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User:shessomarvelous (33617)
Name:Grace Danvers
Bio:RP journal being used at [info]marvel_nextgen.

Name: Grace Elizabeth Danvers

Codename: N/A

Age: 17

Birthday: February 17th

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blond

Relatives: Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel (mother), Simon Williams/Wonder Man (father), Joseph Danvers (uncle)

Base of Operations: Los Angles, California

Powers: Superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, durability, hearing, stamina and agility, flight, energy absorption and manipulation, photonic blasts.

Grace Danvers is the only child of Carol Danvers, also known as Ms.Marvel, and the result of her relationship with Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man. When she found out that she was pregnant with Simon's child, Carol dropped off the superhero radar, telling her fellow Avengers that she had to deal with a "family crisis". The only member of her team that knew that Carol was pregnant with Simon's baby was Steven Rogers, or Captain America, who swore to her that he would never tell a soul.

After she gave birth to Grace, Ms. Marvel all but dropped off of the radar as a superhero, making the odd appearance every now and then, but mostly focusing on raising Grace. Not wanting to risk Grace to exposure, Carol never told the media that she had a child, and passing off Grace as the daughter of her brother, Joseph, to anyone that tried to pinpoint Grace as being Carol's daughter. Grace, why she knew that her mother was also known as the superhero Ms. Marvel, was never told the name of her father, and whenever she asked, Carol was just simply inform Grace that she herself wasn't sure who her father was. And whenever Grace even attempted asking Joseph, it was waved off.

At age fourteen, Grace's powers slowly began to manifest, when she discovered that she was able to lift the kitchen table over her head and not break a sweat. Carol began to worry what other powers that her daughter also inherited, and gave Grace strict instructions not to use her newly discovered strength, or tell anyone that she knew, including Joseph. The rest of her superhuman powers came slowly, and each one as bizarre to her as the next. The last to come were her photonic blasts, which she discovered one day by accidentally wiping out her family's mailbox.

After this incident, Grace begged her mother to tell her who her father was. Carol, like every other time that Grace asked her, refused, telling her that it was for the best that she didn't know. Not taking no for an answer, Grace began to research all of her mothers past relationships, looking for clues as to who her father might be. It took her a long time, but eventually she was able to find that her father was an old boyfriend of her mother's Simon Williams, better known as the hero Wonder Man. Furious that her mother never told her that her father was also a superhero, and even more irate that she was never able to know the man, Grace left her mother a hastily written note, and set off to Los Angeles, abandoning her senior year of high school to find her father.

Personality: While Carol didn't exactly keep Grace sheltered away from the world, she was very protective of her daughter. While Grace is not completely innocent, she is not truly aware of some of the more horrible evils in the world. Grace is close to very few people, but is steadfastly loyal and protective of those that she's close to.

Favorite food: Popcorn chicken
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite city: Boston
Favorite pastime: Reading, running
Favorite movies: When Harry Met Sally, Titanic, Cinderella
Favorite musician: Blondie, The Veronicas, Kelly Clarkson, Stevie Nicks
Schools:None listed
People115:_addy_baxter_, _tsunami_, a_blessing, aaronwyatt, aerosmithette, airhead, american_idol, anyastark, awesome_andrea, bite_me, blackmagicwoman, blinkandmissme, bloody_irony, bornlucky, borntolead, butterflybullet, cant_stop_this, clothesline, cosmic_son, death_wings, designergene, dinosaur_jr, discardedheir, eagleofthebow, electrified, emmysmash, exiledbrother, franklen_four, fullmoonfever, girlspy, glinting, godlierthanthou, goesbothways, got_the_touch, gust, harryreynolds, hellfireprince, heytheredelilah, i_feel_you, icallnopowers, indie_minor, invisigirl, iron_hide, irondragon, jackmurdock, lady_hood, ladydevil, little_gabriel, little_mermaid, living_mummy, lytaworthington, madscienceman, man_of_energy, mapleleafsuit, marlow, marvel_girl, marvelkid, mercwithamouth, mishaloganovich, needsmorecoffee, next_avenger, nightingalesong, nightspider, no_relation, not_heather, notinplainsight, notquiteright, notyetqueen, ohu_amane, omni_absorber, oneyoungwoman, perenawska, pop_trash_hero, princess_mutt, princessbruiser, purplegeist, pym_kitten, quitethecharmer, redheadspy, rjb_absinthe, rogue_star, ryanspector, sammyfury, sandcastlegod, sea_shelly, shadowofadoubt, shield_maiden, small_but_tough, smallestbear, son_of_discord, son_of_hercules, soothsayer, sophie_lebeau, sound_and_fury, stark_inc, stone_bear, strongbox, sunspot, super_wren, swashbuckler, sydney_ashcroft, tabula_rasa, team_mascot, temperence, this_fire_burns, toni_rhodes, tooth_n_claw, touchesthepast, two_gun_kid, universaljoke, vicious_cycle, weavingwizard, webslingergirl, whosperfectnow, your_talents
Communities3:marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Mutual Friends:9: anyastark, blinkandmissme, i_feel_you, ladydevil, lytaworthington, marvel_girl, redheadspy, ryanspector, toni_rhodes
Account type:Early Free User

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