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April 11th, 2014

We've Moved! @ 07:14 am

The game didn't stop! We've just moved.

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April 9th, 2014

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March 9th, 2014

Crossing A Line @ 10:58 am


It had taken time, but eventually had Maria had tracked down the individual responsible for her mother's death. Firebug. Maria had put him in Arkham two years ago and he must have been one of the individuals who had managed to escape during the breakout.

Maria wasn't stupid. Killing her mother was revenge for putting him in there.

It was time to end this. She was done playing games and playing by the rules.

She managed to track him down to an old warehouse near the docks. She carefully made her way inside.

March 2nd, 2014

(no subject) @ 01:12 am


For just once in her life, Nala wished that her everyday life could be simple and not be interrupted by some villainous plots.  She was in the middle of a fashion show, wearing a very expensive dress, and then suddenly there was gunfire and screaming.  Normally, this was some kind of plot device to capture the leading lady.  But Nala wasn't you typical leading lady, and these thugs didn't stick around very long.  It seemed like the ruckus in the main room was just a distraction to keep everybody from noticing the theft happening in the changing room.  They were lucky Nala wasn't in the changing room, but they were also unlucky that Nala was there in the first place.  And they were unlucky that they made Nala rip her dress, which she was going to have to pay for later.

She had already tracked them down to some run down warehouse.  Nala didn't even know they had those in Paris, to be quite honest.  But that didn't stop her from sneaking in there and getting to business.  By the time anybody else would show up, she'd already laid them all out on the ground.

February 22nd, 2014

Who needs other sports when you've got your own? @ 12:16 am


Nice thing about the YJ HQ was there was plenty of space, which meant she could repurposed the training room for this. Little different walls than the usual more rectangular areas they did this in, but circular rooms for this were not new. It just added a different sort of challenge.
Janie casually tossed a tennis ball and caught it in her hand as she talked. "Okay, usual rules and we're doing three rounds. New ball type each time." She indicated the soccer ball, the tennis ball in her hand, and...the one they didn't use often but it certainly led to the craziest of games...the football. 
Janie smirked. "You up for it oh reckless arrow?"

February 18th, 2014

Don't wanna let you down But I am hell bound Though this is all for you @ 08:22 pm


The gloved fist smashed into the guy's nose and there was a distinctive crack as the bone broke. The man yelled and blood gushed from the man's nose. Another fist slammed into the guy's face. By now both eyes were almost swollen shut, blood came from the man's mouth in addition to the newly broken nose. The guy was only vertical because Huntress held him up by the collar.

"Talk," she growled at him.

There was a unintelligible mumble from him. Huntress punched him again and the man slipped into unconsciousness. She let go of him and he crumbled to the ground.

Huntress fired a grappling hook and it brought her to the roof.

Time to find the next criminal. The one she just left on the ground woudld be on his way to the hospital soon. They deserved worse, but it was a line she wasn't ready to cross just yet. She was waiting for the right person to cross her path.

February 9th, 2014

Tussle in Thailand @ 02:07 pm


With some assistance from T.H.U.N.D.E.R., the team managed to convince the Thai government to allow them to follow the August General's lead to Proteus' location. The area itself was the suspected headquarters of a Malay terrorist group, so the JLI was advised to be on the lookout, as it was suspected Proteus may be working with the organization.

January 31st, 2014

Contrary to Popular Belief, Not Everyone Digs Giant Robots @ 03:37 pm


Okay, so the city was dirty, noisy, filled with poorly lit blocks, and had a populace that sometimes seemed as ready to hit you with their car as look at you.. but Richie was getting used to Gotham. At least there was always plenty of work to be done. The trick was in finding gigs that payed per job, instead of by the hour. Yeah, that was a mistake he'd already learned not to make with temp agencies. Another week, and he might actually be able to start looking for a room!

Maybe. He still wasn't sure if he felt safe settling anywhere just yet. The people who came after his parents might still be looking for him.

But today, there's the trainyard. Cleanup duty was simple enough. Make sure you hit the markers so people know what track you're on, make sure there's no debris, and walk the fences to make sure there's no holes for people to get in.

