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princess serenity, hbic. ([info]mikipinku) wrote,
@ 2011-08-11 04:06:00

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character statuses .
I was talking to Ron tonight about plots and how plots are really hard between two people when one partner doesn't give much information on how their character is feeling/their state of mind/etc. I made a comment about how generally if I don't know what's up with characters, I start to talk it out and that's how it comes to me. So I got inspired to do a bigger, more detailed version of my Plea For Plot Post™ and talk things out with myself. Hopefully this will make things easier to plot with other people, inspire plot in others, and if I don't get entirely lazy I can keep updating this. :D I will do my best.

Feel free to comment on this post with commentary, plot, etc. at any time! That's definitely partially what this is for! I love interaction!


❝ ♂ + 25 + Ravenclaw '76 + Keeper (Puddlemere United) ❞
Relationship Status: Single/Divorced
Significant Other: n/a
Children: Kathryn Coira (3)
State of Mind: He is in a sort of in-between place right now. He's still hurt over what happened with Liz, but as the days goes on and he gets back into Quidditch and focused on Katie, he's finding it possible to distract himself momentarily. He's happiest playing Quidditch right now and is probably spending extra time on the pitch when Liz is able to take Katie.

✔ He wants he, Liz and Katie to have a good family relationship again even if they aren't legally family anymore. This has made him willing to let Liz take Katie more often during the season, but he's on watch for anything off because he can't say he entirely trusts Liz yet to not freak out.
✔ Just participated in the United's little fly-in demonstration and is probably one of the few members of the team not secretly freaking out about losing 450 points. He has a lot of faith in his team to pull back into the rankings and just generally thinks it was funny as hell.
✔ Still doesn't know anything about Ellie's new-found love for the ladies, but does know that he doesn't approve of that haircut. He knows there's something off with his sister based on the fact that she's still sort of hard to meet up with and all the sudden change, but is too busy to dwell on it too much at the moment.

✧ He must thread with Liz and Katie at some point! I'm interested to see how their family dynamic is once we start exploring it in long-winded essays actual tags.
✧ He also must thread with Ellie, since she needs to either tell him what's up and get Reaction Time™, or he needs to at least start side-eyeing her a lil' bit.


❝ ♀ + 31 + Hufflepuff '69 + Member of the Wizengamot ❞
Relationship Status: Single/Widowed
Significant Other: n/a
Children: Mara Imogen (2)
State of Mind: She is much better than she was when I left her off. She's had over a year for the deaths of her husband, parents and brother to sink in and although she's not entirely recovered--simply due to so much emotional trauma happening one right after the other for so long--, she is in a better place. She is good enough that she is able to focus on work again and has realized how important it is that she keep doing what she does. What remains, however, is a sense of paranoia concerning Mara and leaving her with anyone besides herself.

✔ She is running herself ragged between work and her daughter and this has caused her to withdraw from her family quite a bit. This has lead to a sense of isolation, but she too wrapped up in it to realize that if she took a breath and took a second to spend more time with them she would likely feel better.

✧ I would like her to have some kind of chat with at least one member of her family soon. Who exactly it is doesn't matter, I don't think. She just needs someone to give her a firm shake.


❝ ♀ + 29 + Slytherin, '70 + Chaser (Puddlemere United) ❞
Relationship Status: Engaged
Significant Other: Martin Boot
Children: Matthew Chase (b. 08/22)
State of Mind: She is a glass case of emotion at the moment! Thanks to all the different things going on in her life and her good friends The Hormones, Nicole finds herself flipping quite frequently between furious, grateful, excited, scared and downright upset. As usual, these burst of emotion are taken out on Martin and he is probably a little worse for wear due to the whole thing and mentally willing this kid to just come already and save them both.

