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Elizaveta Romanov ([info]ladydevil) wrote,
@ 2011-05-06 16:01:00

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List one of your characters, and one of mine, and pick either:

2)Their first date.
4)Their first time.
5)AU/Possible children(please pick either or as I won't do both)

And I'll list five facts about any of them.

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2011-05-06 07:30 pm UTC (link)
Eiltin/Aridis Possible Childern

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2011-05-06 07:39 pm UTC (link)
1) Their first child is named something so very modern. Audhild. She favors Aridis in looks.

2) Their others each are a blending of both their parents.

3) Aridis longed to give him a son but they have only daughters.

4) Aridis is still a warrior her wife bore a dark haired son that Aridis likes to think of as hers.

5) Audhild is a "Daddy's Girl".

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2011-05-06 09:30 pm UTC (link)
Grace/Griffin first time.

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2011-05-06 09:37 pm UTC (link)
1) Griffen had planned for this. Knowing she was too young to drink alcohol he bought sparkling cider and her favorite flowers. He also turned it into a romantic dinner.

2) She let him start to ramble a formula on the statistical averages of beauty. She couldn't follow it but understood it when he described her as a warrior angel.

3) She made the first move.

4) The next morning he found his glasses on the lawn.

5) He decided that he was going to do everything possible to make her happy after their first round. He was more than smitten like he had been from the start.

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2011-05-06 09:32 pm UTC (link)
David/Ellie possible kids.

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2011-05-06 09:44 pm UTC (link)
1) Catherine is Daddy's Little Angel. He now growls at every boy he sees.

2) It surprised them when the twins they had turned out to be triplets. That's how they ended up with three boys.

3) Logan JR was just like Grandpa. And everyone agreed when he hit the terrible twos that they were glad Ellie could calm him down with a smile.

4) No Clowns. Just NO.

5) It wasn't a surprise when Catherine demanded to be called Kitty after her other Grandma. What did surprise everyone was when she turned out to be a Speedster who everyone called Lightning Kitty.

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2011-05-06 10:57 pm UTC (link)
Aridis/Angelo - First Date (assuming a few years older for Ange')

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2011-05-06 11:10 pm UTC (link)
1) He brings her flowers. She had been in the middle of a fight when she arrived and apologized for setting them flowers on fire.

2) Their date was supposed o be a day hike up a mountain. Aridis was in high spirits all day.

3) They had lunch by a mountain stream. Aridis started a water fight with him.

4) Aridis noticed signs of trouble but said nothing testing Angelo's skills.

5) They had a fight against an unknown assassin. Angelo took a blow meant for Aridis and got hurt. Aridis got very cranky with their attacker.

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2011-05-06 11:47 pm UTC (link)
Since you started it...Ash/Michael: Children

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2011-05-07 12:15 am UTC (link)
1) If anyone ever asked Margaret Mera Choi as just a little big for her age as a baby. That was Ash's story and she stuck to it. Michael would just smirk.

2) The best story teller for his children was Michael. He did the voices. Cait enjoyed it the best. The dark haired child would beg for her favorite stories over and over.

3) No one ever questioned the fact that Michael Arthur took after Grandpa. He was Little Crankypants. His biggest weakness was chocolate Cocos though.

4) Ash reassured her daughters that no matter what duty they had to fulfill that they could be free to fall in love. Michael Arthur thought girls were icky still!

5) Ash loved to torment her children by breaking out the baby pictures for new dates. Michael liked to give the young gentlemen a very reasonable talk on not making his little girls cry. His son backed him up with a very impressive scowl.

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2011-05-07 12:17 am UTC (link)
Andrea/Griffen first date.

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2011-05-07 12:24 am UTC (link)
1) He informed her he wouldn't try singing to her "on stage" at the Cheesecake Factory. She thanked him.

2) They discussed everything they felt comfortable with when it came to their teams. It was a logical place to start. It ended when he cringed over the fans.

3) He said he hadn't ever gotten into baseball. Andrea appealed to it's virtues on a mathematical level. That got his attention.

4) They ended up in her room watching old recordings of Mets games.

5) Griffen dozed off. Andrea found the way he curled up on one side preplexingly cute.

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2011-05-07 03:45 am UTC (link)
Abel/Eliza AU

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2011-05-07 03:54 am UTC (link)
1) Eliza had realized she and Iason were more like best friends. They parted on good terms.

