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Community Information

Below is information about the "The Bullpen" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:the_bullpen (34922)
(no userpics)
Name:The Bullpen
About:This comm is for IC questions, memes and out of comm RP for players of [info]marvel_nextgen [info]exiles [info]marvel_legends [info]marvel_universe [info]dc_heroes [info]futureverse and [info]dc_nextgen. This is NOT for tossing around ideas or ooc questions. Please leave that stuff in the ooc comms.

If you want to test run a character and try out their voices before apping them, that's fine. It does not have to be a pre-existing character.

Also what happens in this comm stays in this comm and is not game canon in any of the games.

If you join with a character which is still in the test-run phase and not in any game, please email me or IM me to let me know the username so I can approve it.

The utility account [info]bullpen_misc has been created to allow people to use a character without having to create an account. Please ask another member for the password.

Have fun.

Maintainers:2: mishaloganovich, redheadspy
Members:286: 1man5manband, 3x2_9yz_4a, 9mm_gal, _flyboy_, _tsunami_, ablaze, accessorize, ace_in_a_skirt, aceofhearts, aerosmithette, agent_13, all_powerfull, allwet, american_eagle, american_idol, anger_issues, angryarcher, anti_venom, anyastark, apollos_bow, arachnophobia, artofcreation, ascended_fanboy, askthequestion, assaultnbattery, atomic_legacy, august_heir, avenging_legacy, awesome_andrea, barbiebird, battle_shield, better_now, binary_soul, bio_nerd, bite_me, black_prince, bloody_irony, bobblehead, boosted_gold, bornlucky, boundbuckling, brainiac_6, brightestknight, brit_sorcerer, bronze_vixen, brotherkeeper, brotherkept, bullpen_misc, burnwithlight, butterflybullet, bwa_ha_ha, call_me_sunny, canadianwildboy, cannonball_run, cant_stop_this, cantcatchme, cantkeepmeout, cat_fancy, catalyst, charmedlife, check_my_flow, clawed_progeny, clobberin_time, collateralmagic, contessa_val, coolguy, cosmic_son, crescentdart, crossbow_bat, crossbowvixen, dark_scion, dashingly, demonborn, devilonstrings, doctor_pym, dolemecknight, dread_bolt, eagleofthebow, effyouclown, electrified, eternalhedonist, exploding_snaps, fairplay, fastasyoucan, favoredheir, feathers_, ferris_ceo, firecracker_, first_son, firstnameagent, fleetfootmac, force_of_will, fullmoonfever, gal_gardner, gammagamer, genderquery, get_medieval, gildedcage, gingeroracle, girl_squire, go_ape, godlierthanthou, godownswinging, goesbothways, got_the_touch, gotham_knight, greatest_zatara, green_lantern, greenwillpower, hammerismywhat, handofnabu, harkerlegacy, hero_at_law, heytheredelilah, hope_on_wheels, hot_rod, hotblooded, hotlittlehands, hotshot_hawkeye, hungerstrike, i_asked_grandpa, ifithelps, ihatecrowbars, im_a_librarian, imperiousamazon, in_a_snap, in_reserve, indie_minor, indigogirl, intuitmachine, iron_widow, irondragon, its_a_living, jack_o_lantern, jackmurdock, jdoesmith, just_a_stranger, kaiju_can_do, keepstargazing, khym_jonzz, kidfuzzy, kinda_dense, kisskiss_pafpaf, knightinwhite, lady_sif, ladydevil, lastscion, legitimate_son, lightningbolt, likeclockwork, lil_princess, lion_heart, littleladylord, living_dhampir, lottelensherre, loveontherocks, lucky_penny, lunatic_laugh, mad_skills, madeofgoesfast, madscienceman, magic_hands, manasa, marlow, marvel_girl, marvelousgirl, media_tyrant, mile_high_club, mishaloganovich, miss_flexible, mr_brock, mrcrankypants, ms_miracle, needsmoredakka, next_avenger, nextgen_ai, nextgen_misc, night_terrors, no_relation