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Forest of Trees ([info]forestoftrees) wrote,
@ 2009-10-04 20:15:00

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Current location:Ray's Library
Current mood: angry
Current music:Fuck You - Lily Allen


For a while now, I've come to know that I am a better parent than both my parents put together. They are fucking idiots when it comes to children under 10.

I was told to watch all four children, Sarah(7 mos), Katie(2 yrs), Stacy(4 yrs), and Shakiesha(4 yrs).

No problem.

I set Sarah on a blanket with some toys. She's almost crawling so she's okay doing that activity. The other kids were playing in the corner with their toys quietly.

So then I made dinner, and all the kids ate wonderfully. Then I played with them for a little while.

Then Sarah started to get cranky. That's where the issues began.

I tried feeding her a bottle, giving her teething medicine, walking her around, rocking her, everything I could think of. And she wouldn't stop crying, mostly because Shirley breast feeds her to sleep every night. So. I decided to just lay her down and cry herself out. I've read that self comfort is good for a child and if after 10-15 minutes, if the child is not asleep, then you pick them back up.

So I laid her down and what was the first thing my dad did? He turned the fucking light on and tried to comfort her. WHAT THE FUCK! I TOLD him to leave her the fuck alone and let her sleep. And as a result of NOT doing what I asked the baby cried harder.

So after my mum went in and my dad went in and both of them being complete idiots and only disturbing the baby more, they let me take over. So I laid the baby down and told them AGAIN not to disturb her. 13 minutes of crying resulted in a sleeping baby. Right on schedule.

So after that I got the other kids to pick up their toys and get ready for bed. Upon doing that my dad thinks it's a good time to 'check on the baby'. And how do you think he does that? He noisily clanks into the baby's room with his wheel chair and TURNS ON THE FUCKING LIGHT!!! OF COURSE THE BABY IS GOING TO WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! Jesus Christ.

So then the baby cries and cries and I can't do anything about it because my parents are all over her trying to comfort her instead of letting her go the fuck back to sleep.

Then I go to put the other kids to sleep. I put Katie and Shakiesha on the couch and make Stacy a bed on the floor with chair cushions. I turn on the kitchen light and turn off the living room light so it's dim and then Katie starts crying because she wants to be on Stacy's bed. But of course my idiot father has to get in the way and turn on the fucking light. AND give them candy. IT IS THEIR FUCKING BED TIME!!! THEY DON'T NEED CANDY!

By this time I am pissed and I go to my mom, looking for her to side with me. Which is a stupid thing to do in the first place. So then my dad and I have a light war. I get the kids settled and the light dimmed, and he gets them all riled up and turns the light on. So this goes back and forth for a while and then my mum gets back from trying to comfort Sarah and tells me off.

So then I was like, "FINE. YOU DO IT." And left.

Then I hear her start bitching about how I didn't do anything right with putting the kids to sleep and I storm out and defend myself and lay the kids down again and go to my room.

So now I sit and from the sound of things the kids are in complete chaos. I've even heard my parents call for me a few times. But if all they're gonna do is say I'm taking care of them wrong. Fuck them. Let THEM do it.

I am royally pissed and I promise I will never let my children befall a parenting tragedy like theirs.


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