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User:designergene (34024)
Memories2 entries
People60:_tsunami_, anyastark, awesome_andrea, borntolead, butterflybullet, cant_stop_this, cosmic_son, discardedheir, eagleofthebow, emmysmash, franklen_four, godlierthanthou, got_the_touch, icallnopowers, invisigirl, irondragon, jackmurdock, ladydevil, little_gabriel, lytaworthington, madscienceman, mapleleafsuit, marlow, marvel_girl, mishaloganovich, next_avenger, nightingalesong, not_heather, notinplainsight, ohu_amane, oneyoungwoman, perenawska, pop_trash_hero, princess_mutt, princessbruiser, purplegeist, pym_kitten, quitethecharmer, redheadspy, rogue_star, ryanspector, sammyfury, sandcastlegod, sea_shelly, shield_maiden, smallestbear, son_of_hercules, soothsayer, stark_inc, stone_bear, strongbox, swashbuckler, sydney_ashcroft, team_mascot, temperence, toni_rhodes, tooth_n_claw, universaljoke, vicious_cycle, weavingwizard
Communities2:marvel_nextgen, nextgen_ooc
Mutual Friends:18: anyastark, awesome_andrea, borntolead, cant_stop_this, godlierthanthou, invisigirl, ladydevil, lytaworthington, marvel_girl, princessbruiser, redheadspy, ryanspector, sea_shelly, son_of_hercules, soothsayer, swashbuckler, temperence, toni_rhodes
Also Friend of:29: aaronwyatt, american_idol, bite_me, bornlucky, danielle_cage, digthefuzz, dont_bug_me, gammagodling, girlspy, glinting, harryreynolds, i_feel_you, im_a_librarian, kidfuzzy, likethewind, marvelkid, neogoblin, notquiteright, notyetqueen, poof, rjb_absinthe, shessomarvelous, small_but_tough, subject0001, super_wren, touchesthepast, two_gun_kid, webslingergirl, wild_rose
Account type:Early Free User

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