Of course, that had been before an arriving unmarked engine had transformed into a robot and started busting up the joint, but we can't always have what we want from a given day.

January 28th, 2014

Only Because We're Related @ 07:31 pm

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Carolyn didn't like it one bit. Tomas was letting himself get distracted and distractions could lead to death. It was time to do something about it.

Folder in hand she went to find her brother.

January 26th, 2014

Song Meme: Carolyn and Mano: Enemies Across the Line @ 10:02 pm

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 They were heading to hot-ass Mexico on assignment. Mano and Carolyn had been assigned to kill an American drug-lord who had managed to cross the border into Mexico while leaving Uncle Sam with plausible deniability. Mano grumbled in the back of the truck as Carolyn drove the vehicle.

"Geez, I can feel the heat already."


January 15th, 2014

Getting Your Doves In A Row @ 10:02 pm


"Okay... we've agreed on a style menu, on a cake, venue comes later, color scheme is done, waiting on final word from your mom and dad before we hard-set the date... Maid of Honor and Best Lady are set." Riley bites his bottom lip, frowning at the checklist.

"All that's left is... y'know, who's gonna actually be the one marrying us."

Neither of their families were especially religious, so this particular had been danced around more than once already, in favor of easier decisions.

January 14th, 2014

Treason? @ 09:41 pm


 There were times that she hated this job. This being one of them, but this came from the top. They couldn't afford a blow like this to the still relatively new JLI project. She sent a message to the Hall of Justice to expect her arrival.

January 6th, 2014

Saying goodbye (open) @ 09:35 pm


The winter wind had a sharp bite to it and the cold rain made the day that much more miserable. The small canopy set up over the grave site did little ward off the rain. The weather fit Maria's mood perfectly. The graveside service had just wrapped up and the coffin had been lowered into the frozen ground. The other mourners were heading to the warmth of their waiting vehicles.

Maria didn't seem to notice the wind and the cold rain as she stood as still as the many statues that dotted the graveyard. Her mother was dead. Victim of bombing. It happened too close to the breakout at Arkham to be coincidence. Maria knew one of the escapees was responsible, she just had to find out which one.

She stared at the coffin sitting in the ground.

In the back of her mind she knew Bruce and her father were waiting in the car, but she just couldn't move.

January 5th, 2014

(no subject) @ 09:17 pm


"Ok, Cait... I know I'm just supposed to be doing hair and dresses and things, but I had some great ideas to help give your wedding a little bit of theme. I was pondering talking to your dad about them so we could coordinate. Since he learned all of the lyrics last time I talked to him, I was thinking that maybe, instead of 'here comes the bride', everyone could do a big presentation of 'Under the Sea' for you coming down the aisle. I could probably even teach it to some harbor seals." Pippi explains, amidst picking out some swatches for possible bridesmaid colors.

Meme: Clark and Grandma Sunshine @ 10:20 pm


Clark had been mid-flight when he caught a whiff the best cupcakes he'd ever smelled in his life.  Naturally, he was drawn to them.  When he arrived at the location, using his super sense of smell, Clark found himself at an orphanage.  The door was cracked open.  He didn't hear anybody inside.  Abandoned, maybe?  Did that mean the cupcakes were free?  He decided to find out.  Clark entered the orphanage and wandered into the kitchen.  There they were; the cupcakes he was so drawn to.  He took one of them and ate it as quickly as possible.

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nightly patrol - open @ 08:33 pm


Green Arrow was prowling Star City tonight. He'd been in and out of the game lately. Most of it was because he'd been keeping up with the other family business; the one that makes money. Some of it was debauchery, admittedly. But tonight, he was out and about. Keith had already bagged a baddie that tried to mug a sweet old lady. It seemed odd, though, that the old lady would be the one out at night. Where were the pretty ladies?

January 2nd, 2014

Whiteout training(Open to Young Justice) @ 10:22 pm


With the holidays things had been slow with the training for YJ but the current training program certainly threw them into the thick of things once more Jerry though. They were supposed to protect a transport ship from waves of robots for as long as they could. Though to make things a little tougher they had to do all of that in white-out blizzard conditions. That was just plain mean Jerry though but then again they did agree to be there for this.

