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User:rightontarget (36405)
Name:Lian Harper/Jade Arrow
Bio:Character Name: Lian Harper
Physical description (face, build, weight): 5'7", 125 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes. Strongly resembles her mother, Cheshire.
Age: 21
Birthday: July 29th
Codename (if using one): Jade Arrow
Abilities: Lian has no superhuman abilities of her own. Through intense training starting at a fairly young age, Lian is an expert marksman, highly skilled with a bow, and a highly trained martial artist. She has also had extensive training in both sword and knife fighting. Lian is highly trained in stealth. Also, though she would never use them, Lian has been training in the uses of various poisons and their antidotes.
Weaknesses and flaws: Lian is a normal human girl, with normal human frailties.
Character location/Home: Star City
Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero
Team: The Outsiders
Relatives (living/dead?): Roy Harper (father, living), Jade Nguyen/Cheshire (mother, current status unknown),Kim Nguyen-Blake (half-brother, living), Oliver Queen (adoptive 'grandfather', living), Connor Hawke (adoptive uncle, living), Keith Queen (adoptive 'cousin'... though he calls himself her uncle when he feels like being annoying), Robert Queen (adoptive uncle), Mia Dearden (adoptive aunt, living), Dick Grayson (godfather, living)
Lian is the daughter Roy Harper and Jade Nguyen, the assassin known as Cheshire, conceived when Roy first met her when he was Speedy. After their affair, Roy refused to turn her in, and a year later, in Europe, when Roy was on a mission to stop Cheshire, he learned that he was Lian's father. Though Cheshire originally refused, Roy eventually gained full custody of Lian, and raised her as a single father.

Growing up, Lian felt conflicted that her mother was a supervillain. Did she not love her? Was it Lian's fault that she was a bad person? Though he may have not left on the best of terms with Jade, Roy was able to tell Lian that while Jade was never able to take care of Lian, she loved her just as much as she did.

Lian was raised with the Titans, and was the first of the 'Titans kids'. While she cares about them all like they're a part of her extended family, she feels a certain closeness to Cerdian, who she considers to be her best friend.

Over the years, Lian has grown to terms that while her mother loves her, she is still a supervillain that blew up a country. On a visit to her mother in prison a couple of years ago, Lian forgave her mother for all of the pain and confusion that she had about her as a child. Cheshire then escaped a few months later, and hasn't been heard from since. Lian doesn't know if her mother is alive or not, but seriously doubts that she has just retired and settles down to live a quiet live.

While she is aware that her mother had a son with Catman, Thomas Blake, she does not know who he is, nor has she even met him.

Currently, Lian is a student at Star City University, where she is majoring in social work. When she's not at school, she is also known as Jade Arrow...a nod to both sides of her heritage.
Schools:None listed
People50:3x2_9yz_4a, avalon, batdaughter, bloodred_robin, boosted_gold, burningmartian, bwa_ha_ha, catchmeifyoucan, collateralmagic, compassionate, dareyoutorun, deep_sea_sword, first_son, gal_gardner, geekgreek, grape_taffy, greatest_zatara, greengenes, half_angel_eli, handofnabu, hawkgirl, healingbug, hunters_moon, imperiousamazon, in_a_snap, jdoesmith, lantern_kid, madeofgoesfast, ms_miracle, natandr, newimprovedbat, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, redarrowmia, rightontarget, rockchalk, roy_harper, somebodysave_me, sonic_arrow, sonoftheatom, still_waters, superpowerboy, teamterry, terra_mater, the_element_son, tiny_tornado, wannabelantern, warriorwilled, whydowescream, young_swimmer
Communities3:dc_nextgen, dc_nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Mutual Friends:17: 3x2_9yz_4a, burningmartian, bwa_ha_ha, catchmeifyoucan, greengenes, healingbug, in_a_snap, ms_miracle, newimprovedbat, notthelantern, redarrowmia, rightontarget, sonic_arrow, superpowerboy, teamterry, the_element_son, tiny_tornado
Also Friend of:21: 4ever_yours, becauseshutup, bladeinthecrowd, botmaster, brainiac_6, cat_fancy, chaosstrength, dragonfist, faustling, iwantapony, just_a_stranger, not_a_doll, partdemon, questionthis, raisingkane, rannsofaraway, redheadspy, smallwonder, thesonsdaughter, touchofvertigo, underthehood
Account type:Early Free User

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