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User:forgeous (53239)
Fred: Original Prankster
Name:Fred G. Weasley

"This boy's a Fool!"

-Eric Morecambe

Alright. I'm Fred, yeah that Fred. The one everyone warned you about. King of the Anarchists. Now we've got that over with there's some stuff you should know...

Fred Gideon Weasley, 20 years old, 5'9", 10.5st, blue eyed, red haired and sexy! One half of GredandForge. Love my Mutt :)

Oh, if you dare touch my Twin, I'll take you down. Consider that the only warning you'll get. If you feel lucky, try me, but I wouldn't advise it.
Schools:None listed
People13:chocharmed, flinted, forgeous, gredilicious, isyourking, loveinidleness, meggy_may, montastic, notagryffindork, occultus_mod, ollypop, othrusty1, specialk
Communities2:occultus, occultus_ooc
Friend of:26: 0z, billiam, chipmunks_rule, chocharmed, dragonkeeper, flinted, forgeous, gin_bug, gredilicious, inseguitore, inthecorner, isyourking, katie_cakes, lickable, loveinidleness, meggy_may, montastic, notagryffindork, occultus_mod, ollypop, othrusty1, pennydrop, sophieropie, specialk, tig, wags
Member of:2: occultus, occultus_ooc
Account type:Early Free User

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