December 27th, 2013

Just One Of Those Days @ 10:30 pm


"So..." Virgil O'Valeron, mild-mannered production intern at WGBA, sighed to himself, "--this is how the life of an ordinary citizen comes to an end." He tilted his head to watch the rapidly approaching ground, relieved to see he wasn't going to hit anyone when he connected with the pavement.

~Five minutes earlier~

"And so, excuse me honey, if you'll just let me scooch in here..." Virgil's boss squeezed herself between him and his desk, bending over at the waist as she examined something on his computer's monitor. "This is how you access the server where we keep the past year of broadcasted news segments ready for general use. Older than that and you'd have to do some digging--" Her hips seemed to move back against him more pointedly.

"Ah, thank you for the instruction, Miss Goodleigh--"

"I've told you, Virgil, call me Gabrielle.." She looked back over her shoulder at him, fluttering her lashes and smiling coyly.

"Yes, Gabrielle, it's not that I don't appreciate you taking the time to help me, but it's a bit cramped here, and..." As he tried to back away from her rhythmically swaying hindquarters, he felt a bump against the back of his knees, and his center of gravity abruptly shift. He watched the view of the office abruptly rotate before his eyes, as he found himself falling out the window.

He had two thoughts in rapid succession.

First, that the window being able to open that wide with no safety measures outside must be some sort of safety violation!

Second, how was he supposed to extricate himself from this situation without revealing his hyper powers? Mild-mannered citizen, Virgil O'Valeron, would most certainly be falling to certain death!

December 15th, 2013

Break out! @ 09:51 pm


Black Mask stood a good distance away from Arkham Asylum for the Criminal Insane. The bitter cold didn't seem to bother him as he stood there. He had been out in the cold for some time, but he was going see the conclusion of his work. It had take quite some time to make the preparations. He had sent messages inside to the inmates, making them an offer. If they chose to accept it, they'd meet him here. If they didn't, well he didn't care where they went. Even those would serve a purpose.

The night was rocked by the sound of explosions as large parts of the building's walls exploded outward.

Black Mask smiled as fire and smoke filled the night.

The inmates of the asylum started escaping out into the night. Including the Joker.

December 14th, 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas @ 10:08 pm


Each year toward the end of December people come together with friends and family to celebrate and exchange gifts. The atmosphere is light, merry and there is plenty of cheer to go around. Holiday music fills the air while bright colorful lights light up the nights. Mistletoe is placed in strategic locations and people are willing caught under it.

It's a time of celebration, even for superheroes.

Dec. 13. @ 07:06 pm

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It's early in the morning, before even Michelle gets up, when GK carefully lets himself in. And it's Michelle he starts with, because if he starts with Zoe, she might, actually, pull a gun on him.

So she'll have the chance to hear it from the other room as he brings her Mom a candle-lit tray of food.
"Good morning! Happy Saint Lucy's Day. Now technically, the tradition is that the youngest of the family makes everybody breakfast in bed with saffron buns, but even if she's got two weeks on me there, I think we can all get behind the idea that Zoe should not bake."

Like a _____ To a _____ @ 05:53 pm


Another week, another round of shoe replacements. Richie sighed to himself. He'd moved on to Gotham, most recently, and was going through the racks of shoes at another thrift store. He needed a serviceable pair of runners, and some boots with decent support for when he had extended amounts of standing in one place to deal with. He was still thinking about that tussle with the nazi and the magic girl from not too long ago. She'd given him some kind of magic rock in case he ever needed to call for help. Very nice of her.

Suddenly, there's a crash from across the street. Richie just sighs, shoulders drooping. "Oh come on... it's a Saturday..." Reluctantly, he ambles towards the front of the store, trying to get a look.

November 24th, 2013

Maria's Beautiful Mess @ 02:46 pm


Maria was too tired to head back to Wayne Manor and decided to spend the night at her apartment. She had been doing it quite frequently lately. When she entered the apartment she even didn't bother with turning on the lights. She didn't need to see the mess that was her apartment. It would just remind her how much of a slob she was and it was the last thing she needed right now.

