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mildly_absurd ([info]mildly_absurd) wrote,
@ 2008-05-10 00:57:00

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Current mood: calm

A moment to myself.
I wonder what I look like from the outside? I wonder if anyone know is what I look like from the inside. I hope that I don't loose my mind from trying to understand the way people act the way they do. Its more a curse then anything to always see two sides of the story, Its like always taking part of the blame onto yourself, or to be entirely baffled on why such things even happen. I wonder if I'll ever change, or am I doomed to forever be lonely because of a cowardice of what people would think of me where I to step out of my self made shell.

I have a feeling that these walls are blocking just as much in as they are blocking out. Perhaps one day I'll finally know the truth.

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