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User:half_angel_eli (32690)
Halfway between here
and when I used to be.
Name:Eli Coyne
AOL IM:AIM status Kippurbirdy (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Eli is the son of the angel Zauriel. But he's not at all angelic.

Name Eli Coyne
Age 19
Height 5'11
Weight 150
Eyes Brown black
Hair Black
Wing span About seven foot each wing, fully spred.

Eli is the son of Zauriel, a guardian angel who joined the JLA after falling for a mortal woman. The two of them married and had Eli.

As Eli grew up, he started to resent the fact that he was half angel. People expected him to be angelic and help them with problems and be utterly selfless, much like his father. So, in an effort to distance himself from his father, he ran away to Los Angeles and joined the so called seedy bad life.

And then something bad happened. As the Earth is occasionally want to, it was attacked by aliens. The toll was heavy on the heroes. Zauriel was one of the fallen as well as his mother. Kyle Ryner, one of the few seasoned heroes left, approached the nineteen year old Eli and offered him his father's sword and armor, asking for him to help save the world.

Eli accepted. Reluctantly.

Personally, Eli is a horrible fan boy, he loves all things Star Wars and Star Trek and anything in between, and he's not at all ashamed of it. He's rather vain, especially when it comes to his wings which he takes incessantly good care of. He tries to be cynical and is sometimes bitter about his lot in life, but at the same time will end up being really gushy over superheroes and other fan boy sorts people. He is an unrepentant pot and nicotine addict.

Eli is mine. He's just for play. Zauriel and Shannon Coyne belong to DC. Thomas Dekker has no connection to Eli or myself. He just is right for the PB.
Schools:None listed
People25:3x2_9yz_4a, bluelantern, bwa_ha_ha, caleb_z, catchmeifyoucan, deadlyhemlock, dreamsofjeannie, first_son, grape_taffy, healingbug, inque, jimmy, lantern_kid, lil_redhood, morgan, ms_miracle, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, redarrowmia, roy_harper, sonoftheatom, still_waters, teddyurastar, tiny_tornado, young_swimmer
Communities3:dc_nextgen, dc_nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Friend of:41: 3x2_9yz_4a, 4ever_yours, becauseshutup, bladeinthecrowd, botmaster, brainiac_6, bwa_ha_ha, cat_fancy, catchmeifyoucan, chaosstrength, dragonfist, dreamsofjeannie, faustling, greengenes, healingbug, in_a_snap, iwantapony, just_a_stranger, ms_miracle, newimprovedbat, not_a_doll, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, partdemon, questionthis, raisingkane, rannsofaraway, redarrowmia, redheadspy, rightontarget, roy_harper, smallwonder, sonic_arrow, superpowerboy, teamterry, teddyurastar, the_element_son, thesonsdaughter, tiny_tornado, touchofvertigo, underthehood
Account type:Early Free User

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