Once the door was locked she headed for the bedroom, stripping off her Huntress costume as she moved and letting it fall to the floor. She just wanted to fall into bed and sleep. Thankfully tomorrow was Sunday and she didn't have to get up to go into the office. It'd be nice to get more than a few hours of sleep.

She tripped over a few things as she walked and kicked them out of the way. Once in the bedroom she grabbed a tee shirt hanging on the corner of a full length mirror, slipped it on and fell into bed.

November 23rd, 2013

Head Tiny-Pewter-Doggie in Charge @ 04:09 pm


A lot of explaining had been necessary. Some of it may have included. "So you see, Beautiful, the key is to use your resources to get as much territory as possible -- particularly strategically consolidated by color region -- and fortify it with these little structures."

But Cindy had finally gotten as many of the New Guardians as possible around this particular table. She was patient; she was gentle. She didn't rush anyone, and even gave little reminders. But within half an hour, she had houses on New York (always a good strategic investment. The orange was bonus), and Monopoly can be a long, long game.

November 21st, 2013

Body Swap Meme @ 10:40 pm


Mike was going to another concert with Maria and headed over to her place. He park his car in front of her building and texted her to let her know that he was there. This promised to be a fun night.

November 20th, 2013

Dishing out Dirt (meme response) @ 11:11 pm


Petra had decided to have a Girls Night. The problem with that being that most of her acquaintances, of good or ill repute, couldn't quite keep up with her. Cat was busy with wedding planning, and Avia had plans for the evening with Will. Dee couldn't keep up, and Cindy usually had some line about avoiding creating potential blackmail material.

So, she'd called Maria.

"So, I'm planning on getting shnockered on the dime of any impressionable men or women that think they have a shot with me this evening. Interested?"

November 17th, 2013

Meme: Flashback Enagement @ 09:39 pm


Evan had been looking for his brother, who he was positive was off looking for Dinah again. Evan huffed in frustration before plopping down in the weight room. He saw one of the smaller hand-bars and decided to try and lift it. It was heavy, he strained a bit, having to grab it with two hands but started lifting it up and down.

November 18th, 2013

Snack break (Open) @ 04:55 am


Annie had been very busy in Opal City lately. So really, she hadn't had much time to stop by the JLA HQ much. And she knew she probably had some monitor duty shifts to make up for. So today, she decided to swing by and see who was around. Annie made her way straight into the kitchen. She was starving, so a little snack would be good before she started wandering the halls to see who was around. Annie walked into the kitchen, and started opening the cupboards to see what was in the pantry.

November 12th, 2013

Help a Gal Out? @ 08:11 pm


Avia was currently booked on a fairly length stay in Vegas (easy commute when you had a Mother Box), but was making regular trips back to Chicago to see Will. It was nice to have someone to come home too. Different than the way she used to fill her bed with an endless stream of partners. She'd tried loving everyone, but now she just wanted to love one man. Funny how life changed sometimes.

The Vegas shows were going well, but she was always creating new tricks. And right now, she had a pretty good budget to come up with a few more. She was no slouch in the technology department, but sometimes, there were engineering tricks she could use some help with.

So she Boomed herself to San Fran to go see Max.

November 5th, 2013

So Much For "Smokeless" Candles... [open to JLA] @ 02:03 am


Magical training could be such a pain in the butt. This particular assignment, for example, had required that Alina figure out how to get power to something electronic without having a cord break any of the protective circles she used when she was experimenting. She'd been clever though, and put it off until after Halloween, and then cleared a few dollar stores and craft stores out of all their cheapest holiday fiddly things.

The end result, so far, is that Alina's sitting in the middle of one of the training rooms in Justice League of America headquarters, surrounded by three concentric binding circles chalked on the floor in blue, black, and white. There are two piles on the outside of the largest circle, one of cheap battery-included horrors and one of cheap battery-included horrors whose insides have been reduced to slag. She currently has her head bowed over the black electric tea light candle cradled in her and is muttering to herself as she tries to turn it purple without frying it to death.

But hey, once she figures out how to do this, she can start trying to do things to technology with her magic other than instantly destroy it.

The casing on the candle turns the same color blue as the smoke that comes out of the battery pack.


