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April 9th, 2014

We Have Moved @ 10:01 pm

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March 14th, 2014

Long Night of Work @ 05:00 pm


It was almost nightfall in Seattle and Bram was in a good mood. It was going to be a nice night for hunting he could already tell. He was feeling good and it was supposed to be a clear night. It was always fun putting the fear of Harker into some vampires.

Still it was early yet for doing any serious hunting so Bram headed over to Greg's bar for some food and drink before he would be heading out.

March 8th, 2014

Battle in the Big Easy @ 10:30 pm


Irina opened a portal inside the Champions' Headquarters and she and the Salem's Seven went through it.

March 7th, 2014

Home again (Jack and the Espionate Elite) @ 01:29 pm


It was good to be back in San Francisco. Why had he stayed away so long? No clue, but now his head was clear and he had a plan. He and his new friends would take care of the WCA, and then he could come back home and pick up the life he was meant to live.

March 6th, 2014

Lady Mandarin and Skeleton Crew @ 09:39 pm


The chess pieces were set and it was time to strike.

Lady Mandarin and the Skeleton Crew were sent to the Thunderbolts' headquarters. Lady Mandarin hovered just outside the building. She brought both hands up and unleashed her repulsors. The force hit the wall and it blasted apart.

March 3rd, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dolemeck Night! (Open to anyone who knows Dolemeck) @ 07:45 pm

Current Location: Seattle, WA
Current Mood: cheerful

"One thousand, one hundred, and fifty years..." Dolemeck mused to himself as he wheeled about the apartment he shared with Tyler. It was still hard to believe he was that old. He certainly did not feel it, and he feared that if someone put THAT many candles on a cake that it would burn down the apartment complex! Perhaps it was best not to tell anyone it was his Birthday?

He managed to get on his pea coat and put a ski cap on his head. It was brisk in Seattle, today, and he doubted the doctors would want him catching a cold while he was still recovering from that Tryk attack. The last thing he wanted was to be scolded like some child.

Perhaps a quick trip to Greg's bar was in order. A nice warm mug of spiced cider sounded like heaven at the moment. Or he could go to the tea shop that was close to the apartment... where would he go, today? Who should he hang out with? So many possibilities.

"Tyler, I'm headed out!" he shouted back towards his room. "I shall return later!"

With that he wheeled out of the apartment and headed out. The tea shop was a bit crowded this evening, so he decided to pass and just head to Greg's bar for a drink or two. Once inside of the bar, he took off his ski cap and fixed his hair a bit. Smiling, he wheeled himself over to Greg, who was behind the bar as always.

"Good evening, Greg. How are you feeling?"

Hellfire and Brimstone @ 08:19 pm


Less than twenty-four hours had passed since Rachel had been abducted by Lady Mastermind of the Hellfire Club (as opposed to Lady Mastermind of the X-Tremists or any of the other dozen or so Lady Masterminds out there. Wyngarde had a lot of kids). The illusion currently running in her mind was deep-set and powerful, though not as powerful as the Phoenix shard she still carried within her. Given enough time, it would probably shatter.

But in the end, it didn't much matter. An omega-level telepath and telekinetic backed by a cosmic force could do fantastic damage in a short amount of time. Even if she broke free eventually, a lot of damage would likely be done by the time she snapped out of it.

Cloaked in cosmic flame, the body of Rachel Summers landed on the lawn of the X-Mansion. To her mind, she was landing in front of one of Sinister's bases, ready to face the legion of Marauders or Nasty Boys that dwellt within, before she ended his miserable life.

She brought up a hand, utterly dismantling the foyer with a single gesture. "Come on then!" she shouted. "See how you like fighting someone who fights back!"

March 2nd, 2014

Twisted Homecoming (for BH6) @ 07:06 pm


Amiko, well wrapped in a flight suit, waited patiently as her brother carried her to the landing point near the Yashida compound.

They'd been paired together for a little while, handling various ... errands. It was good to work with him. Even if they were seeing a lot clearer now, as if a lot of clutter had been removed from their minds, they were still family.

