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February 12th, 2008
04:16 pm
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(FIC) If Couches Could Talk
Title: If Couches Could Talk
Author: Eumenides (flowerofsin)
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Aizen, Gin, Tousen
Prompt: 027 (Seduction)
Word Count: 2,375
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Smutty one-shot. Curiosity and longing bear fruit as the pair welcomes a third into the mix.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns everything, I own nothing but my imagination.

His face heating as he stood by the open door, Tousen listened to the sounds made by the participants within the room. He didn’t need to see them to know what the pair of shinigami was doing. Judging from the gentle slurping sound and Aizen’s soft moaning, he could picture Gin in his mind’s eye kneeling before Aizen on the couch, his head bobbing in the other shinigami’s lap. He wondered idly if Aizen’s hand fisted the material of the couch or if it ran through Gin’s hair. He frowned. The two of them really were shameless, doing something like this when anyone could just walk by and see them. Maybe that was the point. Tousen’s brows knitted further. What did it make him for standing there listening in, trying to picture what the pair was doing. He turned, walking away down the corridor before they could sense that he was there. It wasn’t as though he was interested in this kind of thing anyway.

Though Kaname tried to put it from his mind, the memory of those sounds and the knowledge of what they’d been doing continued to haunt him during the day and for many nights afterward. Tousen tried to tell himself that he didn’t envy what the other two shinigami had, but he wasn’t even sure himself if this was entirely the case. And morning meetings had become far too uncomfortable for him. He couldn’t shake the suspicion that something else lay in Aizen’s gaze as he felt it land upon him. Had the other man known he’d been listening in that day? Tousen admonished himself for his paranoia. This wasn’t so likely since he’d only been there briefly and the other two men had been quite occupied at the time.

Later that day as his feet took him in the direction of that room again, Tousen tried to tell himself that he was merely taking a different route to the courtyard. If his pace slowed a bit as he approached the cracked door, it wasn’t because he was trying to hear anything as he sensed the spiritual power of the two shinigami within the room seated on the couch. And though Kaname’s steps halted entirely as he stood off to one side of the door where he couldn’t be seen by them, his heart pounding against his ribcage, it definitely wasn’t to eavesdrop on the amorous pair.

Instead of what he expected to hear, Tousen startled at his name being called out. Glad that the men wouldn’t be able to see his blush, Tousen pushed the door fully open as he stepped into the doorway, greeting the two shinigami and hoping that he didn’t seem as anxious outwardly as he felt within.

“Come in,” Aizen said, “We were just thinking of asking you for tea. So wonderful that you just happened to be passing by.” There was an edge to Aizen’s voice that made Tousen a little wary and secretly thrilled at the same time.

The two men made a place for Tousen to sit between them as he approached. Tousen took a seat on the couch, frowning slightly as Aizen shifted closer to him.

“To be honest, I’ve noticed that you’ve seemed ill at ease of late, Kaname,” Aizen told the other shinigami. “I hope you’re not having second thoughts about anything.”

Tousen frowned. “Of course not. As I told you in the beginning, I am committed to your plans.”

“Then what’s been troubling you?” Aizen asked as he sidled closer to the dark-skinned shinigami on the couch. Gin watched, an expression on his face of equal parts excitement and amusement.

“Nothing, Aizen. I’m not sure what you mean.”

“You’ve seemed a little distracted for the past few days,” Aizen told him as he leaned closer, speaking in a low voice. “I can’t think of anything that could have changed lately,” he continued, watching Tousen attempt to conceal a look of worry, “unless something happened recently to whet your appetite.”

Tousen heard Gin chuckle next to him as he moved closer. “It’s always the quiet ones that are perverted, eavesdropping on a couple of guys. I wonder what kind of thing you’ve been dreaming about lately. I wonder if they’re anything like this.”

Tousen startled at the feel of a hand on his thigh, another moving across his chest. As he opened his mouth in question, he found a pair of lips covering his own. Aizen took advantage of the other shinigami’s surprise to deepen the kiss, raising a hand to comb through the man’s braided hair. Gin’s hand continued to stroke Tousen’s leg, edging higher toward the junction of hip and thigh. Tousen placed a hand over Gin’s roving one in an attempt to still it, but the other shinigami was insistent. That hand reached its destination, stroking Kaname’s groin, making him moan into Aizen’s delving mouth.

