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inara ♦ spark of sanity


April 24th, 2009

Thirty Nine

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inara ♦ spark of sanity

"Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing for battle. Second two people; second pairing for battle. Etc. Then write your reaction to each battle."

The Bracket )

The rounds! )

February 6th, 2009


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duck hunt ♦ dirty dog
Icon Meme. Stolen from Axel. )

January 26th, 2009


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koyomi/michiru ♦ exploit me
Unsurprisingly, I didn't pull through on my prompts. I ought to be ashamed of myself, but I just can't hack that. I'mma at least finish the Patchy/Caterina and Patchy/Celine and post them to my writing-comm at some point. I'm in the midst of another writing project at the moment, too, a crossover-AU work. Pretty fun sometimes...
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