✔ Matthew is 12 days away, ahh! She can't say she's afraid of parenting or anything like that, so more than anything she just wants this kid OUT. Quidditch starting especially has made her truly antsy to get this pregnancy over with so she can start getting back in shape. She will probably be fighting people to let her go to the pitch and do drills like, a week after she pops this kid out. This will probably not work, but she will still try, damn it.
✔ Nicole is more nervous about the wedding than the kid. She really isn't super comfortable with the idea of a whole day where everyone is watching her in a dress and heels, but is doing it nonetheless. She also is having little to do with the planning of this whole thing and probably hired a planner ages ago. The date is September 22nd, so not far away!
✔ So, about that suspension from the United. More or less, they're fucking around with her because they know she's out of commission anyway for another good month and a half at the least. They're not planning on firing her, but she doesn't know that. What will likely happen is that they'll put her back on the roster in the beginning of October due to pressure from things like the team's sit-in and media reaction, her 'looking' at other teams, and the fact that the United will probably still be down a hell of a lot of points and they're gonna have to pull shit together. For now, though, she's still in the dark, very upset/frustrated/angry /having to be held back from punching people/etc.

✧ She and Martin need to thread! Since Matthew's coming soon, there's a starting point. They have a lot they could address that would be easy to wrap up around the base event of this kid coming quickly.
✧ I so yearn for another group thread with the United. Best team in the game, wut wut.


❝ ♀ + 21 + Gryffindor, '79 + Waitress ❞
Relationship Status: Dating
Significant Other: Christian Entwhistle
Children: Kevin Christian (2)
State of Mind: She is happy as it is possible to be, being a dirt poor young mother. Content is probably a better word, although that's not to say that she didn't wish things were easier. Nonetheless, she's comfortable in the sense that she's settled into a routine and gotten used to living the way she does.

✔ THERE ARE NO CURRENT EVENTS, YOU ALL SUCK. >:[ Nah, she's sitting on the backburner until she's needed for something. I'll push her in there as soon as there's something that might apply to her.

✧ n/a but don't really need any at the moment.


❝ ♀ + 25 + Beauxbatons, '74 + Housewife ❞
Relationship Status: Married-ish
Significant Other: Jude Wickham
Children: Cosette Ludivine (1)
State of Mind: She's quite okay right now, excusing the assuredly constant head-butting that happens between her and Belise. I imagine that she's learned to take her home life issues as a normal part of daily life, including constant paranoia about not being legally married. In turn, she of course makes it a point to try and up-stage her sister wife all day, every day, in everything possible. Cosette is absolutely her jewel and the center of her universe, but she has not stopped trying to be best friends forever with Astrid.

✔ Cosette just turned one. Literally like a week ago! Really there's nothing much to say about this, but it is an event. She has been spoiling the crap out of this kid since she was born, but lately probably has not shut up about her at all. Ever.

✧ I would totally love to have her thread with Belise at some point, since we never really played out together in anything but comments. I have a feeling they'd be entirely hilarious.


❝ ♂ + 20 + Hufflepuff '80 + Hitwizard ❞
Relationship Status: Single/Playa
Significant Other: n/a
Children: n/a
State of Mind: Darien WAS good, but now not so much considering what Derek just told him about Dianna. He hasn't really had much time to react to it yet, but there's definitely mixed emotions of fear, fury and an urge to kick someone's ass all muddled up in there. More than anything though, he's concerned and needs to do something to satiate his freak-out about whether she's all right or not, and he's definitely itching to just hurt someone, which is very uncharacteristic and probably a bit scary for him.

✔ Obviously he just found out about his sister being attacked by Death Eaters and being messed up over it, so there's that. I can't say yet what he's doing about it since that thread isn't finished and whatever Derek says will probably drive his actions from that point on in whichever direction, but one thing he does know he needs to do is talk to Dianna. He is not having a good time.
✔ He had a date with Marissa, a thread which is also not finished so I'm uncertain as to how it went precisely. I took liberties in the Derek thread and had him happy about it all, so I assumed based on how it was going that it turned out without anything terrible happening. While dating hot redheads makes him happy, right now everything is overshadowed by the above noted situation.

✘ Marissa date thread is in progress. I would love to talk to you, Lettie, and maybe fast-forward in it, talk about how it went and whatnot since there doesn't seem to be anything huge going on. I think we've established that they get on okay, and that's good! Lemme know what you want to do.
✘ The thread with Derek can probably be wrapped up within the next few tags, I think. More than anything it's important he get the base information and play them off each other a little with their reactions to the situation. I think it wouldn't take too many tags to explore how they work off of each other in this kind of backdrop.
✧ Eventually someone is going to realize something is up with him who doesn't know what's up. He doesn't want to talk about it right now, but after a while, if someone prods him about his change in mood, he would.


