Almost In Love v. scribbld - On finding your favorite pairings
February 12th, 2008
04:37 pm
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On finding your favorite pairings
As seen on Pure Impurity:

When you’re searching using Google to find one of your favorite pairings, and the only things coming up are the fic that you have written (and one or two platonic fic), something is very wrong. :( Why is just about no one writing Tousen/Wonderweiss in English? It seemed to me to be one of the more obvious potential yaoi pairings in Bleach, yet still no one is writing the two of them in English. Is it that people just don’t like Tousen (he’s a honorable and deep character, but he’s still a hottie if that’s all you care about in anime/manga men)? Is it that the pairing is more of a sweet relationship with a potential for depth than the steamy hot against the wall sex type of thing people want to see in fic these days? Meh, I’m going to have to start searching Japanese sites and doing my warbling translation of the stuff I find to get something that doesn’t come out of my own head.

Something tells me that if Tousen was a less eloquent and thought-provoking character and was a rougher type of man who would slap his blonde around and demand a sandwich, girls would go for him more and the ‘net would be overflowing with fic with him in it. The fact that there is a good chance that I am right makes me immensely sad. :(

As a side note, if I find an erotic Tousen/Wonderweiss doujin on a site or on ebay or anywhere else, I might pass out or run around in a circle screaming. I shit you not.

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