Tousen managed to break away from Aizen’s lips, though the man continued to stroke his chest with one hand. “What are you doing?” Kaname asked, slightly breathless. He heard Gin chuckle nearby and felt his warm breath on one ear before he nipped at it.

“What do you think we’re doing?” Gin asked him, lapping at his ear slightly. He squeezed at the man’s groin, making him gasp. “You were listening because you were curious, right?”

“Isn’t this a wonderful way of satisfying that curiosity?” Aizen added. He raised a hand to sweep Tousen’s braids aside, planting several kisses onto the line of his jaw. “And it’s a nice cure for the frustration you’ve been feeling lately, yes?”

As annoyed as he was excited, Tousen pushed at the two shinigami, attempting to dislodge them. “I don’t want to be part of some perverse game between the two of you.” His eyes narrowed. “And I’ve never had a use for pity, so I hardly need any now.”

He heard Aizen chuckle nearby and felt him lay a hand over the one he had placed on the shinigami’s chest. Aizen raised Tousen’s hand to his face, lapping at the man’s exposed fingers. Surprised, Tousen attempted to pull away, but Aizen’s hold was insistent.

“There’s never been a time when I pitied you, Tousen,” Sosuke began, “and the only game I want to play involves you becoming a bit more horizontal,” he finished, pushing Tousen off balance so that he fell into Gin’s waiting lap. The pale haired shinigami pulled Tousen close and shifted so that he lay between his spread legs, Kaname’s back against his chest as he rested against the arm of the couch.

Tousen shifted in Gin’s arms, mildly alarmed, moderately annoyed, and more excited than he wanted to admit as he felt Aizen move to hover over him. “Aizen, I’m not in the mood for this kind of-” Tousen tried to protest before Aizen covered his mouth with his own once more, his hands roving over the other man’s body.

His heart pounding in his chest, Tousen’s resolve to struggle against the two men was weakening. He was awash with sensation, stroking hands over his clothed skin, lips kissing his neck and face. He sighed. Was it so wrong to allow this, when he’d been fantasizing about just this kind of thing when he was alone? The reality of things was shaping up to be much better. He tipped his head back against Gin’s shoulder, allowing Gin to nibble on his neck as Aizen began to unfasten his garments, sweeping the white fabric aside to expose dark skin. Tousen gasped as he felt a mouth fasten to a nipple, suckling it until it hardened. Gin’s hand stroked the skin of his belly, dipping lower to slip inside his hakama. Tousen groaned as Gin fondled what he found there deliciously.

Aizen loosened his own clothing as he trailed down Tousen’s body. Reaching his destination as he moved to kneel on the floor, Sosuke pulled Kaname’s hakama off entirely. He moved to surround the shinigami’s erection with a stroking hand as Gin’s moved away to trail across Tousen’s belly. Smirking, Aizen bowed his head to take the other man inside, chuckling around his erection at the sound of Kaname’s surprised moan.

Tousen tilted his head back, crying out as Aizen’s mouth sheathed him in moist warmth. The dark haired shinigami worked his member expertly, drawing him into hardness quickly. Tousen shifted on the couch, moaning uncontrollably as Gin nibbled on the shell of his ear, one of his hands moving to tweak an erect nipple. Gin’s other hand slid downward to comb through Aizen’s hair as he worked, causing the other shinigami to smile around Tousen’s length.

When Kaname thought he wouldn’t be able to take much of this treatment without reaching his peak, Aizen pulled away with a moist sound. Aizen chuckled at the frustrated groan Tousen gave when he stopped. An eager look on his face, Sosuke urged Tousen to turn over so that he straddled Gin on the couch. Smirking, the pale haired shinigami pulled Kaname close as Aizen began to caress Tousen’s firm buttocks.

Aizen drew a finger into his mouth to moisten it, lowering his hand to run it across Tousen’s entrance, making the other shinigami gasp at the strange sensation. Sosuke grinned as he watched his comrade shift on top of Gin, who seemed all too pleased at the friction.

“No one’s ever been in here, have they?” Aizen asked as he stroked across puckered skin.

