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August 30th, 2011

The Wrecking Crew is Back In Town (open) @ 09:40 am

Alarms cut through the usual noise of the New York streets near the Federal Reserve building in Manhattan. Four individuals were currently after the bricks of gold that was stored inside. Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver and Bulldozer, members of the Wrecking Crew, were smashing their way through the building to reach the vault and the gold.

August 15th, 2011

(no subject) @ 12:08 pm


Progress was considerable on all of Kristoff's current projects, both technical and diplomatic. He'd worked hard to do his job to the fullest, to help fulfill his family's and his country's agreements, to make his Master/Father proud.

But there was something he had not attended to in a while. A personal ritual of sorts. And so, although he wore his armor with the built-in communication line, in case he was needed at the Castle, Kristoff left that towering structure and went to the outskirts of Doomstadt. To the gypsy funeral grounds.

He knelt beside a particular tree, and he told her what he'd done, and he told her that he loved her and missed her. More than a dozen years hadn't changed that.

He stayed a little longer than usual, trying first to keep, then to regain, his composure. A Von Doom does not cry where anyone could possibly see.

August 10th, 2011

Dad's Old Junk @ 08:11 pm


This had to be a joke. A really sick bad joke. By someone with balls the size of grapefruits. Kevin shook his head as he looked at the address in the text message again. This was it. Apparently he was supposed to meet, at a used car lot of all places, Captain friggin' America, Steve Rogers.

Hell with it.

He walks up to the nearest salesman. "Hey, apparently I'm supposed to meet Steve Rogers. Where's the video cameras?"

July 23rd, 2011

New Digs (Open to SA) @ 10:47 am


Well it wasn't Avengers Mansion, or any other place nice, but it would serve for their purposes. The old underground SHIELD base hadn't been used in a decade or two and it would be the new home of the Secret Avengers. The underground facility had everything a team could need. It had a kitchen and dining area, conference room complete with communications equipment, sleeping quarters, motor pool area and even a medical bay. The only thing it didn't have was windows, but they weren't a necessity, only a liability.

It had been cleaned out and the equipment upgraded before it was time to move in.

Natasha sat in the conference room looking at satellite feeds over the area they had gone to on their first mission. A steaming cup of black coffee sat on the table. She had arrived two days ago and was expecting the "team" to start arriving to check out their new base any time now.

July 17th, 2011

Business Call. @ 09:29 pm


Kristoff watched the news and was... vexed. He telephoned Tony Stark.

July 10th, 2011

(no subject) @ 07:40 pm


Who: Tony and open
When: July 10, 2011
Where: Stark Resiliant, new temporary NYC headquarters
What: Tony gives a press conference on his newest project, at which things don't go as planned
Rating: PG-13 for violence and adult language

Anger surged through Tony, followed by confusion )

The Terror of the North @ 10:11 pm


 The Wendigo was confused. One minute it had been tracking a group of hunters in it's territory in the Canadian wilds, but wasn't home anymore. There were no trees, no snow. The Wendigo was confused, angry..but then it realized this new place had one thing in abundance. It practically assaulted it's nostrils. Prey. This place had so much prey. So packed together, so closed in. It didn't care when the fleshings screamed in fear, or when one in blue began shooting hot pebbles at it. These were nuisances. The Wendigo roared in anticipation as it eyed a few choice morsels. Let the feast begin!




July 6th, 2011

(set after the SA mission) @ 10:10 pm


Natasha sank down into the hot water of the bath until it came up to her chin. Her head fell back onto the bath pillow and she closed her eyes. A long content sigh came from her as she started to relax. The hot water felt heavenly and the oils and salts in the water helped to relax her along with the heat. The glass of wine she had before the bath and the one she has for the bath didn't hurt either.

Natasha let her mind wander as she soaked.

The City of Angels (Open) @ 08:19 pm


Los Angeles was the City of Angels, but Sersi was far from being an angel. There may have been one point in history where her people were mistaken for angels, but Sersi would never claim to be one or otherwise pretend. Angels seemed like the stuffy type and Sersi couldn't abide stuffy.

Sersi loved the lights and glitter of LA. It was her kind of town. So was New York, Tokyo, Paris and a few others, but each one had a special feel to it. LA was no different. The feel and energy of the city was like no other.

She had only come to town for a weekend, but now it had been six months. She just didn't see a reason to leave just yet. Money wasn't an issue when you could create your own and Sersi wasn't quite done shopping. Right now, however, she was sitting in an outdoor cafe and enjoying a double espresso.

Chat with Talent Recruiter @ 06:47 pm

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Spiral hadn't checked in when she was supposed to. He knew she was fine, the monitor chip in inside her brain gave him all sorts of details regarding health and mentality. No she wasn't in trouble, she was purposely avoiding him. This was nothing new of course, but this project was important. So Mojo used the chip to triangulate her current position. For the moment he waited, as he was sure she wasn't alone in the area.

June 28th, 2011

Two Moments To Change Everything @ 12:08 am


Some people say you get one moment in your life where, in the space of just that moment, the decision you make will shape everything from then on for you.

Phil Urich was about to have two.

Life was pretty good. Uncle Ben and even the higher-ups at the Bugle had received his work on the Latveria story well, and everyone seemed to love his pictures. The old man had even asked him to help with another research project, doing site-photography for decomissioned H.A.M.M.E.R. facilities and other holdings by Osborne. Phil didn't have the heart to tell his uncle how the last round of investigating anything Osborne had gone, so he agreed.

He'd just been finishing snapshots of a helipad center when something in the back of his brain tickled him just a little. The same sort of impulse that had made him steal Chris' pendant. The same sort  that had driven him to cut the deal with Fujikawa. The same sort that had let him know just who to call to put Hollow into protective custody.

