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Kira ([info]effy) wrote,
@ 2008-01-03 21:50:00

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Current mood:accomplished
Entry tags:journal: friends only, me: contact info

friends only
But he understood at last what Dumbledore had been trying to tell him. It was, he thought, the difference between being dragged into the arena to face a battle to the death and walking into the arena with your head held high. Some people, perhaps, would say that there was little to choose between the two ways, but Dumbledore knew — and so do I, thought Harry, with a rush of fierce pride, and so did my parents — that there was all the difference in the world.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,
page 479 (british version)

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2008-01-07 10:56 pm UTC (link)
Ohio, USA→
harry potter, dancing, photography, basketball, music, movies →
random search→
i only put pictures in my private journal :/ →">

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2008-01-09 08:58 am UTC (link)
added :)

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2008-01-11 02:39 am UTC (link)
ifonlyy from GJ!
add? :)

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2008-01-14 03:50 pm UTC (link)
added :)

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~lovebella from GJ :)
2008-01-12 08:16 pm UTC (link)
name→ vina
age→ eighteen
birthdate→ oct. 2.
language of journal→ english.
location→ new york.
aim→ tattoo my moon
myspace→ n/a
email address→ tattoomymoon@hotmail.com
common interests we share→ harry potter, twilight, and tons of stuff ;)
how did you find me→ back at GJ.
picture of you (if possible)→"> n/a.

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Re: ~lovebella from GJ :)
2008-01-14 03:51 pm UTC (link)
added :)

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2008-01-16 09:20 am UTC (link)
[info]flame_cup and [info]honor_cup!

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2008-01-19 01:25 am UTC (link)
name→ donna
age→ 16
birthdate→ february 1
language of journal→ english
location→ alabama
aim→ marti mixalot (it doesn't like to let me stay on)
myspace→ http://www.myspace.com/gossipe
email address→ dorkin.it.out@gmail.com
common interests we share→ twilight, harry potter, vampires, gossipgirl, books :]
how did you find me→
picture of you (if possible)→ n/a i swear i'm not a troll or anything like that!

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2008-01-19 12:46 pm UTC (link)
added :)

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2008-02-03 01:44 am UTC (link)
Hey! This is Amanda, boleyn, from LiveJournal :)

name→ Amanda€
age→ 18
birthdate→ 9/29
language of journal→ english
location→ ohio
aim→ srsly evl wzrd
myspace→ http://myspace.com/kindofmorrisey
email address→ amanda@eccentrique.org
common interests we share→ harry potter, spn, smallville, twilight, etc, etc
how did you find me→ lj :)
picture of you (if possible)→ there are some at my myspace :)

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2008-02-03 10:35 am UTC (link)
Heey Amanda :)

Adding you now.

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