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Sam ([info]emerald_chaos) wrote,
@ 2008-09-15 19:41:00

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Current mood: ecstatic

I got my car!!!!!!!

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2008-09-17 01:08 am UTC (link)
Hey there. Was looking for people that had things in common with me that didn't abandon their journal. Was wondering if you'd like to chat/add? I like a lot of tv and movies and books. Just looking for some friends/people that want to talk. Have a nice day.

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2008-09-18 12:45 am UTC (link)
Hello! I looked through your interests and noticed you like Anne Rice. I've only read some of The Vampire Lestat, but I think she's an amazing writer. Plus, vampires are pretty cool on their own. Indeed I shall add you!

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2008-09-18 01:00 am UTC (link)
If you like her stuff, I can recommend a couple of other authors you may like. I actually prefer her erotic novels. XD;;; I am very big into vampires, but not so trendy as the Twilight series.

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2008-09-20 03:18 am UTC (link)
I liked Twilight. Well, the first one mostly. By the time I read the others I felt like I was too old to read them. But I can't not finish a series.

I'm always interested in recommendations on books/music/movies/anything!

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2008-09-20 04:04 am UTC (link)
Anything by Sherrilyn Kenyon, she does the Dark-Hunter series which is amazing. It's a good balance of plot and adult scenes. I hate I'm going to have to wait until Oct/Nov for her next book.

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2008-09-21 11:17 pm UTC (link)
I'll have to pick something up by her.

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2008-09-21 11:24 pm UTC (link)
I suggest picking up Fantasy Lover or the first one that marks the Dark-Hunter series. If you pick up any of the later ones you'll get some major spoilers.

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