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User:fye (14339)
just folllow the echo of my voice.
(no userpics)
Name:Fye D. Flourite.
Website:In Midian


Lucrece. Twenty. Born on February 12th. Aquarius. Single. Wants to own a library. Eater of melon popsicles. Likes manga more than anime. Enjoyer of soda. Especially Coca-cola. If Coca-cola is God, vanilla coke is Jesus. Worshipper of Bruce Campbell. Fangirls Evil Dead. Friends mean the world to her. Loves French music. Favourite singer is Beck. Loves Neko Case. Favourite bands are Gogol Bordello, The Fiery Furnaces, Muse, Sneaker Pimps, and IAMX. Loves more, too. Prefers Chris Corner to Kelli Ali. Adores Silent Hill and Alessa Gillespie. Worships Cloud Strife, as he's her favourite everything and anything. Wishes she was Fye D. Flourite. Soundtrack of her life should be done by Akira Yamaoka. Likes to make fun of James and Harry. Believes in ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, werewolves, and chupacabras. Especially chupacabras and ghosts.


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i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

{ wear }

SQUEENIX blog crew: Fran.

Final Fantasy blog crew☆彡 』 → Fran.

Final Fantasy blog crew☆彡 』 → Archades.

[info]iam_the Fye D. Flourite of LiveJournal.

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Interests:150: 4chan, a clockwork orange, abandoned buildings, air gear, akira yamaoka, alessa gillespie, american gods, anastasia rune valeria, anti-bush, aoyagi ritsuka, aoyagicest, army of darkness, badasses from the future, beck, books, breakfast club, bruce campbell, burn notice, canada, castlevania, cereal, chris not kelli, chrono cross, clamp, clive barker, cloud strife, clover, code geass, conan o'brien, cosplay, crack otp of dreams~!, d.gray-man, dario argento, david bowie, dead like me, digital devil saga, dorian grey, doujinshi, ed wood, edgar allen poe, edward scissor hands, evil dead, falling-asleep-to-horror-movies, farmel, farmel arianrhod, full moon wo sagashite, fye d. flourite, ghosts, gingetsu/lan, gohou drug, gregory peck, halloween, halloween socks, haruka minami, heat of the embryon, heat/rufus, hellraiser, homard/eclair, honey-dipper dan, horror, horror movies, iamx, izumi/cloud, jacob's ladder, julie-otousan, kanda making me lol, kurogane, kurogane/fye, la pucelle tactics, labyrinth, lavi/kanda, lavi/kanda sarcasm, leon/cloud, lol mattgonagall, loveless, lucio fulci, lunar, lunar: silver star story, matt bellamy's hands, mel brooks movies, monty python, muse, my twitch, mythology, neil gaiman, nick cave, no ads on lj, parapsychology, princess princess, psych, rabi/kanda, raburesu, reading, remus j. lupin, resident evil, ritsuka the geeky, robert mitchum, robin hood, robin-hood:-men-in-tights, rocky horror picture show, ryan adams, seimei/ritsuka, sephiroth/cloud pwp, shihoudani yuujirou, silent hill, sirius/remus, slutty!kanda, sneaker pimps, soubi/ritsuka, squall/cloud, stephen colbert, steve martin, stick figure werewolves, sumeragi subaru, suspiria, tales from the crypt, tales from the darkside, talking to julie, tea, the basketcase, the colbert report, the goonies, the jerk, the three amigos, the world tops cloud, the x-files, the-adventures-of-pete-&-pete, tokyo babylon, tori amos, trc, tsubasa: reservoir chronicles, turtlenecks, twitchy-kinns, typingsentenceswithoutthespacebar, uke!cloud, vanilla coke, vincent price, vincent/cloud, wanjima akito, werewolves, wild arms, wild arms 2, wild arms 4, wolves in the walls, x, xxxholic, young frankenstein, zack/cloud, zombies, zoolander
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: doodles
Account type:Early Free User

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