November 3rd, 2013

Dropping in on a friend @ 09:33 pm


Having relocated to the Titans Tower in NYC (at least until she and Riley got their own place, and even then, they'd probably keep a room there), it made it a little easier to drop in on Petra at Warrior's.  Not that the flight from Gotham was hard when you had an alien space bug fused to your spine, but it was never quite long enough to watch anything on a DVD and if you went too fast, you got splattered with bugs or ran into flocks of migrating birds.

So Dinah had called ahead to let Petra know she was coming, and dropped herself into a booth.

November 1st, 2013

Flashback- Fun Under the Sea @ 10:52 pm


Cerdian swam over the the Atlantian royal place to see if Cait could come out and play. He had heard about a pod of dolphins from far way were in the area and he knew that Cait would probably want to check it out too. Plus it wasn't one of the cool animals that he always wanted to check out like sharks and giant squids which would probably be easier to talk parents into letting them go do.

October 31st, 2013

All Hallow's Eve @ 11:15 am


All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween as it has been come to be called, is a popular holiday with children and adults alike. It is a holiday that had its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain or Summer's End. Samhain celebrated the end of the "lighter half" of the year and the beginning of the "darker half".

On this evening the barriers between this world and the Otherworld were believed to be thin and the spirits, good and bad, of the dead could pass through. The spirits of the family's ancestors were welcomed in while evil and bad spirits were warded off by the wearing of masks and costumes. The costumes and masks disguised one as a harmful spirit and avoided harm from others.

It was also a harvest celebration and time to take stock of food stores for the winter. Livestock were slaughtered and the meat prepared for storage. It was the final harvest of the year and the crops were then stored for the winter. Celebrations included bonfires and tales of the family's ancestors.

It was a celebration of the dead and of the harvest.

Today we dress up in scary and not so scary costumes and masks and go door to door for candy or attend costume parties. It is a night for revelry, pranks and fun.

October 29th, 2013

Step Into My Office, Mr Young, Chinese, and Gifted @ 08:46 pm


Petra had been waiting for the better part of an hour, getting a good laugh at this month's sex positions in Cosmo, the latest funny cat videos, and bookmarking a few new pastry recipes to try making with Din. Finally, her quarry appeared.

"Hey, Xian. Come with me now, we need to talk." She gets up from her seat at the table and starts marching towards him, and the door behind him.

October 25th, 2013

Return of the Bat @ 07:01 am


From the top of Wayne Tower you could see the whole city, the towering skyscrapers, the expanses of road and highway stretching out and weaving between the gothic buildings outward to the more suburban areas until it faded out into the distance. It was Thomas's favourite view, not only because it showed the shear size of the city and how far it reached out, but because this was the Gotham that should be. Up here you couldn't see the seedier details, the pitch black alleys and ruined buildings that spoke of the worst of Gotham. From here you could see the shining examples of the city's greatness, how it led in everything from the stock exchange to the fashion, the food, the art, architecture, even the diamond trade. From here, Gotham was brilliant.
It was because of this that Thomas decided his first patrol would begin here. To remind himself why he was in this cowl, of the Gotham that was and could be, of the brilliance of the city that shone through the darkness, but most of all he wanted to remind himself of the immenseness of both Gotham itself, and the gravity of the role he was taking on.
He didn't like to call it 'his' city, and he never had. He loved Gotham, but while he was protective of it, Gotham wasn't just his. It was a part of everyone who made a home there, and it was a part of everyone who had once done so. He couldn't lay a claim to something like Gotham, but he wasn't going to see it destroyed. From here you couldn't tell, but the gang movements, the mob, and now the return of the Joker had taken its toll. Chaos and terror were abound, and fear in all the wrong places. 
He looked down at his boots, just over the ledge of the roof, and took a deep breath, hearing the words again in his head.
Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot
The filter part of his mask clicked as it slid out of the sides of his cowl and into place. He could almost hear the sounds of the worst of it in his mind. Screeching tires. Sirens. Gunshots.
Strike fear into the hearts of those who prey upon the fearful
The Joker's laugh.
Shattering glass and an animal's screech.
-become a bat
And he was no longer staring out at the city, but airborne and diving away from the bright lights and down into the seedy underbelly where the cowardly thrived. 
They didn't know fear yet, but they would. 
The Bat was back.