2) Eliza had an alien medical database shoved in her head. Abel helped her start to sort the information out.

3) She was the new team medic. She also found herself learning as much as she could about others things from everyone but kept lingering with Abel the most.

4) She didn't like the time share he had with his sister. It got in the way of her comfort zone.

5) She screwed her comfort zone one day after he thought he had died for a very brief moment. She threw him onto her bed and locked the door. He wasn't allowed away from her tender mercies for almost twenty-three hours. Not all of it was sexual. Most was her just holding him.

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2011-05-07 04:20 am UTC (link)
Eli-Corrina first time or possible kids.

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2011-05-07 12:46 pm UTC (link)
1) Their first two children were conceived before the battle with Kang. Apparently Svalin wasn't the only one to see someone who caught her attention. The son is named for his father the daughter was named Etta after one of Diana's dear friends.

2) The family was reunited by a boon from their grandfather. Eli was shocked to find the babes and their mother.

3) They quickly gain many aunts who ant to help. And uncles who help as well.

4) The third child is planned. They name him Vulcan in honor of Corinna's father. He has a gift for creating beautiful things.

5) Each of them are their parents pride and joy.

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2011-05-07 04:20 am UTC (link)
Rex-Corinna future.

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2011-05-07 12:52 pm UTC (link)
1) Rex gives Corinna her first alcoholic drink from Man's World. A beer. To help settle her after a battle gone wrong.

2) They become friends. Their fighting natures make it difficult but Rex discovers she fights well when her temper is pushed.

3) They end up in bed after almost all of their friends die. Hope is gone. Grief, anger, and two boatloads of alcohol at loosing so much push them to find comfort together.

4) They keep each other from going cold. But they do not think of themselves as lovers. Just friends holding back the tide of the dark.

5) When Corinna discovers a way to fix everything. To give the world back all of the heroes she does it. But it erases her from history. Only Rex is left to remember her and he hates her for taking that burden but thanks her because she returned Hope to him.

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2011-05-07 06:14 am UTC (link)
As team bicycle - Eliza/Nick, first time

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2011-05-07 04:01 pm UTC (link)
1) They had been dancing around being attracted to each other after they both bumped into each other in much less clothing than either of them normally wore.

2) It actually happened after Eliza came back from her trip in space. She didn't want to talk. He made her feel comfortable.

3) He mapped out all the scars she had hidden from everyone. She found new ways to test her flexibility out on him to distract him.

4) They broke a lamp by accident. He tried to apologize but she pounced him and they knocked over more things on their way down onto the floor.

5) They never made it to a bed. Every time they had a breather one of them got another idea they just had to try out.

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2011-05-07 06:50 am UTC (link)
Dinadan and Corrina, friendship.

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2011-05-07 01:00 pm UTC (link)
1) They meet at Warrior's. He was there to see Petra. She was arm wrestling with any takers to pass the time to matter how much it wasn't her thing.

2) They discuss weapons the next time she meets him. They agreed to start practicing their sword work together.

3) He sees her when her leg gives out. She would have gone into a ball if he hadn't been so calm.

4) Petra had to tear them away from being "nerdy" about nature more than one when they both got really into something. She was never jealous. She could tell Corinna never meant any harm.

5) Somehow? Corinna ended up being the godmother of Petra and Din's first child. She took her role seriously and spoiled that little boy rotten (pun not intended).

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2011-05-07 05:07 pm UTC (link)
Alright, let's try some crack to see how awake you are, since you seem caught up.

Tyson/Inezia, first time

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2011-05-07 05:18 pm UTC (link)
1) They had no choice. They were trapped in a temple that had the power to unmake the world. The ritual called for a virgin sacrifice, just not in death.

2) She had blushed a great deal. Then said she didn't want to be like her mother. Tyson understood so they tried to find another way to nullify the temple.

3) They got very drunk off of ceremonial wine. Tyson discovered she was very limber even when drunk.

4) They destroyed several rooms before they were done.

5) She picked the lock on his door that night and curled up on his chest. This time she wasn't dressed like a boy.

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2011-05-07 05:08 pm UTC (link)
Pippi/Corrinna friendship

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2011-05-07 05:22 pm UTC (link)
1) It started when Corinna complained abut her hair. Pippi bombarded her with ideas.