Which led her thoughts to the ostensible mission here: to go after the sword Amiko had previously claimed 'on behalf of the sane side of the Clan.' And apparently, she'd been Confused at the time as to which side that was. Their obvious mission was to rectify that.

But so far, they were not being obvious. They were good at that.

"They'll know we're coming," Amiko reminds him. "They're not so lost and stumbling they won't have been able to find out a few things, and suspect what we obviously want. Just not direction or precise timing. And please keep Hajime off of me, Misha. I'm not concerned about the others. They'll hesitate, for old time's sake." Old times were hazy and vague in her head, but not so much so that she couldn't exploit them.

Open to X-Men @ 09:24 am


Gabriel is almost always found inside when it's severely cold outside.  Today was one of those days where he could not be bothered to venture out into the cold, even to stretch his wings.  It's not that it really bothered him all that much.  The real reason was that Gabriel liked to use the cold weather as an excuse to be lazy.  Because you know what?  It really was the perfect excuse to stay inside and be lazy.

He could be found watching television in the common room on the first floor.  He owned every season of the Game of Thrones, and was continuing his marathon of it.  Right now he was watching Ned Stark getting beheaded.  Poor little Arya.

February 28th, 2014

You need to maintain your wardrobe if you're going to dress to impress... (Frances) @ 11:52 pm


Martin might've not really understood why people where so against teleporting in, but at least he was learning to respect it. Which is why the young mage appeared at the door of the West Coast Avengers HQ instead of right in their living room. He'd even sent those blue magic lights as messengers ahead of him. Okay, those things weren't patient, they were nagging little things really, but they counted as giving a heads up! And much easier than dealing with knocking. It got people to the door much better anyway.

Plus, not like this was too out of the blue. Annoying squeaking lights should've gotten the message across. There needed to be dapper suit shopping! He couldn't do it on his own. In fact, he'd even dressed up a little more, with a blazer and pocket square to go with his usual vest, hat and gloves ensemble.

While he waited for the slow people on the other side of the door, Martin occupied his time by examining the door itself, tapping it with his hat and looking to see what sort of magical protection, if any, the building had.

February 27th, 2014

Mardi Gras! (Post Tryk Plot) @ 09:03 pm

Current Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Current Mood: cheerful
Tags: ,

It had been over a month since the Tryk's had invaded Seattle, and since Dolemeck found himself badly injured. He also found himself remorseful for his own actions in regards to friendships and team mates. He apologized to Tyler for what he felt was an abuse in their friendship. He had used him more like a crutch, instead of treating him like a true friend. His naivete and annoying actions were all an act. All because he was scared to be himself, or be rejected by the world.

It was such a hard lesson to learn, but a valuable. He and Tyler were on good terms, but Dolemeck opted to give his friend some much needed space and breathing room. He continued to pay for the apartment they shared, but took time to stay in New Orleans for a bit. He also wanted to give Argo a proper apology as well, as he felt he never treated his friend right.

He booked his regular hotel room at one of the more expensive hotels in the Quarter, and waited for Argo to knock on the door. He had a cup of tea in one hand, and a book in the other. He was reading up on what Mardi Gras was, trying to inform himself on the local custom and where to go during the time the event was in town.

February 23rd, 2014

Maybe you should wear clothes to breakfast... @ 01:32 pm


Waking up in the morning was never his favourite thing, but why oh why did Cait have to have what must be the most comfortable bed. It just made getting out of bed even more needlessly difficult. How did she ever wake up with a bed like this?
Vlad was about to just give up, curl back into the covers to cuddle the pretty girl and doze off again, when he remembered he'd intended to give her a heads up on the birthday present early. Only about a third awake, he managed (through mostly-closed eyes and much yawning) to make it to the door, with boxers on. This was after a light kiss, "Be right back." (she was probably asleep though, he figured), and a very close call on just heading to his room wearing nothing. Luckily he'd remembered to at least put on something at last minute, so it'd taken two sleepy trips to the door to get something that simple right.
But he'd managed it mostly, and left the room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, to head to the boys wing, not looking where he was going or registering who was around at all. Just autopilot.