October 24th, 2013

What a Terrible Day For a Robbery (open) @ 04:44 pm


Every act in service to the Cause is important. Sometimes that means striking against costumed oppressors, sometimes it means reminding the populace of who their true saviors are, sometimes it means taking action to reduce the numbers of the filthy lesser races that threaten to consume the world's population...

And some days it just means working to add to the Reich's coffers. Which is why White Dragon has forced his way inside a bank vault and is pillaging it dry. A foldspace container one of the Reich's scientists had concocted allowed him to diligently carry far more back to his masters than he could with his own two arms. The bank's occupants had been cowed into submission and he'd barricaded the doors before closing the vault behind him. True, he could have broken in through the wall, as he was planning to leave, but a spectacle had to be made. Let the police and any local 'heroes' come! He would face them all and emerge victorious!

The hero population in Cape Cod might be a bit lower than certain other metropolitan areas, but that was besides the point...

Finished with his looting, he demolishes a wall, bursting out into an alley.

October 22nd, 2013

It's Magic! @ 07:27 pm


An Elementary School in Gotham City.

Principal Aparo was not a happy man.  He usually was, in as much as any elementary school principal could be, but he had bad news for his teachers his afternoon.  The children were at lunch, with and he had quickly called a staff meeting before it finished. 

"There's a problem," he said.  "The magician we hired for the afternoon assembly is sick.  He had to cancel.  I'm afraid we'll have to postpone the assembly."

"Oh," Mrs. Infantino, the elderly first grade teacher, said.  "The children will be so disappointed."

Victoria frowned.  There was that sudden, sinking feeling.  Slowly... she cleared her throat.

"I... may know someone who can fill in," she said. 

"Who?" Mr. Wein, one of the kindergarten teachers, asked.

"Someone famous," Victoria said, "and a very talented magician.  And I am certain he will agree.  He owes me a favor.  But you must ask no further questions.  I assure you this will be appropriate."

She added a little bit of her mystical persuasion to her words, just in case.

When the meeting broke up, she made a hasty phone call.


October 17th, 2013

Dinner Time @ 12:04 pm


Cian had finished up his training session and was feeling kind of hungry. He headed up to the kitchen to pick out a place to order some pizza from.

October 9th, 2013

The Story Starts When Your Protagonist... @ 02:18 am


Dinadan sinks down in his seat, pulling his phone out of his pocket and firing off a text. It's only after he hits 'send' that he realizes that he hadn't selected his girlfriend's name out of his contact list:

To: Jai
I introduced myself as "Dr. Palmer's kid". People still think I have jaundice. Ugh.

He and Jai had mostly been okay after that talk they'd had in the library. No one had failed to graduate from high school and fled into the jungle or thought that they were making someone flee into the jungle, so it was a win all around. They still hadn't talked quite as much as they'd used to, but they'd both also been pretty busy.

Still, it could have been a worse wrong number. And while he'd meant to whine at Petra, there's no reason he can't whine at Jai and see if he gets anything entertaining back. Dinadan fires off another text:

To: Jai
Legitimately considering hitch-hiking home in a huff.

To: Jai
You have five minutes to entertain me, start planning a rescue, or to ignore this message before I move on down the list.

October 6th, 2013

The Streets of Gotham @ 04:15 pm


The Suicide Squad members were deposited in Gotham not far from where intelligence said the Joker was making his headquarters.

September 28th, 2013

Hanging Around (open) @ 08:21 pm


K'hym was at the Secret Sanctuary today, getting a few things set up in her room there (even though she lived in Denver, she still needed a place to stay over), as well as possibly putting in a little training time.

As it was, though, she was looking to see who else might be there today. True, she could have just searched the place with her Martian Vision, but where was the fun in that?

She was singing as she roamed the halls.

" When there's trouble you know who to call
From our cave, we can see it all

When there's evil on the attack
You can rest knowing we've got your back
Because when the world needs heroes on patrol

With our super powers we unite
Young Justice!!
Never met a villain that we liked

We've got the bad guys on the run
We never stop utill the job is done
Because when the world is losing all control

September 25th, 2013

Moving In @ 12:17 am


They were moving around a lot of stuff and setting up new stuff as Young Justice was making Justice Mountain more of their own place.