Kaname felt his face heat. “No, of course not.”

The other shinigami smirked. “Then I should treat it properly since it’s your first time.

Gin noted how the quizzical expression on Tousen’s face became one of surprise as Aizen leaned down to lap at Tousen’s entrance. He loved how expressive the man’s face was, watching Kaname’s brows knit together as he bowed his head groaning, overcome by the strange pleasure of Aizen’s ministrations. Gin tangled a hand in Tousen’s hair, pulling him downward to seal lips over his open mouth, swallowing his subsequent moans. They kissed hungrily, Tousen pushing back against Aizen, seeking more sensation and making the other shinigami smile.

When Aizen pulled away after a few moments, Tousen groaned in frustration until Gin distracted him with a stroking hand and delving mouth. The sensation of a finger slick with whatever Aizen had moved away to grasp made Kaname groan into Gin’s mouth before he pulled away to gasp.

“Just relax,” Sosuke told him, withdrawing the digit then pressing it deeper into his tight passage. Aizen sounded slightly breathless, eager over the prospect of burying himself into the heat he’d begun to probe.

Unnerved but still excited, Kaname tried to relax, allowing another probing digit to join the first. He felt them scissor against each other within him before they started to stroke against something deep inside that made him gasp. Gin chuckled under him, fisting both their erections together for the added pleasure of delicious friction.

“Just wait,” Gin told him, “It’ll get even better.”

When Sosuke removed his fingers to press something much thicker against his opening, Kaname bit his lip in discomfort as he tensed. Aizen leaned over him, murmuring placating words as he pushed gently against him, getting the other shinigami to relax enough for him to slip inside. Tousen groaned as Aizen pushed forward, breeching him. Panting, Kaname tried to relax. The sensation was uncomfortable at first but at the same time strangely pleasing. Aizen pushed in slowly, allowing the man time to adjust. Gin stepped up the movement of his hand, making Kaname moan loudly from the dual sensations as Aizen sank in to the hilt.

After a brief respite where Sosuke thought he’d almost go mad from being buried in such tightness without moving, he began to thrust, first gently then more firmly as the pleasure of it began to undo him. Kaname tossed his head back as he cried out, a cascade of braids falling over his shoulders. Gin stroked all the skin he could reach with one hand as he fondled himself with another, excited by the usually quiet man’s vocalizations as Aizen moved within him.

Sosuke moved to sit on the couch, pulling Kaname with him. Tousen cried out as he moved backward, gravity impaling him on Aizen’s erection. Panting, Sosuke pushed hungrily up into him. Gin watched with interest as Kaname’s head fell back against Aizen’s shoulder, sweat beading on dark skin as he cried out on each thrust.

It wasn’t long before Aizen was undone by the tight heat of the other man, Giving off a groan that was more of a growl, he spilled deep inside of the other shinigami before collapsing against the arm of the couch, pulling Tousen with him. Kaname let out a groan of disappointment at being left on the brink of orgasm, his erection hard and aching. That was until he felt Gin move between his legs, slipping inside as Aizen vacated with a long firm thrust that made Kaname clench his teeth.

Panting, Gin’s hand gripped the other shinigami’s hip as he pushed into him, far too excited to think about if he was being rough or not. By the way Kaname behaved, he didn’t seem to mind, raising hands to claw at the man’s back as he wrapped a leg around his waist, bucking against him. Aizen nipped at Kaname’s shoulder, enjoying being pressed against the couch by the weight of the two men. Gin leaned forward to kiss Sosuke sloppily over Tousen’s shoulder before he sealed his mouth to Kaname’s, kissing him as deeply as he plunged into him.

It wasn’t much longer before Kaname broke the kiss to wail, sightless eyes rolling back into his head as he clenched around Gin. His essence splashed between them, slick on both their bellies. Gin was able to thrust inside of him a few more times before the tight heat caused him to go over the edge, spilling warmly inside the other shinigami. They collapsed against the couch, Aizen grunting softly beneath them.

After a few moments of catching his breath, Gin remarked, “This was much better than having tea,” his voice muffled slightly by Kaname’s shoulder. Lying between the two men sweaty and sated, Tousen couldn’t help but agree.


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