❝ ♀ + 20 + Hufflepuff '80 + Fashion Designer ❞
Relationship Status: Single
Significant Other: n/a
Children: n/a
State of Mind: Meredith is floating on cloud nine right now and enjoying life really for the first time in a year or so. She's in a nice place where she's out of the constant funk she was in following the death of her twin brother, and she doesn't have to wallow about being dirt poor any more since her line is doing well. She's definitely not making millions, but her career from here seems like it's only going to take off. Nothing can touch her at the moment, so she is just a carefree beam of sunshine for the first time in a long time.

✔ Madam Malkin's picked up her line, which is selling well. She'll get exposure from this and it'll be a launching pad into bigger and better things, but for the time being she has no idea what's in store for her, just that she's enjoying it. Her goal is to be able to drop her other job waitressing within the year. For the time being, there's nothing else on the radar.

→ Ron, eventually we need to thread, as we've spoken about. Now that we have the connection with Dianna, I think I have one or two ideas on how she can see Derek again, I just want her to have heard briefly what's going on with him beforehand so she knows to approach with caution and this does not explode in our faces.
✧ I don't think a thread is necessary with Dianna, but might be fun! Let me know what you want to do, Cristina. I'm good with threads, comments, and/or just chatting OOC and figuring it out behind the scenes.


❝ ♀ + 21 + Slytherin, '79 + Socialite ❞
Relationship Status: Single, but It's Complicated
Significant Other: n/a
Children: n/a
State of Mind: Wow, she is in some serious shit and she knows it, but this time her mind's definitely giving her a spin for what to do about it. It's a very confusing time in her life and she's caught between defending the decision of her parents and being so sick of everything that's happened and how unhappy she's been that she just wants to scream and say 'to hell!' with all of it. Getting away from her parents is going to only prove to help her to think more clearly about what she wants in her life even though she doesn't yet realize that it's a poisonous environment from which she's removing herself. She's still a mess at this point, questioning everyone and everything and she can be expected to be all over the place and indecisive for a while as this whole situation has quite shaken her.

✔ Welp, the gossip has gotten around that she's been hanging around and being extra friendly with a halfblood and Mama and Papa Hooke are not entirely pleased about this. They were already in a tizzy after Donovan left her and this is quite a derailment of their plans to add on top of it. They haven't disowned her, but they've basically cut off her money, which they think will force her to come home so they can tighten the reigns. It won't, because she can't deal with living with them, and that's going to turn out to be the best decision she ever made. Or the worst. Depends upon whose opinion we're talking about!
✔ Because of all of this parent drama, she's started talking to her scandalous halfblood boy again. Despite how damning she knows such an action to be, for some reason the whole situation makes her want to see him more, rather than less. Even though there are some serious issues to be dealt with still, they've made up on the surface problems for the moment. Considering that Adamina is Not Happy with her, we might go ahead and have her live with him? That will only add to the scandal when the siblings find out about all of this, I'm sure. Wah wah drama drama.

→ She and Cael have to see each other again. I agree with the idea it should be in neutral territory. I don't think there's going to be any mad revelations and she certainly is never going to apologize for all that stuff she said about Evan or suddenly proclaim her love for Muggles, but he is the start of everything.


❝ ♂ + 21 + Gryffindor, '79 + Chaser (Montrose Magpies) ❞
Relationship Status: Single
Significant Other: n/a, but he could use a lady to get his confidence up!
Children: n/a
State of Mind: Oh goodness, this boy is such a mess. He doesn't know what to do with himself right now. There wasn't much serious talk about him before he was suddenly catapulted to fame by being made a starting chaser on the championship team, so this is all still very new and it absolutely terrifies him. He's a Gryffindor, but he's brave in a very subtle way and it has to be beaten out of him, which I think it will be if the pressure keeps mounting, the rumors keep being written, and Seth keeps antagonizing him. He's one of those people who performs best under pressure and surprises everyone--he goes out in bursts of awesome and then turns immediately back into a kitten. Give him a few more months into the season and he'll be nearing his breaking point and do something to shock people. (Like punch Seth in the face!)

