll want to find a development firm you can rely on to create the perfect application for your business or brand. A standout company in this market is ConvoSpark, having represented such big brands as Taco Bell, Nestle, Qualcomm, and BNSF Railway, among others. Delivering exceptional customer service with superb communication is what really positions this company ahead of its competition. Learn more about them by visiting www.convospark.com and get started creating your own Facebook apps with their expert guidance.

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