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kirito ([info]kirito) wrote,
@ 2008-01-29 22:18:00

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My Lips

They are as chapped as they could ever be because of you Nikki. And I have 2 hickeys on my neck, also from you. Don't you know that I can not have such things on my neck? I am sure it was an accident but still how do I explain this to my fellow workers?

In any case dear I am glad you are figuring things out for yourself. 

An update on me. I need to pick up drinking again, my life is becoming quite stale. I'd like to go to NJ next month with my darling but alas, I know she will not let me. How many years has it been and you do not ever let me go dilly dally with your Jersey friends? It is okay though because I know you love it up there and I know it's your "happy place". I would hate to take that away from you.

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