2) There was a shoe sale! And Corinna found herself going along with Pippi. They bought lots of shoes.

3) They ended up going out for lunch. Then had fun making the bus boy blush by talking about him with knowing look.

4) She wanted to show Pippi even weapons could be pretty. Pippi just didn't see it.

5) The great cow rescue shall never be spoken of again!

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2011-05-07 05:10 pm UTC (link)
DJ/Rose first date

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2011-05-07 05:26 pm UTC (link)
1) She agreed because he had a very charming smile.

2) He was okay she was going through physical therapy. He thought the cane was stylish and she just looked good anyways.

3) They both ate plenty. Rose was surprised he wanted to try dancing if she was up for it.

4) When he noted she was getting tired quickly he just put his arm around her as to not embarrass her and helped her off the dance floor. He marveled at how comfortable she felt against him.

5)They asked each other out again at the same time. She laughed and planted a kiss on him. She had missed dating.

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2011-05-07 05:11 pm UTC (link)
Tyler/Ash friendship

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2011-05-07 05:32 pm UTC (link)
1) They didn't know what to make of each other at first. She was like a ghost, barely speaking unless prompted. He was just too much of everything and she had no idea what to make of that.

2) When he noticed she was gaining in confidence he was happy for her. She actually looked him in the eye and suddenly things were easy. They spoke often. He discovered she hero-worshiped Cait.

3) When someone shattered her carefully built up confidence he reached out to her. She huddled into his side and let him read. She didn't need much. Just a sense of safety.

4) When someone hurt him she was suddenly all fire and magic. No one had seen her that angry before.

5) She told him plainly she thought he was the best person for Cait. It was why she liked him.

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(no subject) - [info]all_powerfull, 2011-05-07 05:38 pm UTC
This could go so many directions
2011-05-07 05:12 pm UTC (link)
Iason/Eliza future

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2011-05-07 05:41 pm UTC (link)
1) Other aliens they meet try to tempt Eliza. They find her red hair enchanting. She just reaches for Iason's hand and smiles. He is all she wants.

2) A space pirate king of all things kidnaps her. She is not amused and when Iason gets there to save her she has taken over the whole ship.

3) They touch on the idea of marriage a few years down the road. She decides she loves him but doesn't want to get married. Because she has come to accept he is only monogamous for her and she wants him to be free to have other relationships if he wants them.

4) They stay together for many years. They have a life filled with adventure. Romance that hasn't died. And others they care about.

5) She dies far too young. Iason is left to pick up the pieces and with a hole were Eliza should be. She was far too mortal.

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2011-05-07 05:49 pm UTC (link)
Iason/Aridis future

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2011-05-07 05:56 pm UTC (link)
1) At some point they have become good friends. Between saving the world and galaxy.

2) They become lovers off and on every few decades. She mostly likes to spar and enjoys how guilt free their relationship is. They are just friends in her mind.

3) She asks for his help when she wishes to select an Asgardian wife. For she must remain a warrior. It is such an odd request. They both decide that perhaps she should never marry. It is for the best.

4) This time when Iason has to fight a dragon a daughter of Thor does not let herself get eaten. She fires an arrow into a weak spot that only someone as good as her could hit.

5) The day of no clothes. They were okay with that. Why wasn't everyone else?

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2011-05-07 05:50 pm UTC (link)
Kelly/Rose friendship

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2011-05-07 06:06 pm UTC (link)
1) They bond over an explosion. They had to find some way to distract the giant sentient space mold. It was awesome.

2) Rose tried to understand how Kelly's mind worked. She stopped and just accepted it all after five minutes.

3) They once got stuck on a bus full of nuns. Kelly thought the duct tape over her mouth wasn't necessary. Rose just gave her a look.

4) Rose thought that getting blown through the roof of a pillow factory was the weirdest coincidence ever.

5) Beer was always on Rose. She had no idea but every time they went for food she had to buy the booze.

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2011-05-07 05:51 pm UTC (link)
Pippi/Ash friendship

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2011-05-07 06:15 pm UTC (link)
1) Ash doesn't like ice cream. But they both agree chocolate is the best.

2) She can't convince Pippi she isn't an alcoholic. It's the Pippi vision.

3) They dye Ash's hair once. Just for fun. Pippi loves the burgundy Ash picked. It is close to Mera's color Ash commented.

