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Song Meme: Poker Face Jan. 28th, 2014 @ 07:12 pm
The Exiles actually managed to get some downtime, meaning they had to sit still for a week, before they had their next mission. Sometimes they had to sit and wait until it was time to do whatever it was they were sent to.

Liv spent the time finding poker games and winning substantial amounts of money. They had to eat and pay for lodgings somehow. May as well put what her mother taught her to good use. It was morning and she was sitting at the small table in the room she shared with Sarah and Meggan counting last night's winnings.

Asgardian Gethsemene, Part 2b (Sarah, Liv, Jason, Meggan) Aug. 15th, 2013 @ 07:54 pm
As the search party gets through the last portal of the series they were magically -- and very, very rapidly -- forced through... well, in terms of what the Tallus said darkness and flames are definitely covered.

Meggan pauses a moment to take in the feel of the place... and cringes. "Should've stayed at the end of the world...."

Asgardian Gethsemene, Part 2a (Dory, Jubilee, Nate, Laura) Aug. 15th, 2013 @ 07:49 pm
With half the visitors gone, aside from a lot of flustered people and sighing at the Enchantress's high-handedness, it was mostly down to work.

Fenris is loose. The Jotun will begin amassing. From the chatter, the situation in Hel is... complicated. But weapons are being delivered, the fortifications are being checked....

Asgardian Gethsemene, Part 1. Apr. 12th, 2013 @ 02:08 am
When the Exiles materialize in their next location, they have a lot of new company in the middle of a rock-strewn, windy field. In the distance, there is a building with a slanted, thatched roof. It is the only building in the immediate vicinity, though those with sharp eyes may see various small structures even further in the distance.

In the desert between time Feb. 18th, 2013 @ 10:39 pm
As with so many others before them, the new entrants to this non-time and non-place find themselves falling, starting some twenty feet off the ground, and heading quickly towards the sand below, regardless where they were or what they were doing before the shift.

Generation Hexed Oct. 21st, 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Three years ago, Xarus Tepes, son and slayer of Dracula, united the warring vampire sects under a new banner. They followed his new vision for the future, a future of vampires empowered in a fashion the world had never seen. A melding of vampire and mutant blood, ushered in through fire and blood. In another world, he might have only sent forth one suicide bomber, in San Fransisco, but in this one, he sent many. Overnight, across the United States, the ranks of the vampire nation swelled, bringing mutants and other superhumans into the fold. Some resisted their new natures, many did not. With the aid of the X-Men, Dracula eventually was restored and then resumed control of the vampire nations and restored order, but the swell in the ranks represented a fundamental shift in power amongst the supernatural community. Almost overnight, other camps began responding. Otherworld tested its pact with the British Isles, soliciting humans to serve as scions of fey magic. Tribes of lycanthropes went on offensive strikes into isolated communities to spread their own condition. Things that lurked in dark places offered more power in exchange for fewer souls.

Now, the world has a new face. Fields of wild magic dotted across the globe render technology moot within their territory, and magic is nearly commonplace. Sentinels and Hulkbusters were repurposed and reshaped into magic-powered golems and armors of hideous might. The world has become the stuff of the Brothers' tales, before Disney and modern media got hold of them. Cities run the gamut from overgrown by restored wilderness, to reshaped into gleaming spires of otherworldly beauty, to ruins.

Where and when the Exiles arrive, it is night by all appearances, but there are no stars, and what appears to be the moon high above is featureless and pristine. By all appearances, they are in what was once a suburban neighborhood, but the homes now are either falling apart, or fortified and bearing runes and hex marks across their structures. Swathes of thornbushes have replaced flower-beds and lawns, and spikes of iron ring some of the properties, seemingly the remains of automobiles, torn apart by bare hands and claws.

In the desert between time Oct. 4th, 2012 @ 08:04 pm
Moments ago, the MacEndale's powers were doing their best to rip him in two. Doubtless, the other current arrivals have similarly interesting stories as to what they were up to the moment everything changed.

What they have in common now is falling. Falling out of the sky and into sand. A lot of sand. Rolling hills and vast expanses of it.

The only things breaking up this desert is a small, non-walled kitchenette and classroom combination, with small desks and a blackboard set up on one side, and a counter and over on the other, with black and white tiled floors.

In said kitchen is a middle aged, balding man with a bow tie, who seems to be cooking blueberry muffins. A pot of coffee goes from brewing to ready on the counter nearby.

Jul. 13th, 2012 @ 12:08 pm
As they regroup, Sarah glances down at the Tallus, looking puzzled for a few moments.

"Alright... the Tallus is trying to tell me the next step. We need to take the sword to 'our place of greatest strength', and 'bring back what was lost.'" She offers the soul sword towards Quinn. "I think I'm supposed to give this to you."

