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User:fist_vs_face (14267)
Website:Let's MYSPACE at your place!
Location:Richmond, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:AIM status xPirateVsNinjaxX (Add Buddy, Send Message)

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About Me
My name is Victoria, but you can call me Vikki, and I will be going to college for photography. I'm 19 years old. I'm not stuck up, but I believe I look pretty good. I have a boyfriend and he's amazing. Not many people seem to like me because I have an opinion about everything and if you give me the chance, I will state my opinion. Also, I am known as 'The Cunt' by my peers because if I don't like you, I'll tell you exactly what I don't like straight to your face. I've been into music ever since I was old enough to put a tape into a cassette player and I don't know what I'd do without music. I sing, I write poetry/lyrics, and I am into going to local shows/concerts and playing video games. I'm also getting into alternative and pin-up modeling, already have my photographer lined up and everything.

Interests:78: 80's, 80's clothes, a perfect circle, adelaide, afi, arm warmers, artie, belts, black & white photos, black eyeliner, blondie, bracelets, brody dalle, cds, chris kattan, combat boots, computers, criss angel, dickies, dvds, eminem, emo, fall out boy, friends, garden state, growling, hair, hoodies, icons, indie rock, industrial, jazz, jeans, jeordie white, judd nelson, knee high leather boots, leather, lip gloss, little triggers, loud music, marilyn manson, messy hair, metal, metalcore, molly ringwald, movies, music, nirvana, norma jean, pants, paul wall, pearls, pictures, pins, polka dot print, punk, rain, reading, screaming, sex pistols, sharpies, shoes, singing, ska, sleeping, stripes, sunday morning fist fight, taking pictures, talena atfield, the brat pack, tights, video games, vinyl clothing, writing poetry, zach braff, , ,
Schools:Armada High School - Armada, MI (2002 - 2005)
Friends:None listed.
Member of:2: inkpen, thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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