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March 10th, 2010

RP Dream 4

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Right, so...while waiting for Laura to sign on so that she, Tachan, and I could plot stuff, I went and dozed on the couch. Mind you, I'd just read a certain log and Mina-muse was a bit off-kilter. Oh...and the dream kinda splits and has two endings for whatever reason. O.o;

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RP Dream 3

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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

RP Dream 2

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...actually, I'll type it up when I get the one I wanna tell about right now typed first.

RP Dream 1

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So...in the past month or so I've now had 4 dreams related to the characters at the RP I'm in, [info]feelgoodinc. It's not the first time it's happened, as it usually has to do with what I'm thinking about when I fall asleep, but I don't remember others from before. :P I wanted to put them down for giggles. Soo...Here's the first.

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Me: One day, if things all work out as wonderfully as hoped, Minato is going to find out about this 'glance down the side at text message then reply' thing and deviously text him naughty stuff. Purposefully in the middle of meetings. <3

Tachan: rofl that is so cruel
he will look... and then go to reply and then go... looks again... again.... drops phone

and then kill Mina later. <3

Tachan: he could run faster than Izuna
he stands a chance

Me: hahaha.
And will use kisses to disarm. Or attempt to. And not get dismembered.

Tachan: that is cruel
that is not fair
it will stun him and he will blush and get side tracked

Me: <3

Tachan: cheat!

Me: he'll like it. :o
and all's fair in love and war.
and like Izuna wouldn't torment him right back. :|

Tachan: he would get revenge
he has Madara for a brother
and Madara's style of revenge isnt exactly... wholesome

Me: hehehe
I am curious about this revenge. >3

Tachan: :O thats evil and dirty
mind you I just had a great thought
and Minato would whimper afterward

Me: :O?

Tachan: well Izuna isnt going to put out that easily, there could be a chance there will be failed attempts as well. So a couple of evil messages and just a little bit showing pictures and some I think Im ready... and then get back Izuna will probably fall asleep waiting

Me: XD
and he's just as bad as Mina with the waking up thing, so... Mina will sit there like...;__; and then cuddle up anyway 'cause he's too adorable to stay upset.

Tachan: and then he will get clung to

Me: d'aww

Tachan: Madara spoons, Izuna clings

Me: hahaha

Tachan: dont be alarm if he nuzzles his bits with his knee
he is just trying to curl up

Me: and there would be the whimpering.

Tachan: honey why are you waking up with that
eeeew perv

Me: well, hey, now that you're awake... >.>

February 6th, 2010

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Alaina: man you are good
Alaina: you are like an rp ninja
Alaina: an rp ninja in a comm with ninjas.

I am so very proud. ♥

December 2nd, 2009

Hi there!

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So...first post here on Scribbld. :o

I'm Kira, and you can find more info stuff in the profile. I'll mostly post here links to various pieces of art that I've created, and on occasion something I find neat! Most of my writing will get posted in my writing journal, but I'll link to it here as well!

And feel free to friend away! I don't think I'll be putting anything too personal here, so I'll most likely friend you back as soon as I notice, promise.

So...yeah. ♥
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