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The PandR Regional Gaming Tournament! Go!!! [16 Jun 2009|09:11am]
[ mood | Best get crackin! ]

Okay! So,my mom's boss wants me to set up a gaming tournament,in my region! He ORIGINALLY asked me to do this two years ago,but I...erm...forgot. So,I'm gonna require a little help with this project! Hopefully,before summer ends! If anybody knows any free webhosting sites,let me know! Also,I'll need a list of gaming systems,sponsors,and any place that sells arcade style machines! (For the players,on their downtime)

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Like an STD,I'm never gone forever! [11 Jun 2009|11:59pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

OOOOOKAY! Forgive me for not updating sooner,my Scribbld pals! I was...trying to pass the 10th grade,and guess what! I PASSED! Victory Music!
(I'm gonna try to use music links,instead of music phrases,from now on!)
ME and my ex-girlfriend still talk,when we get to see each other! She's EXTREMELY kissy,though...Exactly what flashes through my mind,when  she pounces on me,for a kiss...
I'm taking a break from the interwebs,for a week,so...I won't update much this week!  Sorry,fangirls!
I got a new fricking phone! (finally) It's an orange/black slider,from Virgin Mobile! Forgot the naaame,but oh well! If you want my number,I shall tell it to you! 

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Brum...brum brum.... [15 May 2009|02:22pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Stuff on Desuchan ]

After like...weeks of not updating,I have returned! *victory music* Whoo! So,not much has happened...had a girlfriend,but we broke up over differences. I've got my eye on a SPECIFIC set of chicas. If any would like to help me raise moneys for mah trip to Chicago,then I would be forever indebted to yoooooou!

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MACRO OOPDATE [18 Apr 2009|06:01pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Someone's Touhou playlist ]

These are going in the order of when I found out:
4/16/09 - I have to type up a 6-page children's story,for Geometry! Each page must have an illustrated/colored page,and the story must contain 20 algebraic terms. HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA ACCOMPLISH THIS?! 
4/17/09 - Did you know that some girls down where I live,will use their period blood in spaghetti to trick a guy,into falling in love wit them?! I'm never gonna trust spaghetti again...TT_TT)
4/18/09 - Okay! I've got at least....*checks*...1/4 a page of my story done. o_o Help...me...

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I'm not one,to chance it... [14 Apr 2009|07:38pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Juliet - The Pillows ]

 Ever have one of those days,where you kinda wish that everything could be explained? Like,why anything really happens,like it does. Or,a dream where everyone is just...gone. The only people there,are you and some people that you never thought you knew. And all you do,is walk around the places from your memories? I knida feel like that right now,but I don't know why...

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Nekonabe (x4) [10 Apr 2009|08:36pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Hello all! I meant to update hours ago (as if anyone actually reads my posts...),but I had to entertain my frind. He made a surprise visit,and me and him had to do SOMETHING fun....right? Anyways! I'm not exactly brand new,but I may seem it,as I need friends! Come on people! Recommend me! 

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Sight Reading [09 Apr 2009|08:06pm]
[ mood | DANCE! ]

Oooookay! As you all may,or may not know...yesterday,I had to do a concert for my school's band. It was...decent. (We basically got a C-) As I type this,I'm listening to She is Perfect - The Pillows. Sorry! It's on my playlist,and I'm waaay too lazy to single it out. Wow...song only took up two sentences. Next song,was Dreams of an Absolution. Awesome techno song,if you think about how it'd fit into JetSet Radio. Riiiight? Anyways! Back to the concert! For the concert we played a march,an orchestral piece,and a mix of the two. I,sadly,didn't get to play my favorite parts,because I'm 5th chair. But,that's what happens,when you don't practice for the chair test

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OH MY GOD [07 Apr 2009|02:35pm]
[ mood | Arigato,Toshida-san ]
[ music | Random Hatsune Minku song ]

 I am slowly,but surely maintaining my grip on the stuff around me. Often times,I tend to "space out",or "fall asleep". So,if I don't update soon,then I more than likely broke mah brain trying to think. Also,if it seems like my posts are shorter than normal,or tend to ramble on,it's because I'm listening to an awesome song,and I want to either pay attention to it,or I want to match it's length. For instance,when I updated I was trying to match Piano: FFX2 - Eternity (Memories of Light and Waves)
Woot! My first hyperlink,and I did it right!

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The beginning... [02 Apr 2009|06:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hello all. If you knew chef_panda on GJ,then add me! Um...not much to say about anything! I'm still setting up my account on here,so if you wanna help me with this,then feel free 

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