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User:canadianwildboy (28951)
Schools:None listed
People21:agent_13, black_widow, contessa_val, doctor_pym, eternalhedonist, firstavenger, fiyah_powa, gammazon, gogetemtiger, guardian_devil, idol_o_millions, lady_sif, ninjainred, omega_phoenix, red_eye_cyke, shield_topdog, theicemancometh, webandwit, white_knight, withadashof, youwontseeme
Communities5:legends_bullpen, marvel_legends, marvel_year_one, the_bullpen, year_one_ooc
Friend of:12: anthonyestark, bullseye_, contessa_val, doctor_pym, gammazon, gogetemtiger, lilyellowboxes, ninjainred, red_eye_cyke, theicemancometh, withadashof, youwontseeme
Member of:5: legends_bullpen, marvel_legends, marvel_year_one, the_bullpen, year_one_ooc
Account type:Early Free User

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