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User:catchmeifyoucan (31118)
Name:Iris West/Impulse
RP journal being used over at [info]dc_nextgen. While this is my own version of Iris, the character belongs to DC Comics.

Name: Iris Lillian West
Codename: Impulse
Age: 15
Location: Keystone City
Parents: Wally West (The Flash) and Linda Park-West
Siblings: Jai West (twin brother)
Physical description (face, build, weight): Iris is very tall for her age, at five feet, ten inches. She has a slender, willowy, somewhat athletic bulid. Iris has red hair that falls loosely around her shoulders. She has a round, soft, delicate face, with high cheekbones, full lips, and soft, light green eyes.
Personality: Iris has a very gogogo! attitude. While she is very bright, she tends to look before she leaps, and has landed herself in a tight spot on numerous occasions. She's very impatient, and hates waiting for long periods...so basically anything longer than two seconds. Despite her flaws, Iris is a very, bubbly, caring, energetic young girl...though she tends to be awkward around members of the opposite sex.
History: Iris is the youngest of Wally and Linda West's twins. As a child, Iris grew up idolizing her father's exploits as the Flash, as well as the activities of other superheroes that her father associated with. Iris also grew up around superheroes other than her father, and dreamed of the day when she could join her dad in the "family business". As a child, Iris loved experimenting with her powers, although her mother wasn't too crazy about the mess that she left in her quake. When she turned thirteen, Iris became accompanying Wally on his adventures, under the codename of Impulse. At first, Wally kept his daughters superhero activities to a minimum, sending her straight home mom once things got too dangerous. However,as time progressed and Iris got older and more experienced, Wally allowed her to come along on some of his more dangerous adventures. Lately, Iris has recently joined the current incarnation of the Teen Titans, where she's among friends, several being the children of other superheroes that she's known most of life. Wally's even let Iris go on patrol by herself from time to time...provided that she's home by nine o'clock and pages Wally on the comm-link the second the situation becomes to much for her to handle.
Alignment (villain, hero etc): She's a hero!
Team: Teen Titans
Abilities: Iris posses the same abilities as her father, the Flash. These include super speed, the ability to vibrate and control her molecules, and an aura that protects her from friction at high velocities. Like her father and the other Flashes before her, she also has the ability to access the Speed Force.
Weaknesses and flaws: Because of her young age, Iris is somewhat slower than her father

Schools:None listed
People55:3x2_9yz_4a, all_powerfull, avalon, batdaughter, bloodred_robin, boosted_gold, bwa_ha_ha, catchmeifyoucan, collateralmagic, compassionate, dareyoutorun, deadlyhemlock, deep_sea_sword, dreamsofjeannie, first_son, gal_gardner, geekgreek, grape_taffy, greatest_zatara, greengenes, half_angel_eli, handofnabu, hawkgirl, healingbug, hunters_moon, imperiousamazon, in_a_snap, inque, jdoesmith, lantern_kid, lil_redhood, madeofgoesfast, ms_miracle, natandr, newimprovedbat, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, redarrowmia, redheadspy, rightontarget, rockchalk, roy_harper, somebodysave_me, sonic_arrow, sonoftheatom, still_waters, superpowerboy, teamterry, teddyurastar, the_element_son, tiny_tornado, wannabelantern, warriorwilled, whydowescream, young_swimmer
Communities3:dc_nextgen, dc_nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Mutual Friends:27: 3x2_9yz_4a, all_powerfull, bwa_ha_ha, catchmeifyoucan, dareyoutorun, dreamsofjeannie, greengenes, half_angel_eli, handofnabu, healingbug, in_a_snap, jdoesmith, lil_redhood, ms_miracle, newimprovedbat, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, redarrowmia, redheadspy, rightontarget, roy_harper, sonic_arrow, superpowerboy, teamterry, teddyurastar, the_element_son, tiny_tornado
Also Friend of:20: 4ever_yours, becauseshutup, bladeinthecrowd, botmaster, brainiac_6, cat_fancy, chaosstrength, dragonfist, faustling, iwantapony, just_a_stranger, not_a_doll, partdemon, questionthis, raisingkane, rannsofaraway, smallwonder, thesonsdaughter, touchofvertigo, underthehood
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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