✔ Those stupid gossip rags are saying things about him and being a spy and he is Very Upset. He really feels like his place on the Magpies is much more precarious than it is in reality, and that counts for both performance-wise and socially, as far as getting along with the other players. These rumors are going to drive him to try and prove that he's not still playing as part of his old team and I imagine next time they play the Catapults, he'll throw more than a few goals past his old teammates to punctuate it.

✧ A Magpies practice group thread would be fun. Just an idea!


❝ ♀ + 21 + Hufflepuff '79 + Actress ❞
Relationship Status: Married
Significant Other: Xenophilius Lovegood
Children: Luna Solaria (1)
State of Mind: Lucy is as anyone can expect her to be--bursting at the seams with joy, light, fantasies, and all of those good and happy things. As a person, little bothers her to begin with, so it makes it even easier for her to be in a constant state of euphoria when nothing at all is going wrong. Someday I'd like to explore her during a time when something monumental happens and she's upset, but for now she is all smiles!

✔ Nothing going on at the moment that's notable! She may be changing her occupation soon, though, as it's so very difficult for her to settle upon what to do with her life.

✧ I really don't know what they'd do and I don't like to do threads without some kind of goal, plan or direction, but if we can come up with something, Leigh, let's do the Lovegoods! They're so obnoxiously cute, and Valesco needs more of this!


❝ ♀ + 21 + Ravenclaw '79 + Housewife ❞
Relationship Status: Married
Significant Other: Rhys Nott
Children: Aemelia Camille (1) & Evan Christian (1)
State of Mind: She has been in a rare mood for the past month and a half where she's actually quite pleased and content with most things in life. The pleasure of normalcy with Rhys home has not yet worn off, but knowing them, that part of their life is probably drawing to a close. The one thing she's constantly upset about is, of course, the fact that they live in Paris still despite that the war is over and the Death Eaters have quieted down. She feels like they have no real reason to stay, but if Rhys opens up his own firm there she'll begrudgingly have to sit down and deal with it. (But not after glaring at him about it.)

✔ Nothing is going on with her in the current time. She seems to be having much more action in the future!

→ EMMA, WE MUST DO THE DEARBORNS AFTER THE SECOND WAR. There are so many secret Dearborn tears to be shed.
→ Eventually there has got to be another future thread with the Notts actually in their state of being nice to each other. Whether they are--god forbid--actually cute for a whole thread or it's something that is dashed away (i.e. the whole Death Eater revelation), either would be fun!


❝ ♂ + 23 + Gryffindor, '77 + Solicitor ❞
Relationship Status: Single/Divorced
Significant Other: n/a
Children: Zacharias Joseph (3)
State of Mind: He's doing okay at the moment, despite that this won't last. Although he's fairly down over the fact that Gracie is mad at him and he's being all self-pitying and beating up on himself for being a shit father, he is otherwise okay. He's happier getting to see Zacharias on a regular basis, something he didn't have while he was in Greece, and he enjoys the fact that he's no longer hiding away from real life. He won't be happy at all once Edward comes into the picture, and if he and Graciela keep arguing over the kid, but for now he's blissfully unaware of any boyfriend.

✔ Well, he just came back from overseas and is trying to settle into his old life again, just as a bachelor, which is fine for him since he didn't really want to be married in the first place and that was part of the issue. He wants to see Zac more often, but is almost afraid to ask to take him since he feels like he's walking on eggshells (and subsequently cracking them all) when talking to his ex-wife. There is plenty of room for tension there that's going to come back to smack him in the face since he ran away to Greece and didn't have to deal as much with it back when it happened.

→ Tensions/arguments with Gracie have to be had, and he has to be told about Edward and get all depressed and irrationally upset about this!


❝ ♀ + 26 + Slytherin, '74 + Socialite ❞
Relationship Status: Married, but not really.
Significant Other: Orpheus Travers, but not really.
Children: Mischa Katya (2)
State of Mind: Oh, knowing this girl, of course her life is terribly tragic 24/7. While she plenty enjoys the freedom that she gets from having put her husband in Azkaban, she's managed to chase away all of Mischa's nannies and is now stuck without anyone to watch her but herself, which is practically a crime. She's lonely, having only the company of a 2-year-old in that big estate of hers, and with her two very favorite siblings having bitten the dust. More than anything, she feels like she's stuck where she is and she resents everyone--including Mischa--for that. She needs a boy toy to mess around with in secret.

