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Kira O'Hara ([info]kira_chan) wrote,
@ 2010-03-10 12:35:00

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Entry tags:dream, izuna, minato, naruto, rp

RP Dream 4
Right, so...while waiting for Laura to sign on so that she, Tachan, and I could plot stuff, I went and dozed on the couch. Mind you, I'd just read a certain log and Mina-muse was a bit off-kilter. Oh...and the dream kinda splits and has two endings for whatever reason. O.o;

Somehow, Minato came across the fact that Naruto and Izuna had been (at least) making out and that Naruto was pretty happy over this fact and Izuna seemed rather pleased as well. Dunno if he saw them or something, since it was just one of those things that is known in the dream because it happened before the dream started.

Naturally, this kinda threw him off. And made him a little peeved at Izuna, since, well, they had gone on a date and now he was making out with another guy, hey. He realizes that they hadn't actually said anything about exclusivity but would never pursue more than one person at the same time himself so is still upset by it; feels almost like a back-up plan. And then there's the fact that it's Naruto and if it's something that makes him happy then there's no way in hell that Minato is going to mess with that. So, with very much regret, he chooses to back off and just let them be happy. And he'll be happy for them. ...Just as soon as that annoying pain in his chest subsides a little. Or a lot.

Anywho, he runs into Izuna who acts like nothing is different(which for him, maybe it isn't), and tries to calmly inform him that he won't be pursuing him anymore. Explains that it is partially because Izuna is also involved with someone else and he doesn't do that sort of thing, but also because of a personal reason. They might have argued for a moment(it's a little fuzzy now) with Minato really trying not to let his hurt feelings show, and maybe Izuna asking if this had something to do with his mystery son at which Mina laughed and said, "Oh, you have no idea."

And here is where the dream diverged into two.

The first one had Minato finally just walk off by himself. ...And then find a nice deserted spot to curl up with his phone. And for whatever reason Izuna would try to spy from nearby to figure out what the hell. First he'd dial his traveling mentor who is like a paternal figure to him(who I based off the prior Jiraiya...but don't wanna call him that in case we get a Jiraiya), but his phone would be off or out of service range like usual. Next Minato would call his best friend/ex-work partner/brother substitute(...tentatively being called CJ in my musings) and say that he felt like shit and needed his family(CJ and Cici...wow, I seem to have a thing for 'C' names for the family he likes...) and that he didn't think he could drive three hours by himself and not go mad. And that really why was he even hurting that much since it was just a crush and they only had one date, right? So it shouldn't hurt and he should just shut up and not bother anyone with his silly issue and it should be fine again soon right so just don't mind him - click! And then he'd get called several times in a row by Cici and wouldn't pick up until like...number three or four, where he'd just push the little speakerphone button 'cause the phone is on the floor and he's huddled in a ball and putting it too his ear is too much effort right then. It would take a moment for Cici to realize he'd picked up as she continued her rant about "Minato Namikaze if you do not pick up your phone this instant I swear I am going to- *realize there isn't any more ringing. meekly...* ...Mina-nii?" And Mina is a sucker for that so will of course respond and will spill his feelings to her as she gets huffy and says that Izuna obviously wasn't worth an awesome guy like Minato's time and all other manner of sisterly things to say. And then they'd get talking about the second reason, and it would slip out that Naruto is Minato's son and he's backing off because he won't interfere in his child's happiness no matter how much it hurts him. Izuna kinda does a O___O wtf face and starts to spazz silently from around the corner with this piece of info. Not sure what happened after that since the dream switched tracks but it was bound to be angst-ridden. ;____;

The second way it played out was that while Minato and Izuna were arguinghaving a heated discussion, Naruto would round the corner and Minato would shut up. Naruto greeted them before he could notice anything was up and got a very tense greeting from Minato and a quiet one from Izuna. The boy is sadly not always very perceptive so he doesn't pick up on it this time, and says he was coming to see if Izuna wanted to go to lunch. (This next bit assumes that the log with Minato and Naruto went very well and they're very friendly to each other.) Naruto invites Minato to come along, but he tries to politely decline 'cause, um, no sweetheart eating with you and your boyfriend who kinda broke my heart is not on my agenda today(does not say this, of course) - BUT! Naruto cajoles him and says please and he gives in because...well, he can't say no to Naruto, especially if there is a 'please.'

So, poof there are at whatever restaurant they go to after what I can assume was a very awkward ride/walk but I don't know because it wasn't featured. Izuna makes an excuse and makes his escape to the bathroom where he throws some water on his face and freaks out a little. 'Cause he wasn't really trying to lead Minato on and he didn't realize that he was trailing them both along until Minato said something and he feels really shitty about it and...oh god they are out there alone together and this will end with him getting punched, he knows it. Sneeeeaks back out to spy on them(I sense a common theme here, haha).

Mostly they are talking in a friendly manner and Naruto brings up that he heard Minato arguing with Izuna and is curious and Minato shifts uncomfortably but after enough prodding finally gives in and tells him. Well, mostly; he tries to play down he and Izuna's interaction but Naruto decides to be perceptive there and notices that Minato's doing so, and of course he doesn't tell Naruto about the 'oh and by the way you're my son' part. Naruto shrugs about it and rather more maturely than usual admits that while kissing Izuna is fun(*Minato wince*) and he likes him, Naruto's not really what Izuna is looking for. Naruto instead urges Minato to keep pursuing him, to which Minato at first objects for Naruto's sake but...again, can't really say no to him and gives in saying that if Izuna still wants to and agrees to exclusivity then he'll try again. Naruto asks if Minato's ever been in love before and with a little trepidation Minato tells him about Kushina and the whole story about his son and that being why he's here, blahblahblah. Naruto feels a little bit of sympathy for both Minato and the unknown kid and wishes him well, which Minato sort of smiles oddly and accepts. After a little bit, Minato blinks and wonders what is taking Izuna so long and Naruto suggests maybe he's taking a dump(classy, yes) and Minato just sort of facepalms and says that he does not want to think about that please, which Naruto laughs at and starts relaying the story of what happened to him during the dairy creamer incident. Izuna is kinda mind-boggled by all of this(sorry, Izuna, you get the short end of the spazz stick in this), but figures it's okay to return to the table now.

But when he approaches the table again, both blonds turn to him with their identical eyes and similar faces and it finally clicks and he's like HOSHIT and has a mental freakout before stuttering and then announcing that he forgot to wash his hands be right back and fleeing. Minato and Naruto are both a bit confused and blink owlishly then start cracking up. Izuna's adorable and they don't have a clue what he just figured out. Then the subject is changed to 'hey, what's your type?' and Minato and Naruto laugh and talk about several of the people in the restaurant. Minato turns up his nose at a tall, muscle-bound guy and says that despite disliking that much muscle he...sort of has a thing against people taller than him. Cracks a grin and tells Naruto about his eldest brother who tries to use his height to intimidate Minato but Minato stares him down every time. "If they have to try to intimidate me, then I don't feel intimidated." Izuna finally manages to calm down enough to return and when he asks what they talked about Minato says 'height' and he and Naruto both laugh.

And then I woke up. So...one possibly very sad ending, and one possibly very happy ending. .__.;

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