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User:_tsunami_ (29470)
Bio:Character Name: Caitlyn Drake /Tsunami
Character LJ (if applicable): _tsunami_
Physical description (face, build, weight):
Age: 18
Birthdate: 03-03-1991
PB: (If using one.) Delta Goodrem
- Snow manipulation: A move that pushes and levitates snow for attack, shielding and defense.

- Water Whips: The most frequently seen move involves creating a lashing tendril of water to swipe at an opponent. The shape, size, and length are all determined by a person's control. More powerful people can create larger whips or ones of greater finesse. Due to water being incompressible, a whip can be sharpened into a blade that can even slice through metal with relative ease.

- Water Jets: High pressure jets can be used to force opponents back or even blast clean through a target if focused enough.

- Waves: By moving a large mass of water without separating it from its original source, hyrokinetics can create waves of nearly any size. This can be used to sweep opponents away or even as a form of transport, with the person surfing on the crest of the wave. This same process can be used to propel waterborne crafts.

- Water Bullet: The Water Bullet is a move where a hydrokinetic moves a large amount of water and sends it in a forceful blow towards their target.

- Water Walls/Water Shields: Water can be molded into any shape and can by used to deflect an attack, trap opponents in a viscous body, reshaped and propelled at attackers before they can recover, or solidified into a shield of ice

- Water Thermokinesis: Hydrokinetics also possess thermokinetic abilities regarding their element, meaning that they can alter the physical state of the water they manipulate (between liquid, solid and gas) at will. Changing the phase of water allows for multiple techniques in the course of a battle, from encasing an opponent in ice to hiding behind a wall of mist. Ice and steam/fog can also be molded in a diverse range of shapes. Ice provides a degree of hard lethality since it can be molded into spikes or blades to pin down or impale opponents. Steam or mist can obscure a battlefield and mask movement

- Ice Spear It involves freezing a stream of water and then sending the frozen result flying at the target.

- Ice Shield: A Hydrokinetic can freeze an amount of water in front of them, creating a shield of ice.

- Ice Discs: A Hydrokinetic can create a cylindrical column of water and proceed to slice razor-sharp sections of it off and send them at an opponent.

- Water Knife: ability to compress water, allowing for the sharp edge of a knife. It enables a Hydrokinetic to effortlessly cut through metal, wood and stone.

- Sweat Manipulation: Resourceful Hydrokinetics can bend their own sweat to use as a makeshift weapon in the case of being separated from a source of water.

- Condensation: Not only can skilled Hydrokinetics condense clouds into a usable source of water, but they also can condense invisible water vapor right out of the air. The difficulty for this is dependent on the relative humidity.

- Water Run: This is a technique in which Hydrokinetics would use all four limbs to run on water at very high speeds, in addition to riding on foreign objects with the same purpose.
Hydrokinetic powers she will eventually develop:
- Bubble: When in need to cross large bodies of water, capable Hydrokinetic are able to create a bubble around themselves, keeping an air supply for them and for others. Caitria doesn't need this for herself, but can do it for others.

- Water Spout: This high-level technique involves controlling a whirlpool-like pillar of water as a weapon, rotating it and directing its movements at the same time.

- Octopus form: A body of water formed around the user into 8 or so whip-like limbs which can be used to grasp or strike an opponent or to intercept and seize incoming attacks.

- Ice Dome: A highly advanced technique a Hydrokinetic may surround a foe in a viscous sphere of water and then freeze it, trapping their opponent inside.

- Ice Prison: Covers an opponent in a prison made of ice.

- Maelstrom: In a large body of water, a Hyrokinetic can create a gigantic whirlpool.
- Water Dome: A Hydrokinetic can collect water from the rain, forming a dome which can be used for both offense and defense.
- Blood control Since the human body is roughly 75% water, Hydrokinetics does not necessarily involve blood, but the fluids in one’s body, allowing the user to manipulate a body's muscles to move as they wish or to stop movement completely. Potentially, a Hydrokinetic could stop a victim's heart or crush his/her internal organs.

Character location/Home: New York and Nova Roma
Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero
Relatives (living/dead?): Robert Drake (father), Amara Aquilla Drake (mother) Cornelius Drake (brother), younger brother)


Caitlyn is the first child born to Robert Drake and Amara Aquilla Drake and has two younger brothers. Cait’s family spent time between New York and Nova Roma during her childhood. Cait’s powers manifested when she was fourteen and she had a hard time controlling them at first. Her parents decided to send her to Xavier’s to learn how to control them.

Cait spent four years at Xavier’s learning how to control her powers and taking classes there. She practices with her powers whenever she can and has developed considerable control over them.

Cait tries to be the responsible one and does look out for her brother, despite loving to tease him whenever she can. When she was younger she loved playing practical jokes on people, but has since grown out of that. She loves music, dancing, singing and boys. Having a good time is never far from her mind.

Interests:6: avengers, comics, defenders, fantastic four, marvel, x-men
Schools:None listed
Communities3:marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Friend of:64: aaronwyatt, american_idol, anyastark, awesome_andrea, bite_me, bornlucky, borntolead, cant_stop_this, danielle_cage, designergene, digthefuzz, dont_bug_me, favoredheir, fireball, gammagodling, girlspy, glinting, godlierthanthou, harkerlegacy, harryreynolds, hot_rod, i_feel_you, ice_ice_baby, im_a_librarian, invisigirl, kaiju_can_do, kidfuzzy, ladydevil, likethewind, lytaworthington, marvel_girl, marvelkid, needsmoredakka, neogoblin, nevermisses, next_avenger, nextgen_mod, notinplainsight, notquiteright, notyetqueen, perenawska, poof, princessbruiser, queenofcrime, redheadspy, rjb_absinthe, ryanspector, sea_shelly, shessomarvelous, shield_maiden, small_but_tough, son_of_genius, son_of_hercules, subject0001, super_wren, swashbuckler, sydney_ashcroft, team_mascot, toni_rhodes, tooth_n_claw, touchesthepast, two_gun_kid, webslingergirl, wild_rose
Member of:3: marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc, the_bullpen
Account type:Early Free User

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