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User:faithy (9596)
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on his/her cellphone/pager.

Interests:120: acting, africa, alexis dziena, alison lohman, amanda seyfried, amber tamblyn, angel, australia, b*witched, bring it on, buffy, buffy/faith, bye bye love, celtic, christina aguilera, christopher pike, city by the sea, conan o'brien, coyote ugly, dido, dominique swain, doodie, elate, eliza dushku, empire records, enigma, enya, evan rachel wood, faeries, faith, faith/buffy, faith/cordy, faith/lindsey, faith/wesley, faith/willow, faithy, fan fiction, femslash, fesley, fillow, findsey, firefly, fordy, foxfire, fuffy, ginger snaps, girl, girl interrupted, goddesses, graphic art, grey's anatomy, hanson, happy campers, hardee's commercials with nate, hudson leick, inara, ireland, katharine isabelle, katherine heigl, kill bill, kristen bell, kylie minogue, ladysmith black mambazo, lebo m, lolita, lost, madonna, magick, massive attack, mean girls, melanie c, morena baccarin, mythology, nate dushku, neve campbell, new zealand, now and then, paganism, pastaroni, photoshop, piper perabo, portishead, potatoes, pretty persuasion, race the sun, rebecca budig, river tam, role playing, romy and michele, roswell, soul survivors, spice girls, summer glau, tatu, that night, the corrs, the craft, the kiss, the l word, the last vampire, the lion king, the midnight club, the new guy, thirteen, this boys life, tibby, tori amos, traveling pants, tru, tru calling, tru davies, true lies, vanilla coke, veronica mars, vibrators, victoria pratt, white oleander, wicca, writing, wrong turn
Schools:None listed
People2:affleck, jawequon
Friend of:2: affleck, jawequon
Account type:Early Adopter

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