February 17th, 2014

Let's Drink @ 08:51 pm


Casey had given himself the night of from work. Sometimes it was good to be the boss. So he was sitting at the bar having a few drinks and had invited Quinn to come out as well. He had spent the morning playing with Sean which had been a lot of fun. But he was passed out a sleep now with the babysitter for the night. He had a half pint of beer in sitting in front of him right now that he was working on and would probably finish soon.

February 12th, 2014

Rasputin sibling lunch @ 03:15 pm


Things could get chaotic here at Xavier's and it was sometimes hard to catch people at a good time to hang out or catch up. Fair enough, but Vlad owed his sister a lunch out, little break from the mansion and some Rasputin sibling fun. So, actually dressed and ready to go, Vlad went looking for his favourite tiny sister. 

February 2nd, 2014

Meme: Black Sheep (Michael and Frances) @ 09:16 pm

 Two longnecks appeared on the bar and Frances grinned, handing over enough cash to cover and snagging before someone stole her drinks. Like a salmon fighting a stream full of other sweaty salmon, she cut her way free of the crowd to find her drinking partner for the night. "Two milk stouts: none of the hops, a slightly chocolate milky taste."

January 26th, 2014

Song Meme: Svalin and Kael: End Of Days @ 10:13 pm

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 Kael sat in the library, a pile of different books laying across the table as he went from one to the another, writing a detail or two on some paper he had nearby.

Meme: Mike and Sarita: Past Regrets @ 09:51 pm


 Sarita had gone to the kitchen to blend herself some coffee in the style of what she was used to back home. As she did so she found herself zoning out as the coffee just sat there boiling.

Coming of Age (Backdated to Dec 2) [Open to Genoshans and X-Men] @ 07:42 pm


For most people's birthdays, they're content to let the cake and the rest of the food be made by someone else. Not Angelo. He'd been burning the candle at both ends, to have the Consulate able to host anyone who deemed fit to show up. A triple-tiered cake stand of chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet sat at the center of a host of other pastries, accompanied by sandwiches and other light fare. It wasn't every day you turned eighteen, after all.

January 20th, 2014

Dating Talk @ 09:37 pm


 This was their second and what he assumed was going to become a running routine for the pair. It was a different diner, but once more Fred and Lexie were "bird-watching".

"You've barely touched your coffee," he observed.


January 17th, 2014

Happy Birthday! (Jan 15th) @ 07:50 am


Tim would never let Sammy's birthday go by without celebrating it no matter where he was or what he was doing. He sent a text to her phone with coordinates and a time to meet.

Before she got there he'd have everything all set up. Two small tents, Tim would never assume anything, one with an air mattress in it for her. He knew Sammy wouldn't like sleeping on the ground. A nice sized camp fire was burning, coffee was made and there was a pot of chili bubbling in a cast iron pot. Tim also packed ingredients necessary for S'mores.

Now all that was needed was the birthday girl.

January 14th, 2014

Invasion of Seattle @ 09:19 pm


Ophelia had planned this thoroughly ever since her surviving children had told her of what had befallen the others in the city. She could see that with this group of supernatural hunters, as well as the arrival of the vampire lord, Theodoric, that Seattle was about to become an important fixture in underworld politics. Whoever held it would be in a position of tremendous power. Though perhaps more importantly, the men her servants had described could potentially create a brood of daughters the likes of which neither vampire or human could stand against. Yes..this was far too tempting an opportunity to pass up.

It started early into the night, and happened almost as soon as it had begun. Ophelia had a small of followers infiltrate Seattle bit by bit until they were indistinguishable from the mortal population. At the exact moment, several known vampire lairs were suddenly attacked by disguised tryks. The smaller populations were slaughtered instantly in the initial surprise while the larger ones were decimated and trying to hold back the attackers in the boughs of their lairs with superior firepower.

In the news it looked almost as if some kind of gang warfare was going on. A nightclub, an office building, and a motel. Police had the areas cordoned off, though all attempts for them to enter the buildings had resulted in bloody deaths.

