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:3 ([info]desulazor) wrote,
@ 2008-03-29 12:37:00

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Current mood: accomplished

Week 1 Results
Alright guys, earlier this week I mentioned that I doing this diet thing. Now I have results in excruciating detail thanks to my dad's incredibly fancy scale. As of noon today this is how I stand:

Weight: 229.2 lbs.
Body Fat: 34.7%
Body Water: 47.3%
Bone Mass: 8.8
Muscle Mass: 70.9

I've been cutting down on my junk food and replacing it with whatever fruits may be lying around the house. I normally down myself in soda/pop (whatever the tits you may call it) and I've been replacing it with water. I normally skip breakfast but I've been trying to eat breakfast every morning. Instead of walking at a leisurely pace, I've been forcing myself just to walk a bit faster than normal. I worked out twice this week. I'm still feeling quite sore from it. I worked out yesterday but because it was late, I didn't go out for a walk. Instead, I replaced it with games of DDR in my room at my dad's house. My dad has been nothing but helpful to me. Hopefully I can get better results next week.

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