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User:glowbug (16856)
Location:Northam., Western Australia., Australia
Bio:Hi. My name is 'Rae. I don't really use online Journals much, but sometimes they can be useful- anyway. There isn't really much about me you need to know because if you have me as a friend on here, then you pretty much already know me. For those of you who don't it'd probably be easier to make contact with me, rather than for me to write in here all about -me-. I'm generally a friendly person, though I'd appreciate socializing with people that have decent grammar & spelling as it tends to annoy me when people get lazy at spell a two, three or four letter word.
Anywho. like i said. contact me.
Interests:42: action movies, beads, black, bmx, cats, chocolate, clubbing, cooking, cross-stitching, crystals, dancing, daydreaming, dragons, drawing, exploring, faeries, fantasy movies, glitter, guitar, horror movies, insence, jewelery, kids movies, lavender, lipgloss, painting, peircings., perfume, photoshop, pink, roc candy, roses, shopping, silver, singing, sleeping, tattoos, tigers, traveling, video games, windcharms, wolves
Account type:Early Free User

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