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jake ♪ ([info]driveshaft) wrote,
@ 2008-05-11 19:17:00

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blogging went down the drain.
no offense, but this site dead.
hence the suckage.

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2008-05-12 01:49 am UTC (link)
You're just gay, it's okay. HEY! :-]

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2008-05-12 04:29 am UTC (link)
wow jess, i like that poem. you should totatlly publish that shit.
or make it longer.
here's my poem for you.
you taste like a fresca.
you're really mean.
and i've never seen you wear green.
but hey you want to be juno,
but you can't because you just don't know.
you suck.
what the fuck.
this doesn't make sense.
don't forget to lather and rinse.
so this is the last line.
and hey look it all rhymes!

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2008-05-12 02:35 am UTC (link)
wtf i miss your life:o

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2008-05-12 05:27 am UTC (link)
lol. i'll try to update more.

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