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Elizaveta Romanov ([info]ladydevil) wrote,
@ 2013-11-11 22:57:00

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Red Bat (AU time)
She cannot name exactly when this happened, just that it did. Falling from one universe to another should be old news to her. She had heard about it happening before and it happened again now. After having to start over once before Eliza got used to the idea this might happen again.

This place isn't like New York. The city has a darkness to it that makes her think of the stories she grew up on when it came to Hell's Kitchen. She didn't have anything else she could do because no one in this universe seemed familiar to her.

So she decided to fight crime. Keep an eye on the little guy. She tried staying out of the news and lime light but some people had seen her. She wanted to laugh at what they were calling her.

Red Bat. They say the devil horns like something else. Didn't matter to her. She was carving out her own section of Gotham to look after. Tonight she is hiding in the shadows of a roof top watching. There is a big drug deal going down and she has every intention of stopping it.

Not in her neighborhood, pal. Not in her city if she can help it.

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