May. 20th, 2012 @ 10:44 pm
A cold wind bit at them the second they arrived outside of Moscow. The city didn't look similar to any Moscow the Exiles were familiar with. The entire city looked like a giant impregnable fortress. To say this wasn't going to be easy was a huge understatement.

"Stay alert," Quinn said as he readied some spells for the inevitable attack.

Fire and Brimstone Nov. 8th, 2011 @ 09:18 pm
 A year ago, the demons of Limbo invaded the human world in force, intending to merge it with their own realm. The key was the human, Madelynne Pryor, a mortal who was being used as the means to unite the worlds. The means to do so was the sacrifice of her infant son, Nathan. There were those who attempted to stop this sacrifice and prevent the connection from solidifying..they failed. The connection was formed, Pryor ascended into the demonic goddess, the Goblyn Queen, and the world was overrun with the demons of Limbo. While the heroes of the Earth attempted to defeat the Goblyn Queen, her newfound power was too great and most were struck down outright.  Only the Darkchylde, Illyanna Rasputin and her servant,  S'ym,, remain independent of the dark goddess' rule, for reasons Pryor has not shared with her demonic subjects. With her ascension, she lost her soul and her human perspective, and contemplates the darkness of her world from the top of her tower in what was once New York City, leaving direct rule to her advisor, the demon sorceror N'astirih. 

The world had changed dramatically in a year. The skies are a constant shade of red, while boiling clouds rumbling in the skies, crimson lightning flashing constantly. Save for the structures built by the demons, not a single structure remains whole. Even the air itself is tinged with the scent of brimstone. The remnants of human civilization scavenge for food or sell their souls to appease their demon overlords. A very few have gone underground, trying to resist whenever possible. However, the world will seem unsightly bare, unless demons are about to have their fun.

For some, new beginnings. For others, Wednesday Sep. 21st, 2011 @ 07:29 pm
Place: The Desert outside of time, near the kitchen
Time: outside of time. Do read more carefully. Possibly Wednesday

The Exiles are pulled out of the world before they're allowed to do any more damage. Everyone else forgets all but the new timeline. Some things, some people, never existed. But the Exiles remember - just like always.

They're greeted by the smell of fresh brewed coffee, fresh baked blueberry muffins, and a 20' fall, since they appear well above the desert floor.

Given that they've been here before, and there's only one place to go, the Timebroker assumes they'll be along eventually, while he tends to the baking.

Everything is broken Aug. 31st, 2011 @ 01:25 pm
With Kev's death, one chain of reality fixes itself. So many to go... but one stable thread helps.

And then... what's this? It looks like one world has not only not gotten better... its gotten worse. That one is a handful. Sarah's presence there, and other events, unhinged it more than he thought, perhaps.

Well, time to make adjustments.


Molly Hayes, in whatever state and up to whatever she was doing at the time, will find herself dropping about twenty feet, into a desert landscape. Hills are the only visible features... but in the distance, over one of the rises, the smell of baking blueberry muffins wafts through the air.

Ladies Night Aug. 31st, 2011 @ 11:44 am
The Tallus was, predictably but unfortunately, very literal - they got to stay for the funeral. The second the last Exile leaves the doors of the small reception afterwards, they all disappear from Xavier's, and appear in a lush, green wilderness. For those who are used to modern worlds, the air smells cleaner than they have ever encountered, any hint of pollution and the like replaced with the press of vast wilderness.

Once a couple of them take to the air, the first sign of civilization is an impressive one - visible even from a vast distance away, if, perhaps, not the kind of impressive they're used to. Roman columns, polished marble, high stone walls, two palace-like structures, and an arena that would dwarf any modern football stadium can be picked out over the great distance. While smoke rises in places, its wood smoke, no sign of true industrialization present - but the sheer size of the palaces and the stadium make the time hard to discern, as such structures would have been impossible to build in Roman times with the architectural techniques they had, and a city that size would be impossible to sustain without some sort of advanced water supply gathering and waste disposal. Cities just didn't grow in the ancient world, and this place would be comperable in sprawl to many American east coast cities.

There are two other things obvious fairly quickly. First, Dane can feel it right away: Sersi is here... in that city.. Second, as usual, Kev has already been replaced. And due to that replacement, Sarah doesn't mention what the Tallus says right away. She just turns and... stares.

Epilogue Aug. 22nd, 2011 @ 11:22 am
(ooc: Exiles and X-Men NPCs are welcome to mourn, talk, recover, etc. here. The next plot will be beginning soon.)