And, of course, with his track record in decision making, he found himself in a safe-house, having keyed something in on a pad, he was pretty sure.


Next generation Goblin gear adorned the walls. A fully functioning workshop, safe-house, and small manufacturing depot.

"This... this is..."

No. No, he's not allowed to make any kind of decision about this. Not in his current state of mind. He goes out, gets a cup of coffee, and comes back, trying to make sense of it all. He's about two sips in when he hears the door at the end of the hallway open again, and he dives behind a console in terror.

June 26th, 2011

Re-Match @ 04:33 pm


Paris was watching one of the screens getting a broadcast of some news service. A state visit by the president of Ghudaza to Washington, D.C. His teeth were grinding with every word the man spared for the cameras. He should probably turn this off. He had so few outlets for his anger here, and so much of it.

But he doesn't turn it off.

June 19th, 2011

Father-Son time. @ 05:31 pm

"Now, Sire, look at this neural interface. Even with all the core processors destroyed beyond repair, it's fascinating," Kristoff says cheerfully as he points out the elegant wiring techniques where the robot has been carefully opened up. "Rumor has it that Atlas's own 'Human Robot,' the M11, actually drank the essential life-spark out of his creator through the energy-transfer circuitry, that's how biocompatible some of this is, even if it's normally only used for lethal-force purposes. This kind of design is quite practical to keep in mind in reverse when transferring a computerized sentience to proper organics, don't you think, Sire?"

June 16th, 2011

Stark Resilient's Latest Project @ 09:24 am


A female reporter is giving her report  on the latest news.

"..Tony Stark is expected to divulge his and Stark Resilient's latest undertaking to the world later this week. While there is much debate over what this project could be, Mr. Stark has stated that it will be something never before attempted that could revolutionize the way people live. Considering Mr. Stark's endeavors in the past, this will surely be something to see. While we do not as of yet know specifically when he will address the media, he has assured that he will let us know as soon as possible. This is Rebecca Grangier, Channel 3 news."

June 12th, 2011

Five Minute Break @ 10:44 pm


A daring bank robbery - well, daring in the sense that the idiots carrying it out chose to rob a bank in New York City, which has a per capita superhero population roughly equivalent to the number of Italians in New Jersey - has just been foiled, the money back in the proper hands. Just another day in the life of the friendly neighborhood whatchamacallit.

It seems like he's been running non-stop, lately, despite the aforementioned density of superheroes - but working full-time and holding down a gig with the Avengers doesn't leave him a lot of time for R&R. And things with M.J. were still a teensy bit awkward, with the whole Harry thing.

So Spider-Man sits atop one of the buildings on Central Park West, chowing down on a couple of hot dogs, and enjoying a rare New York breeze that doesn't actually smell like New York.

June 10th, 2011

The Monster That Wanted to be a Real Man @ 05:13 pm


Quasimodo walked over the crumpled bodies of the AIM personnel as he began his search of the lab. The location was on a small unmarked island in the Pacific. Norman Osborn had discovered this group of AIM scientists, but saw them as little threat and wrote them off. Normally Quasimodo would agree, but this group had been studying a subject that interested him, biomechanics. They were looking for ways to create humanoids with bionic enhancements of a less mechanical nature. What the Living Computer wanted more than anything, was to attain a human body. If what these AIM scientists had tried to do worked, then feasibly not only could Quasimodo create a body for himself, but a body that would allow him to transfer his power as well. On that glorious day, his life would begin anew. He'd use Osborn's archives to make him a power unto himself. 

"At last I will be the master. It will take time, but if there is one thing a living computer has, it's patience."

Quasimodo then began to sift through AIM's files.

Acclimatizing @ 12:19 pm


His reunion with his people had gone pretty much as he expected. A few were overjoyed to see him, a few were outraged by his mere presence, and the majority didn't know how to react to him. Thor offered them a village in Asgard where they could be safe and under the protection of the Asgardians, to which the grateful Korbinites accepted. When Bill offered to take them, they refused. To them the destruction and death was too new, and many blamed him due to his negligence. Thus Bill had returned to Earth.

"This is going to experience," he muttered to himself.

He saw the looks of passerbys as he walked through the city. He'd gotten mixed reactions, much like those from his own people. Some smiled and waved, recognizing him. Others shrank away from his presence. A few had yelled "mutie" and threw objects at him. Bill grumbled to himself. He would have to find proper lodgings. Thor had offered Bill a home in Asgard, but he declined. If he was going to protect his new world, he must not fall into the negligence that had cost the Korbinites their home. No, he'd need an alternative.

June 6th, 2011

Sounding the Alarm @ 03:41 pm


Bob was worried about Dr. Vernard had told him just minutes ago, and one of his compatriots was a man of the nation of Wakanda. It wouldn't be right to allow such a threat go unwarned. Yet, it could not be done directly. So, using the technology of the saucer and as many screening abilities as he could muster, Bob made a call to the highest office in all of Wakanda, all under the guise of a call from a secretary.

May 30th, 2011

Before the one you serve @ 07:14 pm


Kristoff was being kept pretty busy by the current projects, and by his fears. Suddenly, he noticed a call coming in on the private line. He pulls it up and bows.


May 24th, 2011

The President's Speech (News Report-Open to Reactions) @ 11:35 am


"...and it is imperative that those of us who do not possess the gene for mutancy to insure that our civil rights and inherent freedoms are not violated by those that do. I do not advocate violence or discrimination against mutants; on the contrary, I advocate assimilation and integration with the general populace, after said people have declared their empowered status and work with the government for a set number of years to improve our country." President Ndroso says to the assembled crowd.

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