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User:insidevoices (28301)
I've Got a Little Sunshine in My Soul
it'll warm you up if you let it in.
Name:Hyuuga Hinata
Hyuuga Hinata @ Nixcore

Hinata Hyuuga was born the illegitimate child of a rich businessman and a Japanese woman, and as such, was shunned by her rich relatives and turned inward socially. She barely spoke or saw the outside word until she was eighteen and ran away from home to be independent.

Hinata is painfully shy and withdrawn, but with the help of the new friends she's making through work she's quickly adjusting to life outside the walls of her family. She's generous, polite, cautious, and helpful. She also gets lost very easily and likes animals. Hinata is a vegetarian.

Color: Sky blue
Food: Candy
Band: Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re
Animal: Bunny

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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
-- Theodore Geisel
Memories2 entries
Schools:None listed
People32:aladyofshallot, allinthefamily, busted_up, dahliadahling, dodos_conundrum, dontfeedthe_, eviscerata, fiery_remnants, filmic_silence, gogglefetish, insidevoices, jizzedinmypants, kirikirimai, likesitrough, mehface, nixcorelogs, nixcoremod, no_alarmclock, orochimaruko, penileart, plotaddiction, pornocentric, puppetshowporn, sagaciousagony, silk_empress, skullfucked, stolidly, testmymettle, thebestultrasex, uchihaitachi, unabashednudity, uzumakistar
Communities2:nixcore, nixedandfixed
Friend of:27: aladyofshallot, allinthefamily, busted_up, dodos_conundrum, dontfeedthe_, eviscerata, fiery_remnants, filmic_silence, forthearticles, gogglefetish, insidevoices, jizzedinmypants, kirikirimai, likesitrough, mehface, nixcoremod, penileart, plotaddiction, pornocentric, sagaciousagony, sellingyoursoul, silk_empress, skullfucked, stolidly, thebestultrasex, unabashednudity, uzumakistar
Member of:2: nixcore, nixedandfixed
Account type:Early Free User

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