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Uchiha Obito ([info]gogglefetish) wrote,
@ 2009-05-30 20:31:00

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Entry tags:dropping


Sorry, guys. Just can't do it.
You may remove [info]gogglefetish and [info]eviscerata from your friends list. I was going to try and get my hiatus extended originally, but... I dunno, the feeling's gone. It was a blast while it lasted, and thanks to all of you that have been around forever and sorry to everyone I never really got the chance to know.

Byebye. ♥

(( Double post in case a mod deletes it from the community before some know where I went. :) ))

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2009-05-31 10:43 am UTC (link)

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2009-06-01 01:33 am UTC (link)
sdlfkalkdflsdjf T~T

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2009-06-01 03:56 am UTC (link)

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