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Karin ([info]might_badtouch) wrote,
@ 2009-09-15 11:50:00

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Entry tags:commenter: ino, commenter: naruto, commenter: sakura, commenter: sasuke, commenter: shikamaru, commenter: suigetsu, commenter: temari, commenter: zetsu, ic

ic; 02
I think my microwaves broken.

And not because I broke it, because I can fucking cook popcorn, alright? It just came pre-broken and now my whole apartment reeks of burn.

Anyone know any tricks to getting the smell out? Opening the windows isn't doing the job fast enough.

In other news: paycheck comes soon. ♥

[OOC; back for now o/]

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2009-09-15 11:45 pm UTC (link)
So I found out. At least the fridge's works alright.

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