January 9th, 2014

Rallies, Riots, and Mutants @ 10:01 pm


Though the subject matter of the rally on the local college campus greatly concerned and even directly affected Toni, she wasn't paying much attention to the words being spoken.  Instead, she was watching both the crowd and the others gathering occasionally around the edges of it. 

Despite having been around for several decades now, the issue of mutant rights continued to be a tricky and volatile one.  While there were a great number of second generation super-heroes, many of whom had inherited the abilities of their parents, not all of them owed their abilities specifically to an X-Gene as she did.  So it made her somewhat sensitive to the issue when it came up, especially since she was publicaly known to be one.  But while she was well know as Anya Stark's best friend and as an Avenger, she was not quite so distinct that, out of costume, she couldn't slip easily into a crowd.

Call her crazy, but she was certain something in this thing was going to turn ugly.

January 6th, 2014

Open Mic Night (open) @ 10:35 pm


Dante was enjoying winter break along with his parents being out of town. When they were home he had a curfew and didn't get go to out much. When they were away, well his curfew disappeared and he was able to go out quite a bit more. His older sister Rachel was quite a bit more lenient than their parents.

Tonight was open mic night in a club and it was all ages. He had his guitar with him and was scheduled to go on in about an hour.

January 5th, 2014

A Little Too Quiet (for Martin) @ 11:11 pm


Mimes were swarming outside Harrod's. Well, that was odd, but people could get hurt. Satin pulled out the swords and sliced the pavement in front of one, then testing the Blades of Zz'ria on him with a tentative prick towards the shoulder. Nope. An innocent. ... An innocent part of a silent mob that was knocking people over trying to get inside the store.

January 6th, 2014

New York, New York @ 12:01 am


Quinn loved New York City. It was as much his home as England and Braddock Manor was. Well the Braddock Manor in his home world. He had been to the one here only once. Brian was still rather cool toward him, so Quinn stayed away. It was better that way.

Currently he was sitting in a pub a few blocks away from the Sanctum Sanctorum enjoying a pint of beer.

January 4th, 2014

City of Steel @ 09:22 pm


New York City was under siege. Not by any super-villains, though that was a common enough sight. Not by subterranean terrors as usually brought up by the Mole Man and not by hordes of Atlantean warriors in fishbowl helmets. Not even by any of the myriad alien races that liked to show up and get the stuffing kicked out of them by Earth's super-heroes.

Technically, these invaders were alien. But not like most others. These were very large, three of them nearly thirty feet tall, the last more than twice that.

"Come on out, accursed Autobots!" the leader, a massive grey robot with a cannon on his arm shouted. "Why do you not defend these humans?"

January 2nd, 2014

By the Power of Grayskull! @ 11:23 pm


It was a normal day in Los Angeles and at the Defenders' Compound. Or so it seemed. It only took a few minutes, but the compound was transformed into a castle with part of it looking like a skull. Castle Grayskull now stood where the main building of the Defenders' compound once stood. Around the castle a thick woods sprang up and surrounded the castle.

One one side of LA Skeletor and his crew started heading for Castle Grayskull. He wanted to get inside and learn all of its secrets.

On the other side of LA Hordak and his crew started headed for the Whispering Woods. He wanted to capture She-Ra and her rebels.

December 15th, 2013

very web. much wow. @ 04:19 pm


Another task on the list of many was complete.  Peter wend web slinging down the streets of the big city, on patrol for anymore sights of the anomaly.

December 14th, 2013

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree @ 09:59 pm


Each year toward the end of December people come together with friends and family to celebrate and exchange gifts. The atmosphere is light, merry and there is plenty of cheer to go around. Holiday music fills the air while bright colorful lights light up the nights. Mistletoe is placed in strategic locations and people are willing caught under it.

It's a time of celebration, even for superheroes.

