04 June 2008 @ 03:36 am
A brilliant waste of time.  
I haven't done one of these in a while. It's fairly uninteresting, so feel free to skip it. I'm just wasting time until I get the night's report so that I can go to sleep.

Accent: British.

Booze: I rarely drink, but when I do, it's either wine or whatever Brandy father kept in the decanter.

Chore I hate: Please don't make me list them all.

Dogs: Hellhound.

Essential electronics: Computer. I suppose the telephone also, but the less I have to be on it the happier I am.

Fragrance: Cigar smoke and exasperation.

Gold: I prefer silver. Blessed in advance.

Hometown: London, England.

Insomnia: I'm posting this at almost 4am. What do you think?

Job title: Director of the Hellsing Organization.

Kids: Seras.

Living arrangements: The family manor.

Most admired trait: I own Dracula?

Number of sexual partners: I fail to see how this is anyone's buisness but my own.

Overnight hospital stays: A few.

Phobia: Would I really be so public about that? Honestly...

Quote: "Never, never, never give up."

Religion: Protestant.

Siblings: None.

Time I usually wake up: It varies from day to day.

Unusual talent: I can sing fairly well. I suppose that's unusual?

Vegetable I refuse to eat: There are a few, actually.

Worst habit: Smoking, midnight snacking, shouting obscenities in my head with every word Maxwell speaks to me...I'm sure there are others.

X-rays: A few.

Yummy foods I make: I'm not allowed in the kitchen that much, but I can make a pretty decent Key Lime cake!

Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

Sir Integra Hellsing
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