, nolittlemermaid, nosunshine, not_a_doll, not_adorable, not_your_wife, notafailure, notallhunkydory, notinplainsight, notyourdamsel, olympian_elf, omegaeffect, only_half_here, onthewall, oooh_shiny, outfoxing, parker_luck, parting_shot, perenawska, playdohboy, princess_mutt, prydeofthexmen, purplegeist, pym_kitten, quadrimanial, queen_mera, questionmark, quitethecharmer, raisingkane, rannsofaraway, redheadspy, risky_russian, rockchalk, rocky_2, rogue_star, sammyfury, sand_girl, sandcastlegod, sapphireprince, screamofthemoth, sea_shelly, seasiren, seenitall, seesaw, semievilgenius, shadowkitten, shark_prince, shield_legacy, shield_maiden, shield_topdog, shieldbratgirl, silverprince, skald_iona, smallestbear, snarkfighter, soft_inside, softersteel, son_of_hercules, songonthewinds, sonoftheatom, spacepalm, sparkofmagic, starsandgarters, stone_bear, strongbox, subject0001, swashbuckler, sydney_ashcroft, tabula_rasa, team_mascot, the_element_son, the_hyper_teen, thebelletolls, thegirlwonder, thegrimone, thesensibleone, thesonsdaughter, thisbugsforyou, tiny_tornado, toni_rhodes, too_sexy, tooth_n_claw, touchofvertigo, treadlightly, under_the_skin, underthehood, unseenpowers, valini_morse, veryperceptive, vicious_cycle, warbird, weakerlink, webandwit, wee_sting, white_knight, whoholdsthewhip, whydowescream, wild_rose, winter_daughter, wisdomtooth, withgreatpower, wiz_kid, young_swimmer, your_talents, yourtruecolors, ze_leaper, zoe_torres
Watched by:548: 1man5manband, 3x2_9yz_4a, 4ever_yours, 7thplanetman, 9mm_gal, _addy_baxter_, _flyboy_, _tsunami_, a_blessing, a_good_soldier, aaronwyatt, ablaze, accessorize, ace_in_a_skirt, aceofhearts, aerosmithette, agent_13, agentbullseye, aint_no_grave, airhead, all_powerfull, all_wet, allednis_arataz, allwet, american_eagle, american_idol, angelfire, anger_issues, angryarcher, anthonyestark, anti_venom, anyastark, apex_predator, apollos_bow, arachnophobia, arsenic_oldlace, arthurcurry, artofcreation, ascended_fanboy, askthequestion, assaultnbattery, atomic_legacy, august_heir, avenging_legacy, awesome_andrea, backatya, barbiebird, baringbones, batdaughter, battle_shield, becauseshutup, better_now, binary_soul, bio_nerd, birdinfishnets, bite_me, black_knight, black_prince, blackmagicwoman, bladeinthecrowd, blinkandmissme, bloodred_robin, bloody_cain, bloody_irony, bobblehead, boobs_of_steel, boosted_gold, bornlucky, borntolead, botmaster, boundbuckling, brainiac_6, brams_nightmare, brightestknight, brit_sorcerer, bronze_kneecap, bronze_vixen, brotherkeeper, brotherkept, bulletstorm, bullpen_misc, bullseye_, bumpinthenight, burningmartian, burnwithlight, butterflybullet, bwa_ha_ha, call_me_sunny, callmemissstorm, canadianwildboy, candle_head, cannonball_run, cant_stop_this, cantcatchme, cantkeepmeout, cap_a, carat, carol_danvers, cat_fancy, catalyst, catchmeifyoucan, chaosstrength, charmedlife, check_my_flow, childofatlas, clawed_progeny, clobberin_time, clone_of_steel, collateralmagic, compassionate, contessa_val, coolguy, cornycassidy, cosmic_son, crescentdart, crossbow_bat, crossbowvixen, dammit_tony, danielle_cage, dareyoutorun, dark_of_winter, dark_scion, dashingly, daughteroftroy, dazzler_fangirl, dazzlerette, deep_sea_sword, defyinggravity, demonblood, demonborn, demonchild, devilonstrings, digthefuzz, dinosaur_jr, doctor_pym, dodge_this_shot, doesitmatter, dog_of_rage, dolemecknight, dontmakemeangry, dorthyjames, dragonfist, dread_bolt, eagleofthebow, echokinetic, effyouclown, einszweidrei, el_conductor, electrified, emmasfav, ...
Account type:Early Free User

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