December 13th, 2013

seattle at night @ 11:46 am


So there were vampires in Seattle.  Alright, that just meant she needed to have a wooden stake with her at all times, among other things.  Now was one of those good times, being nighttime and walking alone.  Marie felt more confident in her ability to protect herself, now that she was aware of the dangers of the night.  Well, at least one of the dangers of the night.

And maybe they were aware of her and her knowledge, too, because not a single predator of the night had tried to attack her.  It's possible they learned their lesson when Bram took care of them the other night.

December 9th, 2013

Time Honored Tradition - Rate The Babe @ 07:52 pm


The annual tradition of Rate the Babe was usually held at the Avengers mansion, but this year it would be held at Excalibur's headquarters in London. Quinn was more than happy to play host and set up refreshments. There was of course plenty of beer and it was accompanied by pub food.

Quinn was already on his fourth beer when the guys started arriving.

December 3rd, 2013

The Ten Cent Tour @ 09:34 pm


"Okay," Toni said, walking a little bit backwards.  "So you saw the living quarters already, and saw the kitchen.  Entertainment room's over here..."

She pointed to a positively huge TV.   "Satellite picks up pretty much any network you could want on this planet, and a few from off.  There's a Kymellian soap opera I'm recording right now.  Don't understand a single word of it, but I think the point gets across.  They're pretty emotive for horse people."

She kept walking.  "So where'd you say you were from again?"

December 2nd, 2013

Regrouping @ 07:36 pm


Kal flew the ship to the rendezvous point to meet up with the other team. The affects of the time distortion were quite evident on the faces and in the hair of the members of her team. They all had more wrinkles and gray in their hair. Some were a little worse than others.

She brought the ship down on the small planet and they waited for the others.

Capturing the Pawns @ 07:21 pm


Their first few targets had been acquired, but there were still a few more pawns that they needed to capture. Teams were sent out to capture the remaining pawns.

November 29th, 2013

Time Honored Tradition - Rate The Hunk @ 06:24 pm


Anya had spent Thanksgiving with her team and with her family. Early dinner in Boston and then dinner with the family in New York in the evening. It was great having two Thanksgiving Day dinners. The best part of the holiday after the food was the day after Thanksgiving. It wasn't for the shopping or the deals, but for the time honored tradition of rating the male members of the superhero community.

Anya had the rec room of the Avengers mansion all prepared. Pizza, snacks, drinks of the soft kind and other various items for eating and drinking were laid out. Electronics were all prepared for the event. All that was left was for the guests to arrive.

(no subject) @ 02:54 pm


The place: Starbucks. The time: 4:00 p.m.

It had taken some pestering, but finally, Lexie had dragged Fred out of the mansion and gone into town with her for a little /ahem/ bird watching. It was just in time for High School to be out and she was sipping herocha latte and making little hash marks on a napkin.

"Alright....2 o'clock. Dark hair, rock-a-billy heels. Yes or no?"

November 27th, 2013

Winter Wonderland! (Meme) @ 10:15 am


Etoile woke up curled next to Lyta. They both spent the night doing girly talking and watching crazy movies until the wee hours of the morning. She moves out of the bed as quietly as she could, stretching for a bit and moves to the window. To her amazement, the entire school grounds were covered in snow!

"Holy crap, Lyta....Lyta!" Etoile calls out to her, she suddenly felt the urge to go outside and play in the snow.

November 26th, 2013

Out for the Night @ 09:19 pm


Rita had needed to get out on the town for the night. To do something besides work, research, and fight the occasional monster as she and the others are wont to do. She really would rather do something interesting.

Different. It helps she and Tyler are still working on their.... thing. Calling it a thing seems rather callus but what else can she call it? She will figure out what she feels comfortable calling it soon enough. She isn't worried.

She did call him to ask him if he wanted to do something. She had no idea what and planned to let him decide what they can get up to. She just wants to get out on the town with him.

November 23rd, 2013

Backdated to October. @ 10:31 pm

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They have a lot of investigations on their plate, and Swallows games against the Giants are among the times one could actually catch them on television. But there's nothing Amiko can do about any of their pending investigations right now, despite how much she's worked, and television is only a last resort in terms of watching baseball like a civilized person. Especially since it's the Swallows' last shot at the playoffs. Her boyfriend doesn't like baseball, so Amiko is in the stands with the world's second-greatest samurai.

