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User:tooth_n_claw (31292)
Bio:Character Name: Alexander Bowmaster
Character LJ (if applicable):
Physical description (face, build, weight): In natural state a mass of clear goo
Age: 17
PB: (If using one.) none yet

Abilities: Alex is a shapeshifter who can take on the shape of any animal real or mythological. When he transforms into an animal he acquires all abilities and physical attributes of that animal. So if Alex takes the form of a falcon he gains the enhanced vision of a falcon. He retains human intelligence in animal form and has limited telepathic powers allowing him to communicate with others while in animal form. Any injuries he sustains in any form heal at a normal rate, but when he reverts back to his goo form all his injuries disappear.

Weaknesses and flaws: Alex has a hard time assuming human form and can only hold it for a very short period. He has normal durability and susceptibility to injury of the form he is currently in.

Character location/Home: Outskirts of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Alignment (villain, hero etc): One of the good guys
Relatives (living/dead?): Danielle Bowmaster (mother, deceased), Samuel Bowmaster (brother, deceased), Arthur Bowmaster (father, deceased)

Alex grew up with his mother and brother on the outskirts of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in Canada. His father died when he was six, leaving his mother to raise two boys on her own. She worked in a local store and the two boys were mostly left to fend for themselves. Alex kept a close eye on his younger brother and made sure he stayed out of trouble and didn’t get hurt.

His powers manifested at the age of twelve and the manifestation resulted in him turning into a pile of clear goo on the floor. With concentration he was able to take the shape of any animal real or mythological, but he was unable to resume his human form.

The day before his manifestation was the last day of school he had and the last time he’d have any real social interaction with groups of people. He has a sixth grade education level, but can interact reasonably well with people.

He spent a good majority of his teen years practicing his shapechanging in the forests surrounding Whitehorse while his brother was in school. When Samuel wasn’t in school, the two of them would wander the woods exploring and having adventures. Alex would often change his shape upon his brother’s request, quickly mastering the shapes of animals in the surrounding areas. His brother would show him pictures of animals, real and mythological, in books and challenge him to turn into them.

His mother and brother were killed in a car accident when a drunk driver slammed his truck head on into the car they were in. Fifteen year old Alex was devastated and he couldn’t assume any form for two months. The town’s residents were unable to find him and not knowing about his mutation assumed he had run away. The house and all the family’s possessions were sold off and Alex was left penniless and without any possessions.

Driven by grief, Alex finally managed to assume a solid form and went after the man who killed his mother and brother. He assumed the form of a grizzly bear and tore the man to shreds. Shocked and appalled at his actions, Alex left Whitehorse for good.

He wandered across Canada in various animal forms for a year until he eventually reached the central plains.

One day he stumbled across the scene of a car accident. Investigating, he found a man trapped in the car and who was badly injured. He assumed the form of a sasquatch and pulled the man from the wreck. Alex carried him to the closest hospital, where the staff took the injured man from him. Alex explained what happened and assuming he was Sasquatch from Alpha Flight, no questions were asked and Alex was allowed to go on his way.

The man he saved was a member of Department K and when he had recovered he approached Walter to thank him for saving his life. When Walter told Agent Saunders he didn’t do it, Saunders went searching for the individual responsible. It took a year for Saunders to track down Alex. Alex and Saunders talked for a good length of time and when it was apparent what Alex could do, he was offered a spot in Department K on the trainee team.

Alex accepted the offer after a lot of consideration.
Schools:None listed
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Account type:Paid Account

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