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User:jurisimmortalis (54452)
Even Justice Needs a Kick in the Ass... Sometimes
Name:Natalie Ann Bruenner
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States
AOL IM:AIM status jurisimmortalis (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Google Talk:

juris•immortalis {n}
The concept that justice is immortal.

Name: Natalie Ann Bruenner
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 137lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown/black
Aliases: TBD
Hometown: Plainview, Texas
Birthdate: December 27, 1974 (approx)
Adoption: placed/fostered: January 5, 1975, adopted: April 6, 1976
Current Location: New York City, NY, USA, Washington DC area, and/or Los Angeles, CA depending on verse
- Adopted/Foster parents: John and Trudy Bruenner deceased: March 13, 1990
- Biological Parents: Unknown
- Siblings: Older adopted sister, Leslie Marie
Language(s)/Accents(s): Natalie's voice is huskier than that of most women as a result of her years as a cheerleader in high school. She is also fluent in French.
Religion: Non-practicing Methodist
Politics: Conservative/Republican
Marital Status: Single
Lifestyle: Heterosexual
Education: Graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Career: Senior Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigations
Work History:
- Crimes Against Children
- Missing Persons
- Internet Fraud
- Organized Crime
- Counterterrorism
Date of First Death: May 20, 2008
Age at First Death: 33
Circumstances: Stumbled onto meth lab while investigating the kidnapping of Sarah Knightly and the murder of Steve Johnson.
Nature: Extremely lawful to the point of being declared a vigilante.
Preferred Weapon(s): Natalie is a skilled marksman, particularly with a Glock 19. She has also been known to use a wakizashi.
First Teacher: Freyja Gundersdøttir
Students: None
Current Status: Alive
Game Status: Active participant/Headhunter
Hobbies: Watching American football, fast cars, hiking, running
Training: Natalie graduated near the top of her class at the FBI Academy. She is well-versed in investigative techniques including interrogation and Internet crimes.

Natalie's personality can vary between two extremes. There is the "juris" aspect of her personality which is the more law-abiding FBI Agent part of her. This part of her personality is very much the tomboy who'd rather go out for beer and hotwings rather than champagne and caviar. She is an avid sports fan and tries not to miss a broadcast of her beloved Texas Longhorns football team. Natalie has also learned parkour as a way to augment her FBI training. She also spars regularly to keep in shape, and practices with various firearms on a weekly basis at least. She's tough, and generally doesn't stop until she's caught the bad guy.

The other side of her personality takes the law-abiding "juris" to an extreme. "Immortalis" is the vigilante aspect of her personality. She thinks that the only way to mete out justice for Immortals is to hunt down and behead any of her kind who have escaped mortal law. By the nature of the Quickenings, her opponents' personalities have left their marks on her, and many have felt that she has "gone dark". This is not wholly the case, but Nat uses that reputation to her advantage. This part of her personality is definitely more anti-social, brooding and can be combative at times.

Both sides of her personality are attracted to alpha males. She tends to be challenging and will stand up for herself, or others, if the situation calls for it. She tends to be an assertive submissive which can be confused with being dominant. However, it's her way of testing the man. If he can, and does, stand up to her, then she is all his. Ultimately, she needs to feel wanted/desired by someone strong enough to tame and/or protect her.

As a child and adolescent, Natalie was bullied constantly by her older sister, Leslie, who would often emotionally blackmail Natalie into doing her chores, homework or other menial tasks. If Natalie refused, Leslie would retaliate by either starting rumors at school and/or causing mayhem at home and blaming the younger girl. She would also completely trash Natalie's room if for no other purpose than to make herself feel better. Because of this, Natalie would often escape to the attic of the Bruenner's detatched garage. Natalie still prefers making her home on upper levels if at all possible.

Acute abandonment issues stemming from her adoption are also part of Natalie's psychological makeup. She has never been able to locate her biological parents, though attempts have been made. Cheerleading throughout high school and college helped to alleviate some of those issues, but she still longs to be wanted.

Immortality is a subject Natalie struggles with daily. For the most part, she tries to deny this aspect of her life, but is not always successful. She knows that she will eventually have to bury her mortal friends and move on to a different life away from the FBI. However, she is not ready to do either. She simply wants to remain as "normal" as possible for as long as possible.

Natalie was fostered, and later adopted, by the Bruenners when she was only a few days old and grew up the younger of two daughters. John and Trudy's biological daughter, Leslie, was pretty much Natalie's nemesis growing up. She never missed an opportunity to pick on Natalie or make her a scapegoat for her own bad behavior. All that changed when John and Trudy died when their pickup truck crashed on the highway. Leslie was already in college and did not want to come home to take care of Natalie. If nothing else, she had something of a nuclear meltdown at the memorial and effectively kicked Nat out of the Bruenner family. Nat then went to live with her godfather, AJ Hauldren, who was also the county sheriff. Through him, she became more and more interested in law enforcement. After high school, she was enrolled in the University of Texas School of Criminal Justice where she got a lot of strange looks for being a Longhorns cheerleader. Joining the FBI had never really been one of her ambitions. She had originally planned on becoming one of the legendary Texas Rangers, but thanks to her grades, she found herself being recruited by the Bureau. It was a decision that pretty much changed her life.

Natalie Bruenner is an Original Character from the Highlander Universe, which is owned by Panzer/Davis Productions. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental. The author claims no copyright to the Highlander universe nor receives any profit from the storylines/plots. The writer does not condone, encourage, nor agree with some of Natalie's more unethical & violent behavior. The author claims no relations nor connections to Angie Harmon who has been chosen to represent Natalie. There is a possibility that some entries could be considered NC-17. Please don't add Natalie if you're under 18.

Interests:23: fighting, highlander, hunters, identities, immortal, immortals, justice, mun, muns, muse, muses, natalie bruenner, original character, pup, pups, quickenings, role play, roleplay, rp, surviving, swords, the game, watchers
Schools:University of Texas - Austin, TX (1992 - 1996)
Communities2:memetic, sixwordstories
Member of:2: memetic, sixwordstories
Account type:Early Free User

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