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User:gogglefetish (28253)
Name:Uchiha Obito
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States

you can take your socks off, baby
but the goggles, those gotta stay.

Name: Uchiha Obito

Age: 24

Blood Type: O

Birthday: February 10th

Likes: Goggles, drinking, music, singing off-key, karaoke while singing offkey, people-watching.

Dislikes: Vegetables in raw-format, cell phones, libraries.

Favorite Food: Tempura-fried ice cream. Red bean is my favorite. ♥

Favorite Goggle: Figment; Anon Optics.

[journal for Uchiha Obito @ the Nixcore AU Naruto roleplay. pb is Miyavi. ♥]


Interests:39: bass, cigarettes, combat boots, downtempo, drama, eyewear, goggles, gyoza, jeans, kahlúa, karaoke, korean bbq, lounge, marlboro smooth, men, metal, movies, mud wrestling, music, napping, not following instructions, orange, play, ramen, rock, rocky horror picture show, short skirts, sins 'o the flesh, sleeping, sleeping in, sleeping in more, sunglasses, sushi, tempura, tequila, trip hop, vodka, women, work
Schools:None listed
People30:aladyofshallot, allinthefamily, busted_up, dodos_conundrum, dontfeedthe_, eviscerata, fiery_remnants, filmic_silence, forthearticles, gogglefetish, insidevoices, jizzedinmypants, kirikirimai, mehface, nixcoremod, no_alarmclock, penileart, plotaddiction, pornocentric, puppetshowporn, sagaciousagony, sellingyoursoul, silk_empress, skullfucked, stolidly, system, testmymettle, thebestultrasex, unabashednudity, uzumakistar
Communities2:nixcore, nixedandfixed
Mutual Friends:23: aladyofshallot, allinthefamily, busted_up, dodos_conundrum, dontfeedthe_, eviscerata, filmic_silence, forthearticles, gogglefetish, insidevoices, jizzedinmypants, kirikirimai, mehface, penileart, plotaddiction, pornocentric, sagaciousagony, silk_empress, skullfucked, stolidly, thebestultrasex, unabashednudity, uzumakistar
Also Friend of:1: likesitrough
Member of:2: nixcore, nixedandfixed
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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