4) Pippi gives the best advice about boys. Ash learns a lot. Until she talks to one that is then she chokes up.

5) Friday nights are for painting each others nails. Also for Ash to learn to talk more. But Pippi doesn't know that and it's okay.

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2011-05-07 05:53 pm UTC (link)
Jon/Corrinna, AU

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2011-05-07 06:26 pm UTC (link)
1) They meet not when Corinna is being sent out for being a willful arrogant person but when they are both children. Corinna informs him that they should be best friends. They aren't because he thinks girls are yucky.

2) They meet each other off on and for years. When they are teenagers he suddenly realizes that she's pretty and nice. He wants to be her friend but she can't forget him as a little boy so she pushes him away with words and a flick of her hair.

3) She never fully trusts him. But he does save her time and time again. She thinks it's because he doesn't respect her. So they argue.

4) She almost gets herself killed though protecting him and he gets mad. He could have dealt with the threat and they have explosive arguments while she is confined to bed.

5) When she isn't confined to bed? Well she confines him to bed in a different way.

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You seem to be caught up. This cannot be allowed
2011-05-07 08:41 pm UTC (link)
Aridis/Halbjorn, future

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Revenge will be mine somehow!
2011-05-07 09:32 pm UTC (link)
1) She was sure she would never forget the day Halbjorn got to help her force Manawydan to stop kidnapping her. He had looked pleased when he got to fight him one on one.

2) They both proved themselves worthy. They drank quite a bit together. It was an odd occurrence that they proved themselves on the same day. But it was still a good day.

3) She wondered why he kept involving in mortal things. Like movies. He seemed happy though so she did not question it out loud.

4) The day came. They both knew it would come. The final battle.

5) He died and she wanted to rage. Things were coming to pass and heavy was her heart.

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2011-05-07 08:41 pm UTC (link)
Sarah/Corrinna, friendship

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2011-05-07 09:20 pm UTC (link)
1) They were both warriors. They could celebrate that fact.

2) She accepted everything about Sarah. She didn't judge her she only asked for the same.

3) They never went shopping together. Unless of course it was for weapons. The pointier the better.

4) She also offered to set Sarah up with girls she knew.

5) When they parted because Sarah had to leave on the next journey Corinna felt very sad. Then gave Sarah the only give she could think of. A kiss as friends to give her hope for the future.

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(no subject) - [info]rogue_star, 2011-05-07 09:23 pm UTC

2011-05-07 08:43 pm UTC (link)
Eliza/Steven AU

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2011-05-07 09:07 pm UTC (link)
1) The battle was hard. It was dangerous. Her friends, the ones who she grew up with were dying. She couldn't let them die so she did everything necessary. And so she fell.

2) Steven saved her. He didn't know who she was. Flung into the future and another world Eliza slipped into despair.

3) Steven took care of her. She didn't understand why. She wanted to pull away but somehow the way he was just always there and so active acted as an anchor.

4) She got better. She joined them. She loved it.

5)She decided that she also loved something else about this new world.

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You're quick... so more crack for you
2011-05-08 12:23 am UTC (link)
probably involves the Hand somehow...

Hajime/Eliza AU

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2011-05-08 12:46 am UTC (link)
1) They met in combat. She was working with SHIELD and the GH6 were helping them. She was tough and so was he.

2) He helped her during the fight to take down the Hand cell she was after. A few times though he got distracted. She moved like a dancer and in her tight leather uniform it was provocative.

3) They won the day. She invited him to share a few drinks with her. Somehow that led to her waking up pooled in his lap with his arm thrown around her. His hand was very firmly on her hip.

4) She made a tactical retreat. She wasn't used to being close to anyone. Even someone who fought as well as he did.

5) When she discovered there had been an 'oops' she came back though. They had many long conversations. She decided she wanted to stay.

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2011-05-08 12:24 am UTC (link)
Sarah/Rose friendship

(Reply to this)(Thread)

2011-05-08 12:32 am UTC (link)
1) She will never admit it but she always looked to Sarah as a leader when she was with the Exiles.

2) She knew Sarah had feelings for Anya. She wished her the best.

3) Sometimes while she was in a coma she had something like a dream. She would hear people like Sarah talking. It was always distant.

4) She will always think of Sarah with the shield. Not James.

5) She desires to see Sarah again. To fight by her side.

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