"I wish it were a home game," she grumbles just slightly. "Feels more right. Anyway, what else needs explaining? I covered scoring, the positions, the difference in the two leagues..." The Central League's forbidding of designated hitters being obviously better, in Amiko's extremely biased opinion.

November 22nd, 2013

The Camping Trip @ 07:00 pm

Current Location: Somewhere in Montana
Current Mood: shocked

Argo had called up, somewhat thrilled about going on another trip. Then again, anything seemed to excite Argo or make him wish to adventure these days! Dolemeck was a bit hesitant to go, as EVERY adventure he went on with Argo led to some misadventure or chaos breaking out. But this one sounded... normal. They would rent some horses and go to Montana for a camping trip. No monsters, no crazy ex-girlfriends, no strippers... just camping with the guys. It sounded so normal, Dolemeck had to pinch himself to see if he was having a dream.

Being as this was so normal, Dolemeck did not tell Tyler. Besides, he was a grown man and did not need to tell him everything anymore, right? He left a note on the fridge that he would be gone for a few days, and that he left Tyler a few cooked meals as an act of kindness (and because eating out was expensive). Dolemeck even managed to get time off of work as a barista and model to be able to go on this little adventure, so there was not a single loose end.

Upon his arrival in Montana, Dolemeck waited for Argo's plane to arrive. After-all, he knew where they were going!

Grog and Grogg. (Or How to Do Kaiju Car Bombs) (meme) @ 10:58 am


 Escaping from the debriefing by the skin of her teeth, Frances stepped out into the lovely (crowded) streets of Tokyo. Really, what about her said 'send this to one day-long departmental meetings as team rep'? Whatever, she was free with the address for a bar in her pocket. One of the assistants she had managed to charm and coax had recommended it as a place to get a drink and see just about everything the city offered, no one batted an eye over odd outfits or lifestyles. Sounded more promising than the Hello Kitty hotel rooms. 

Getting lost, getting unlost and a few turns later, she found the place (lots of neon, very promising) and headed in. Time to get her drink on!

November 21st, 2013

Drunken Confessions- meme @ 10:04 pm


Casey was out drinking with Flynn. They were both at his pub enjoying some free drinks. Casey was dropping shots of whiskey pretty fast getting ready to talk to some cute American girls on the other side of the pub.

New Recruit - Open to Avengers @ 09:08 pm


Recently, Akilah has taken up residence with the Avengers.  After the team split, she took the opportunity to request her addition to their roster.  It seemed like the most advantageous thing for her to do in her fight against evil.  The Avengers were great allies to have, and it was an honor to become a member.

After being assigned her room, she explored until finding the library.

SHIELD Thanksgiving (meme) @ 09:46 am


 Unsurprisingly, SHIELD had plenty of people who stress-baked, used cooking as an outlet, or just like tinkering with food (in and outside the Biolab). This widespread trend in culinary skills made Thanksgiving more of a gastric marathon than a hearty meal and emails would go around jokingly about fasting on Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare, or rooms commandeered and stuffed with pillows and blankets for the post-eating/drinking food comas.

The buffet tables were daunting to say the least, groaning boards living up to their name, and by the time you went up for seconds, the spread was different. After a tragic mix up between the hot mustard and nacho cheese, all the dishes were clearly marked with what was in them, and even some suggestions for pairing written in pencil by previous grazers. Val went for the mulled wine first, for liquid courage.

Irrational Fears with Rational Roots (meme response) @ 08:53 am



"Mommy!" The little boy runs over to Lil, latching onto her, red-eyed and shaking. Jordan is in tow with Madison, coming up close behind. "I'm sorry! Please don't be mad! I just wanted to look at--"

"Shhhhh..." She puts her arms around him, fingers in his hair. "Yelling later. I'm just glad you're okay."


