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User:grave (9096)
Name:jennifer tilly
Send grave a text message
on his/her cellphone/pager.
amanda, 21, fangirl. don't like me? wanna flame me? go right ahead, see if i care. i'm not stopping you. wanna send me some mudkips instead? well i guess you heard that i liked them. now gtfo out of my info. unless if you want to add me, i don't care.
Interests:29: capslocking everything maybe, crappy fanfiction, depeche mode ♥, gary oldman is god, george eads is amazing, harry potter is epic, hay gurls hay, horror movies - scary~, i liek danko jones, i liek toitles, i need moar interests, i'm with the lycans, ilu nick stokes, jason isaacs you beast, lie to me whoo, logan's claws are shiny, lol idk ¯\(º_o)/¯, lotr :), lycans - yes rly, peter sarsgaard - ahem, sirius black ♥, snikt mothafuckas, sons of anarchy ♥, tim roth is epic, underworld is epic, viggo mortensen is astounding, who watches the watchmen?, who's watching those mutants?, wut wut wut
People6:adammonroe, fantasy, kiokushitaka, mutemath, utena, xiggy
Friend of:4: adammonroe, fantasy, utena, xiggy
Member of:2: deadletters, dear_you
Account type:Early Adopter

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