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User:sonoftheatom (31145)
Name:Dinadan Palmer
Website:DC: The Next Generation
Bio:(This is a role playing journal for the game DC: The Next Generation. No money is being made off of this, it's just for fun)

Dinadan is the teenage son of Ray Palmer (AKA the Atom) and Queen Laethwen, the six inch tall alien princess whose people established a penal colony in the Amazon rain forest. Dinadan divides his time between Ivy Town, where he gets a good Earth education; and Morlaidh, the city from which his parents rule his mother's people.

PB: Skandar Keynes
Interests:10: aliens, amazon rain forest, being small, books, ivy town, morlaidh, superheroes, swords, the atom, worst case scenario
Schools:None listed
Communities3:dc_nextgen, dc_nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Mutual Friends:1: lil_redhood
Also Friend of:43: 3x2_9yz_4a, 4ever_yours, becauseshutup, bladeinthecrowd, botmaster, brainiac_6, bwa_ha_ha, cat_fancy, catchmeifyoucan, chaosstrength, dragonfist, dreamsofjeannie, faustling, greengenes, half_angel_eli, healingbug, in_a_snap, iwantapony, jdoesmith, just_a_stranger, ms_miracle, newimprovedbat, not_a_doll, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, partdemon, questionthis, raisingkane, rannsofaraway, redarrowmia, redheadspy, rightontarget, roy_harper, smallwonder, sonic_arrow, superpowerboy, teamterry, teddyurastar, the_element_son, thesonsdaughter, tiny_tornado, touchofvertigo, underthehood
Member of:3: dc_nextgen, dc_nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Account type:Early Free User

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