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Bingo [28 Dec 2013|09:39pm]
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Red Bat (AU time) [11 Nov 2013|10:57pm]
She cannot name exactly when this happened, just that it did. Falling from one universe to another should be old news to her. She had heard about it happening before and it happened again now. After having to start over once before Eliza got used to the idea this might happen again.

This place isn't like New York. The city has a darkness to it that makes her think of the stories she grew up on when it came to Hell's Kitchen. She didn't have anything else she could do because no one in this universe seemed familiar to her.

So she decided to fight crime. Keep an eye on the little guy. She tried staying out of the news and lime light but some people had seen her. She wanted to laugh at what they were calling her.

Red Bat. They say the devil horns like something else. Didn't matter to her. She was carving out her own section of Gotham to look after. Tonight she is hiding in the shadows of a roof top watching. There is a big drug deal going down and she has every intention of stopping it.

Not in her neighborhood, pal. Not in her city if she can help it.
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My list [08 Sep 2011|06:41pm]
Marvel Next Gen
Eliza- Guardians of the Galaxy

Rose Knight-Rand - Champions

Aridis- Defenders

Griffin- Independent (LA-based)

David: X-Men

Kayura: Big Hero Six

Dropping from MNG:

Daniel Sherwood

Shanna Eight (going back to NPC status)

Marcia Martin

DC NextGen:


Mark Clearwater- JSA

Corinna Prince- YJLA

Cyrus Green- Darkstars

Asherah Curry- Titans East

Sher Thos- Independent


Jane Doe-Smith

Lily King
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And a star to guide her [10 Aug 2011|11:54pm]
Eliza was sleeping restlessly. It would be hard not to miss if anyone was there. She wouldn't know if anyone was though as if someone was there she trusted them and wouldn't wake. Not unless they chose to wake her up.

Of course that didn't mean whatever dream paths she was walking that night wouldn't rouse her on her own. She jolted awake grabbing and clawing at something in the air. Seeing nothing but pin points of light from the 'window' of her quarters and little else she groaned slapping a hand to her forehead.

"What a dream."

She climbed from her bed stretching and pulling her hands high above her head bending backwards as she moved to just flex every tense muscle in her body.

That wasn't restful sleep.

And now that her body is tilting backwards she can tell someone is here.

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Meme! [06 May 2011|04:01pm]
List one of your characters, and one of mine, and pick either:

2)Their first date.
4)Their first time.
5)AU/Possible children(please pick either or as I won't do both)

And I'll list five facts about any of them.
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Joining in on the fun [27 Oct 2010|11:24pm]
For this meme, choose one character of yours and one character of mine-- and then I will write out how they hook up, settle into a long term relationship and/or marriage, and describe their firstborn child/children, if any. Crack pairings and old characters are acceptable.
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The BEAST of a Mem [27 Nov 2009|01:11pm]
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Santa, [12 Nov 2009|04:11pm]
This year is going to be hard on me. I would like to get to spend time with my whole family in this dimension.

I would also like for everyone to be happy and for Tony to get better. We all worry about him a great deal.

I would like to be able to be more open with people here.

If you could though would you make sure my family in my original reality knows I'm okay? My thoughts are always with them but I need to move forward. You understand, right Santa?

Help me enjoy this holiday season please.

Thank you.

Elizavetta Romanov
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[18 May 2009|02:09am]
Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Beth

Email: emadonna04@unity.edu

AIM (if you have one): chappaiguardian

Character Name: Elizaveta Romanova (Lady Devil)

Character LJ (if applicable): [info]ladydevil

Physical description (face, build, weight): An athletic looking girl in her late teens with long bright red hair and blue eyes. Sh tends to wear just about anything that she thinks is functional for any given situation.

Age: 17

PB: (If using one.) Alison Sudol

Abilities: She's as fast, agile, and strong as someone who has trained for a good portion of her life. She's a highly skilled hand to hand fighter and excellent at gymnastic feats. She favors stick fighting but can switch over to using just her hands very easily. She has a good understanding of the law and isn't afraid of anything. She has a gift for Russian, French, and German as languages.

Weaknesses and flaws: Bright lights give her really bad headaches. She also has the stamina of a base-line human. She's in the end just a human so magic and any other kind of weapon will affect her just as much as anyone else or even more. She also won't have the same knowledge of what the world is like compared to everyone else who has spent any ammount of time on this Earth like many dimensionally displaced people.

Character location/Home: New York

Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero- Either Avengers or an incarnation of the Marvel Knights

Relatives (living/dead?): Matt Murdock (father), Natasha Romanov (mother)

Backstory: In another place much like the regular universe parents started to have children. But in this one things were different. After Matt Murdock and Nastasha Romanov had their little girl Elizaveta they stayed in New York to be closer to their friends. As she grew she began to hero worship her father more and more when she saw what a fearless man he was.

Eventually both of her parents began to teach her things about fighting. It was no shock to either of them that she liked stick fighting since it was more graceful than other weapons to Elizaveta. It did worry them when she decided at fifteen that she wanted to join the hero crowd so they had her work with the Avengers of their world. She got along well with Stephan Rodgers and her world's Spider-Girl. They became good friends over the next two years.

In a recent battle against a mad wizard who wanted to undo her world she joined her Avenger's in stopping them. The fight was messy and ended with her being thrown into the middle of the circle. With a horrified look from the wizard a portal opened because the ritual had been interrupted and such things always cause more chaos than the ritual itself may create. Instead of multiple portals opening though just one did long enough to take Elizaveta from her home.

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Right after the big ritual goes wrong and she ends up in New York. She will show up pretty much post fight hoping to find out if she's in the right universe or get help at the Avengers Mansion.

What are you planning to do with this character? Have fun getting to know her other-dimension half siblings on all sides. Get used to being in a slightly different but eerily the same Earth.

What do you want to see happen with this character?: I'd like her to have problems adjusting to life on a different Earth. Things won't be the same for her and people that she thinks just shouldn't be there will and I'd love to explore how she reacts to how different things are. I also want her to fight street level crime as well as Avengers level things.

Sample post:

With a scream of pain the young hero falls to the ground. Her hair smells slightly burnt and she thinks she's hurt pretty badly. Did the fight go that poorly. She forces her eyes open and blinks. She isn't in an under ground cave. That's just weird. Her friends aren't here either.

That bothers her even more. She painfully gets up and is glad for the built in goggle so she won't have to worry about getting a headache on top of everything else. Her brow furrows and she uses a swing line to get up out of the abandoned building and onto a roof top.

She sees just by the buildings alone this is not her Earth. The Baxter building is still there. Everyone knows it had been gone for three years. This is very worrying to her.

There's only one thing she can do so Elizaveta takes off jumping and using every little thing to go to see if the Avengers are real here. She needs help. She hopes that they will give it to her
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