It was a holiday story that got trotted out now and then. Mason stopping to look at a chemistry kit when the family was hitting the mall for Boxing Day shopping. After that, he'd ended up split off from the family by the torrents of crowds. It had been two hours before security was able to reunite Mason with his mother.

So, even as he feels ashamed of it, he's more than a little panicked anxious, keeping his back to a wall while he tries to get his bearings. He'd been in New Orleans as part of his degree work, attending a lecture by a leading mettalurgist. Afterwards, he'd lost his cellphone, and his notion of where in the city he was. The crowds of holiday visitors, plus the lunch rush doesn't help matters either. He keeps his palms to the wall behind him, breathing heavily, and not noticing as the surface starts to turn to glass.

November 20th, 2013

Not Who It Looks Like! (meme response) @ 10:15 pm


Guardian was out on patrol, working his favorite route. It sent him past four corner stores that got frequently held up, his favorite kebab vendor, and a little patisserie that made simply amazing caramel-covered marshmallows.

November 19th, 2013

Web Swingin' @ 04:46 pm


Peter wasn't exactly your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman, but he was close enough?  SHIELD sometimes sent him out on missions within different cities to clean up some street-level crimes.  It was essentially like taking a day off, despite the fact that he wasn't off the clock.  What was even more relaxing, was the fact that there didn't seem to be any crime afoot today.  But, for the sake of "work", Peter kept his eye out while he kept swinging from building to building.

November 18th, 2013

Meme: Josh and Ben Chase @ 12:10 am


 It was supposed to be discreet. The government had gone to great lengths to have the prototype technology transferred to a local scientist for study, even keeping SHIELD out of the loop for the purposes of secrecy. It should have worked. The vehicle was nondescript and the accompanying vehicles were subtle in their position of guarding the important vehicle. By all rights it should have worked..but this was far from an ordinary world. Hover-vehicles of unknown design seemed to appear out of nowhere, actually using an advanced form of cloaking technology, and blocked the disguised convoy in front and back. Men in the blue-silver suits of RAID disembarked the hover-vehicles and quickly began to fire on the guard vehicles.

An Asian man with cybernetic enhancements stepped out of the lead-vehicle of the attackers. "Let us make this quick, shall we?" He withdrew a sword crackling with energy and sped toward the defenders, cutting them down both quickly and efficiently. Sheathing his blade he forcibly pulled the doors open of the van containing the device. "Take it and load it quickly. I trust I do not need to stress that you be careful." The RAID technicians nodded, grabbing the experiment and moved to load it.

November 17th, 2013

Breakfast, ze most important meal of ze day (open to T-Bolts) @ 07:54 pm


Adrienne was not, by nature, much of an early riser.  Not when her "job" very often required her to be out very late at night.  In many of the cities of the world she had traveled to in her time as a cat burglar, this was not a problem.  There were ever so many cities that never seemed to sleep.

But now, when she only pulled a job on rare occasion (and always, she would stress, from someone who actually deserved it), and kept her skills sharper through the occasional consultation job, she actually spent regular hours in a bed.  Distressing, really.  She was quite nearly legitimate these days.

Not that it made her father any less proud.  He had nearly gone straight himself a time or two, and both of them lived quite well by their codes of honor.

But at the moment, it was still fairly nearly in the morning, a little after seven.  Adrienne was the first up--or at least, the first one into the kitchen--so she was making some crepes.

November 6th, 2013

Moonlight Sonata @ 08:37 pm

Current Location: Seattle, WA
Current Mood: calm

It had been almost a week since Dolemeck and Tyler had moved into their new apartment complex. Being as it was already furnished, they did not need to bring in any of the furniture from the old place, or do much decorating. But that did not stop Dolemeck from working on his own room. He had put up pictures of the people who mattered to him on the walls. His parents, his cousin Derek Woo, a picture of himself and Argo on a boat, and even a picture of himself and Tyler in Germany, with their tour guide Gerta.

Just a she was about to put up another picture, there was a knock on the door of the apartment. He placed down the picture frame that was in his hands and went to go open the door.

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