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George F. Weasley ([info]gredilicious) wrote,
@ 2012-01-09 06:06:00

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Considering it's a new year and all, thought I'd start it with a clean slate. So I have a few confessions to make...

I was the one who set the dungbomb under Aunt Muriel's chair at Christmas dinner all those years ago, hence why she no longer comes to family dinners.

I was the one who transfigured Percy's Head Boy badge to read Big Head Boy.

Also the one who stole liberated the last piece of Mum's chocolate cake... (I shared with Fred though).

And I'm also the one who Marcus Flint is seeing. As you may or may not have read in his last entry.

Oh... and the quill I used to write this... Sorry Bill. Only borrowing it. I'll send it back, if you still want it.

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2012-01-08 06:04 pm UTC (link)

Your seeing Marcus Flint? Well that's interesting. He does have a nice arse so good choice!! If he is mean to you I will bat bogey said arse though, so you best warn him. I learnt from the best ;)

So long as you are happy Georgie that is all that matters to me. Your my big brother and just coz your seeing a guy doesn't change that.

Your Little Gin-Bug

Private to Georgie
If any of our other brothers give you grief I will bat bogey them too.

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2012-01-08 06:05 pm UTC (link)


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2012-01-08 06:14 pm UTC (link)
Sorry Ron, I know you wanted that piece of cake but it was calling to me.

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2012-01-08 06:20 pm UTC (link)
Fuck the cake. What the fuck are you playing at? Fucking Flint? He's a Slytherin.

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2012-01-08 06:40 pm UTC (link)
Here we go again...

Just because someone is a Slytherin automatically makes them evil, right? WRONG! Evil comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't care which house you were in at school... which, mind you, was three years ago for me... plenty of time to GROW UP and realise not everything is so fucking black and white.

I don't know about you but I was sure I grew up in a home that didn't discriminate. That we all learnt that prejudice was wrong. Maybe I was wrong.

You're just as bad as the bloody pureblooded bigots going on about blood purity. They want to shove Muggleborns all in a neat little package and label them all bad. YOU ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING BY CLAIMING ALL SLYTHERINS ARE EVIL!!

So no, I'm not playing at anything. Yes, I am fucking Flint. Fucking enjoy it too. And if you can't fucking handle that then I have nothing more to say to you.

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2012-01-08 06:49 pm UTC (link)
(in extremely shaky ink spattered writing)


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2012-01-09 07:24 am UTC (link)
Don't be a wanker.

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2012-01-09 09:47 am UTC (link)
Keep the quill, George.

I know you're reading this too. And knowing George he is probably taking Ron's reaction to heart. Just keep an eye on your Twin. Don't start anything with Ron. He is just being... well, Ron.

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2012-01-09 10:47 am UTC (link)
I should kick ten kinds of crap out of the skinny twat. You don't have to tell me what Gred's feeling. I know.

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2012-01-09 11:19 am UTC (link)
I know you know. But what is kicking the crap out of Ron going to do? It might make you both feel better for a little while but in the long run it won't achieve anything. Just serve to piss Ron off even more.

I am not going to say anything against George seeing Flint, I don't know the man. The last time I saw him in person was on the pitch during the Quidditch tournament after Christmas. The time before that, when he was a second year while I was in my seventh. I have no right to make a judgement on his character.

But I guess if George thinks he is worth arguing with his own family over, then there must be something there. Ron will probably realise it too... eventually. But knocking some sense into him would probably just have an adverse reaction in this case.

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