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Kyle ([info]lawton_anime) wrote,
@ 2008-01-07 03:17:00

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Current mood:creative

The journal is friends only! ^_^ comment and add me ^_^
Easily people forget the fact that war is never easy, and will always be heart wrenching for many, to say it should not be so is to lie to yourself and your humanity, children will suffer as well as adults, from the war front to the home front, deal with it as best you can. "In a grim marker of the longevity of the war, children who were infants or toddlers when they lost a parent in action are growing up." From that statement you would think that all wars should last only a few days and that we shoot waterguns, stupid asses, just think of the Hundred Years War, or the fact that our so called World War 1 and 2, were not infact the first world wars fought by European nations, what of the children from those? In fact it was worse for them then, we have come far since then, but we need not get too far ahead of ourselves in all of this, and we must realize that we are still human and things will still happen, and to state that the current conflict is an anomaly in terms of length of time is utter nonsense. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/iraq/2003964950_warchildren21.html

A few tips_ * Look at the places I haunt, don’t add me if you can't handle or if your friends can't handle it on your friends page. * Do not be a grammar nazi or fuck off right now. * No flammers allowed either, discussion only. * If you do type L8ke dist!one1!, sorry but I wont add if it gives me a headache to read. * lmao homophobia is allowed, have fun, just be wary while fighting the others over it hahaha. * Also if you hold no support for your government, and your soldiers, do not come near me. * Its okay to have different opinions from me and others, provided that your opinion is not seditious. I like to have people who have well positioned opinions on good ground, so long as their arguments are clear, but do make an attempt not to push yourself too hard onto someone in here. * Should you be this under age rodent who goes about spouting crap about supposedly being 'more mature than what your age says' I wont add you, there is only room for my ego here bitch. * I have come across here recently, people who, have this belief that if you are not knowledgable by their standards pertaining to a certain, lets say issue, place, or even a thing; then you are not to have your own opinion on the matter and that your opinion is thus, unacceptable as befitting an average human being. Such a person who believes that a person not having a direction connection with something should then have no real opinion on such a matter, will not be added. * And this is crucial, if I befriend you, and you have one of those friends who have this bizarre idea that receiving a comment from a friend's friend is somehow wrong, I wont add you. I've added plenty of such friends and they are lucky I wont remove them right now because their friends think they are hot shit and feel that hearing from someone they don’t know is somehow below them. * if there is anything I forgot to add, you will find out.

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