Jerry teleported a new couch into the rec room as they got it set up.

September 24th, 2013

Mission Briefing @ 07:27 pm


Amber called the Suicide Squad in for a briefing for their next assignment.

Tonight we're drinking from the bottle! (open) @ 08:47 am


After the poker game and twenty some beers later; Devony got a little rowdy. She kept teasing Mano until he bit her a little. Who knew Devony had a sassy alter ego when drunk.

On top of that she even wanted go burn up the city, it took a few of her teammates to restrain her and convince her other wise. She did manage to burn a few things, punched Jerry in the nose, kicked Dean and Tomas and many other idiotic things.

Currently she was doing a balancing act/show on top of the roof (escaped from whomever was looking after her). She kept laughing and yelling out profanity in Spanish. Devony got a hold of some more beer, which only made her even more drunk.

September 23rd, 2013

(no subject) @ 12:36 am


 Mano was stumbling after the poker-party. Did he drink too much? Nahhh. He didn't get drunk. No way. That's when he burped so loud it sounded almost like a shotgun shot.

September 22nd, 2013

(no subject) @ 10:49 pm


 Jacob finds himself surfing the internet, not even aware he's AOL Instant Messenger was on.

September 23rd, 2013

(no subject) @ 09:48 pm

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Harry was looking a paler than usual, it seemed he'd caught a bug, made only worse by a busy schedule and not as much sleep as he should have. He muffled a cough into his sleeve, then rubbed his eyes to stay awake, typing away at his laptop while he sat on a bar-stool at the kitchen island in the New Guardians HQ.
"I heard you got nominated for an award," Harry smiled. "Congratulations."

September 17th, 2013

Girl Talk @ 10:09 pm


"Drinks are on me tonight," Maria said as she leaned back in the chair after grabbing some pretzels from the bowl in the middle of the table. She needed a night to kick back and relax with some female company. So of course she invited Cat. Cat was one of the few of her female friends who could keep up, probably pass for that matter, Maria in drinks. Not to mention she needed the company of a female who has had some of the same life experiences as Maria. Alina and Dinah were good friends, but they weren't ones to walk on the wild side of life.

September 8th, 2013

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Thomas stopped and took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He was out of the wheelchair and on crutches now but there was still a way to recovery, and he was making sure to keep active how he could to make the recovery to street-able status faster.
But this was a long time coming, and he'd been stewing ever since the Joker encounter. He hadn't been enough. The Joker got him and used him, to demand a Batman and hurt Maria, and now he was free in the city. While it bothered him that they'd gotten the jump on him, angered him really, it bothered him more that the whole encounter had made something painfully obvious. Robin wasn't enough. The Joker had demanded a Batman, and now he knew what all the other criminals in this city had known. There was no Batman, and without that presence, that striking figure of fear, Gotham was worse off. The Joker could run free, the criminals had no real fear of the rest of them, and despite his work in the last few years, most of them still thought of Robin as the youthful bright partner of Batman. Not a figure to fear at all.
The entire Batman mythos his father had created was near useless if there was no Batman to use it. And now Gotham was on the decline.
While he steeled himself and plucked up the courage to make the last few metres to Bruce's study door, Mr. Paws who'd been walking along the bannister leading to the stairs had stopped to watch him. After a moment the cat hopped up onto Thomas's shoulders and walked along to rest on one and give his owner a look. "I know, I know," Thomas muttered. "Just get it over with, I'm not asking for me, I'm asking for Gotham."
Here he was about to ask for something he felt he had no right to, but he had to do it. He just needed it long enough to get rid of the Joker, that was all. He could return it after, he wasn't asking for it permanently just long enough to stop this chaos. But it was still a conversation he dreaded.
The cat seemed to think the muttering wasn't enough and hopped off Thomas's shoulder to lead the way to the study door, stopping and looking back expectantly when he got there. Thomas sighed once more and followed. When he got to the door he paused before knocking on the door briefly. 

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