✔ Grayson is being nosy about Mischa, which has Jules a little suspicious and concerned. Not too much concern as of yet, since he really only asked once and she figures he's got enough issues in his own life to focus on, but this is quickly going to spiral out of control into something that she does not want it to be. This will be fun to jump into in the coming months.

→ She and Grayson are going to have to thread soon with Mischa to make her really worry! She'll need to get reason to freak out to Christopher that something is up.


❝ ♀ + 22 + Ravenclaw '78 + Housewife ❞
Relationship Status: Married, but It's Complicated
Significant Other: Grayson Wilkes
Children: Dmitry Vaughn (3) + Anastasiya Mirabella (1)
State of Mind: Ohh she is such a well-guarded emotional wreck right now. She doesn't want to show too much because of the kids, but it's been six months since she left home and she's really starting to lose hope that anything is going to get better, which is a big step because she absolutely does not want to admit that. She is somewhat channelling that now into frustration at Grayson's lack of change, rather than guilt in herself for leaving him, and that's going to be a turning point, I think. She's prepared to hold on a bit longer, but not much.

✔ To recap; following Amery's death, her husband went nuts and got to be really unpredictable to the point where the house wasn't safe for anyone, especially the children. She's been moved out with the kids for six months now and has had very little contact with Grayson, which breaks her heart but at the same time... she doesn't really know what to do about it, so part of her doesn't want to see him either. It's a very upsetting situation.
✔ Due to all of this, she's been playing lightly with the idea of a divorce, but she really wants to take Dmitry with her if she does. She can't do this unless he lets her adopt the kid, which he seems rather unwilling to do. This is making her hesitant to make a move, but eventually she's going to find that she might not care enough to stay in such a wrecked relationship and try to get out with him anyway.

→ Once Carys finds out about being pregnant, they of course must talk and be cousins and all of that jazz.
✧ I think she'd like to start pushing Grayson again about Dmitry, since she's getting frustrated about his lack of decision on that whole thing. She could honestly just do this in a journal entry, but she's going to get pushy I think.


❝ ♀ + 25 + Slytherin, '75 + Healer ❞
Relationship Status: Single, tragically.
Significant Other: n/a
Children: n/a, tragically!!
State of Mind: Rhea is quite discontent at the moment. She always thought she'd be done being a working woman by now and is so very over the whole idea, especially because she works with disgusting sick people and that is hardly a job for such a delicate creature. She would like to immediately shift her focus in life to becoming a socialite, trophy wife, and mother to as many gorgeous pureblooded children as is humanly possible... and show up her brother, whom she can't stand is doing better on the Duty front than her. Ugh, such a life!

✔ Well, apparently Braith is going to propose and do all of this for her, which she... does not know, but will absolutely overjoy her when she finds out. She is so very excited OOC for this and she doesn't care in the least that she does not really know this man much at all. Her dreams are all coming true! More than anything, it's an out of her current life, which is the most important thing to her at the moment.

→ We must still play with her and Braith! She wants her ring, damn it!


❝ ♂ + 25 + Slytherin '75 + Seeker (Tutshill Tornadoes) ❞
Relationship Status: Married
Significant Other: Natasha Zabini
Children: Blaise Andres (2)
State of Mind: He's a new character, so this will come when I have explored him more!

✔ New character. Again, will add later.

✧ n/a for the moment


❝ ♀ + 28 + Hufflepuff '72 + Chaser + Captain (Holyhead Harpies) ❞
Relationship Status: Engaged
Significant Other: Adam Zeller
Children: Loren James (7) + Sasha Madeline (4) + Rose Ellen (b. 11/12)
State of Mind: Willow is all smiles and sunshine at the moment! She misses Quidditch a little, but is so busy being a girl and planning her wedding and new baby that she's too swept up in her new life to mind being benched. It helps that Holly is doing such a good job as a Captain and getting them points! She's absolutely ready to start her new life with Adam and then go back to her team and dominate and make it to the playoffs.

✔ I said before, but I'd love to introduce her ex-husband into the game! Someone oblige me, because she is far too happy and it would be fun to throw some kinks into her life. They did not leave each other on good terms at all so it would be plenty of funsies.

✧ Like Cristina said, she and Bess need to bond more! I'm sure they're besties already.

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