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jake ♪ ([info]driveshaft) wrote,
@ 2008-02-06 17:01:00

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Current mood:grumpy

Okay, so last night i went to the movies with Illiana, we watched There will be Blood instead of The Eye, cause she had to watch it for her history class. fuck, the movie was 3 hours long and it was fucking boring, but we're going tonight to watch The Eye, so woop woop. Anyways, she also said that me and her should go eat together on Valentine's Day, so looks like i won't be spending Valentine's Day alone after all. I realize that she's starting to like me, but i still only see her as just a friend. I like having her around, i mean i haven't had someone there for me all the time since i broke up with Stephanie about 8 months ago and i'm starting to get use to her being there, you know? but i don't think i want a relationship with her. maybe it's my fault for leading her on, but i guess i'll just see what happens. Other than that my mom and sister went out of town with some of their friends and now i'm stuck here taking care of the yorkies. they're starting to grow on me, i have to take them to the vet tomorrow for the vaccinations, i hope it doesn't take long cause i have yet to apply any where for a job and i need money to pay my bills. & sorry if i haven't been commenting alot, i've been pre-occupied.

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