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User:redarrowmia (31107)
Name:Mia Dearden/Red Arrow

Roleplaying journal being used at [info]dc_nextgen. Mia belongs to DC Comics

Name: Mia Dearden
Codename: Red Arrow
Age: 25
Location: Star City
Parents: Oliver Queen (adoptive father)
Siblings: Roy Harper and Connor Hawke (adoptive brothers)
Physical description (face, build, weight): Mia is of average height for a woman her age, at five feet and six inches. She has a slender, athletic build, and maintains a healthy weight through regular diet and exercise. With her long, shoulder-length blonde hair (which is normally straight, but lately she's taken to curling it), blue eyes, round face, and full lips, Mia certainly is good looking. While Mia's always been a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, she's lately taken to wearing more business-type attire, as she's recently snagged a job at the Star City Gazette, as while going from rooftop to rooftop is fun, it doesn't help to pay the rent.
Personality: Mia's always been known for her sharp wit. She has an answer for pretty much everything, and isn't afraid to speak her mind on anything. While she's learned to control it as she's gotten older, she's still not afraid to open her mouth if she hears something she doesn't like...or just feels the need to throw in a witty comment. Mia's also steadfastly loyal to her friends and family, and would do anything to keep them safe, even it means putting her own life on the line.
History: Mia Dearden ran away from her home and abusive father when she was eleven years old. It wasn't the best period in her life, needless to say, as she fell in with Richard, a man that used her in a child prostitution ring. For the next several years, Mia survived on the streets anyway that she could, turning tricks and doing drugs. Fate intervened one night, when Green Arrow saved Mia from one of her clients, a deranged local politician, and pointed her in the direction of the Star City youth center and Oliver Queen. It was that that gave Mia the courage to leave Richard and her life on the streets and start anew. Mia was quick to figure out that Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow, and insisted that he train her as his new sidekick. Ollie refused at first, not wanting to put another teenager's live in danger, but relented when Mia discovered that she was HIV positive. Upon taking up the mantle of Speedy, Ollie had Mia join the Teen Titans, which gave her the first peer group of her own age. Over the years, Mia formed her own identity as a superhero, not only fighting crimes on her own in Star City, but also almost full time with the Teen Titans. While Mia was sometimes ashamed to talk about her past, fearing that it ruin her relationships with the people in her life, she didn't let it get in the way of her life, continuing to major in journalism in at Star City University after graduating from high school. Eventually, Mia retired the mantle of Speedy and took up the mantle of Red Arrow, graduating from the position of sidekick to full-fledged hero. Although Mia is not currently involved on superhero teams, she remains close with her friends from the Teen Titans, and still helps out Ollie and the rest of adoptive Team Arrow family when she can.
Alignment: Hero
Team: None currently
Abilities: Through training starting at age sixteen, Mia has become a master archer, being able to use both a standard longbow and a crossbow. Under the training of Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Connor Hawke, and Black Canary, Mia has become an expert in several forms of marital arts, as well as being trained in using swords. Like her mentor, Mia uses trick arrows (such as the taser arrow, bola arrow, etc), as well as standard arrows. Mia is also a skilled athlete and street fighter.
Weaknesses and flaws: Mia is HIV positive. While she's on the best regimen medication that's out there, and is fairly good health, Mia still has to be careful when she's injured, either doing superhero work, or something simple, such as falling down and scrapping her knee. Mia also has the same weaknesses that any normal, non-meta human being would have.
Schools:None listed
People55:3x2_9yz_4a, all_powerfull, avalon, batdaughter, bloodred_robin, boosted_gold, bwa_ha_ha, catchmeifyoucan, collateralmagic, compassionate, dareyoutorun, deadlyhemlock, deep_sea_sword, dreamsofjeannie, first_son, gal_gardner, geekgreek, grape_taffy, greatest_zatara, greengenes, half_angel_eli, handofnabu, hawkgirl, healingbug, hunters_moon, imperiousamazon, in_a_snap, inque, jdoesmith, lantern_kid, lil_redhood, madeofgoesfast, ms_miracle, natandr, newimprovedbat, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, redarrowmia, redheadspy, rightontarget, rockchalk, roy_harper, somebodysave_me, sonic_arrow, sonoftheatom, still_waters, superpowerboy, teamterry, teddyurastar, the_element_son, tiny_tornado, wannabelantern, warriorwilled, whydowescream, young_swimmer
Communities3:dc_nextgen, dc_nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Mutual Friends:24: 3x2_9yz_4a, bwa_ha_ha, catchmeifyoucan, dreamsofjeannie, greengenes, half_angel_eli, healingbug, in_a_snap, jdoesmith, lil_redhood, ms_miracle, newimprovedbat, notthegdbatman, notthelantern, redarrowmia, redheadspy, rightontarget, roy_harper, sonic_arrow, superpowerboy, teamterry, teddyurastar, the_element_son, tiny_tornado
Also Friend of:20: 4ever_yours, becauseshutup, bladeinthecrowd, botmaster, brainiac_6, cat_fancy, chaosstrength, dragonfist, faustling, iwantapony, just_a_stranger, not_a_doll, partdemon, questionthis, raisingkane, rannsofaraway, smallwonder, thesonsdaughter, touchofvertigo, underthehood
Account type:Early Free User

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