The Exiles stopped Apocalypse, but at a terrible cost. Kevin Kinross is dead, all of his bodies nothing but dust. The Exiles have 'graciously' been permitted to stay for the funeral, though there's nothing to bury. If nothing else, they needed the time to heal, though for some, it won't be nearly enough time. Sarah's left arm is broken in three places, her shoulder dislocated, and  has a handful of other fractures. She heals quickly, but not that quickly. Dorrek heals more quickly still, but he's learned that some scars obtained on Exiles' Road may take far longer to heal, as the vague threat from the Timebroker of him slaying his love and his friends has become an all-to-real image thanks to Dani Moonstar, and the whole thing has turned a lot more real. Tasha's armor is damaged. Not beyond repair - and the X-Men can lend some help via Hank McCoy and Madison Jeffries, but there may yet be some 'glitches.' None of them are Tony Stark. And, of course, even within this world, Rahne, Wolverine and others need to live with the deaths they've caused - especially hard on Wolvesbane, recovering her mind and ability to change back and forth is a blessing, but also a curse, as she now realizes, and must live with what she's done.

The impact of resolving this world, however, echoes far beyond this one.

The Timebroker watches through one of his screens, as a world - Kev's world, reshapes itself. Here, for a time, he was a monster. In the world he remembered, he was stopped, at a cost - including his sanity. With no Kev to return, the world must resolve his absence... and so it does, as the reality-warping Proteus was opposed by Apocalypse, En Sabbah Nur unwilling to have the world he sought to rule turned into a cattle yard. With knowledge of Proteus' weakness, Kevin Kinross stood no chance - so in the end, he did the only thing he could, in a brief flash of sanity - Rae Rankin was lent Proteus' reality-warping powers, and with them, defeated Apocalypse for good - at the cost of Kevin Kinross' life, briefly possessing Apocalypse's body for the briefest of instants to create hesitation - letting the young mutant destroy En Sabbah Nur while the first mutant's metal form destroyed Kevin Kinross.

The funeral was a place of mixed blessings for many - but not for his 'brother' and 'sister' - Douglas Ramsay and Rahne Sinclair, soon to be Rahne Ramsay. They mourned openly, and eventually would do the savior of the world the best tribute they could... as soon as he finishes school, Kevin Xavier Ramsay will be joining the X-Men, even as Rae Rankin prepares to take up the team's leadership.

"Hm." the Timebroker muses, considering the implications. "Not ideal... but stable. It will do."

Aug. 2nd, 2011 @ 11:20 pm
The fight with the Hulk was over, but a bigger threat now loomed. Apocalypse had risen and once again threatened the world. He closed in on New York. It would be his capital in the world he would shape.

No Rest For the Weary May. 3rd, 2011 @ 08:46 pm
The alarms cut through the silence of the night and started blaring. The residents and guests of the mansion would come from their rooms and other places to find injured individuals around the grounds. Most were sporting bleeding cuts and gashes that appeared to have been made by claws. A few faces were definitely missing from the gathered group.

Uh-oh. Feb. 15th, 2011 @ 07:34 pm
The next day at the Institute was very nice. Gwenny talked at breakfast with Miss Laura Kinney, who'd brought them there and was warming up to the whole situation. Miss Kinney introduced Gwenny to her visiting brother, Mr. Logan. He seemed very nice. He lived most of the time in Tokyo, but he wasn't a fascist.
Miss Rogers was with the big blue fuzzy man, Dr. McCoy, translating the Tallus's poetry. They'd grabbeda bite and then gone to finish up with that.

And then Gwenny realized whom she hadn't seen all morning: Mr. Kev. He wasn't anywhere to be found. Apparently, this Mr. Ramsay -- Mrs. Ramsay was just the cutest doggie ever, even if it was so sad! -- was missing, too.

Talking Feb. 2nd, 2011 @ 05:11 pm
Alex had mentioned Doug as there. Sure, he'd said Doug as in no position to talk to people, but like that mattered.  He had to ask his crazy brother-in-law about Rahne. The idea that she could still in such horrific condition bothered him much more than the fact that he was dead here.
He was so eager to see Doug and here about it that he wouldn't even be cross if Doug called him Jamie.

He left Sarah dealing with the Summers brothers and the others getting fed and cleaned as necessary.

Dogs of War: Prelude Jan. 24th, 2011 @ 09:50 pm
They arrived in a new place.  Kev looked around. They were in an alleyway in  New York City.  No dead bodies surrounded them. Always nice. No rampaging mental patients at the moment, also nice.  And there was a newspaper. January date. "Worthington Enterprises donates $1 billion to Lenore St. Croix Foundation. Subhead: "Also $10 million to CEO's mutant-specialty alma mater." Kev grinned. "What a terribly normal newspaper."  There are sounds above and quite some ways away, and Kev looks up to see, swinging between the skyscrapers, four superheroes on weblines: one in crimson and navy, one in scarlet and azure, one in maroon and gold, and one in black and white.


More travelers, lost in time Jan. 24th, 2011 @ 02:57 pm
Suddenly, everything changes.

Complex worlds - space-scapes, WWII as a backdrop, friends, allies, enemies - all disappear to be replaced with... sand.

Miles and miles of sand. Rolling hills, dunes, not an oasis in sight.

Well, except that, from somewhere just beyond the hills, there's a smell of fresh coffee.
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