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Liz ([info]ow_mybrain) wrote,
@ 2008-09-06 19:46:00

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Current location:SM/201
Current mood:full
Current music:"The Winner Takes It All," ABBA
Entry tags:babies

stop stop i'm nesting

Give me one of my characters and one of yours, and I'll tell you how they end up together and what their first-born is like, even if they are unqualified to have children. I'll even give a PB because I'm fabulous.

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2008-09-07 01:34 am UTC (link)
Okay, I'm curious to see your thoughts on Scott/Miller too. Also Dot/Scott. Extra points if you can find an alcoholic looking bb for either of them.

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2008-09-07 02:19 am UTC (link)

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2008-09-07 02:21 am UTC (link)
lkjdf;alsdkjf;alskdjf YOU ARE MY FAVORITE EVER.

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2008-09-08 12:05 am UTC (link)
The only way they'd ever get together is if Zelda never ever showed up in the first place because they are ~soulmates~ so... yeah. That time they sort of hooked up in her apartment ("Nothing but Trouble," I believe, is what the scene is called) led to a full-on affair. They're similar people and yet they challenge each other, so they have kind of an interesting relationship. I don't think they meant to get pregnant but it happened and Dot, after some consideration, decided it might not be such a bad thing except there's the whole stopping-drinking thing but Scott made her stop so their kid wasn't born mentally retarded.

Kathleen - Kate or Kiki for short - Fitzgerald is a handful. She's an absolute hellcat, just like her mother, with Scott's penchant for stupid ideas. Really, this is a bad combination of DNA to be passing on. Anyway, Kate is really fun to be around, but she gets into a LOT of trouble and one of her parents - Scott, usually - is always getting called into school to sort out something she did. She'll grow out of it when she gets older, but you can be her college years will be a total shitshow.

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2008-09-07 07:38 am UTC (link)
susie and hemingway because i can't be creative right now lolol OH DOT/NEIL

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2008-09-07 08:36 pm UTC (link)
Dot and Neil were the unfortunate victims of that 1% of the population who get pregnant despite the use of birth control. Whoops. Dot thought about getting an abortion, went to the clinic and everything, and then punked out and went home and cried a lot. It was hard, but she really made the effort to stop drinking. It wasn't until Neil noticed Dot had stopped that she even told him she was pregnant. She pretty much took care of everything herself by choice; she was too proud to ask Neil for any help. So they were still together... just not married or anything like that.

I think Dot and Neil would have a girl first. Considering they have equally horrible names (Dorothy and Eugene, ew), I'm not sure if they'd relieve their kid of the curse or do it because they had to suffer through it. I think Dot might want to name her after her mother, Eliza, but I think Dot might go with Elizabeth instead and she'd be called Lizzie for short. (I really hope she won't be born with fetal alcohol syndrome.) In all seriousness, I think Dot might make an effort to be a decent mother because she didn't have her mother for very long. Lizzie would inherit her mother's fine taste in literature and film and her father's 'do what you like and fuck the rest' attitude. She and Dot really clashed when Lizzie hit high school - lots of screaming matches and such - but they really are the most important thing in each other's lives. I think Dot felt much more fulfilled after she had a kid, and I think it really helped to quell a lot of the insecurities she had.

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2008-09-07 11:50 pm UTC (link)
Hemingway finalls gets his shit together after he and Susie have hit the two-year mark... maybe three. It takes him three whole dinners to finally pluck up the courage to propose. Susie says yes - THANKFULLY - and so they are married and Miller is really quite happy. Especially after they have their lovely kid(s).

Grace - Gracie to family - Hemingway is all of her mother's spunk and all of her father's dry sense of humor wrapped up in a chipper little package. She's very very very close to Susie but she's quite similar to Miller in that quiet way they both have. You know what I mean.

If they had a boy, his name would be Jack and Scott would be his godfather and he would be all kinds of trouble, like Hemingway when he was younger, but without the bad influence of Scott; Jack is the bad influence. He is a bit smoother with the ladies than his dad and I'm sure Miller envies him for that. But really... Miller's just glad to have someone else to watch the game with.

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2008-09-08 01:08 am UTC (link)
For the crack factor, WENDY AND HEMINGWAY.

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2008-09-14 05:46 am UTC (link)
Hemingway was quite attractive even when he got a little older, and we know how Wendy goes for the older men. Anyway, Wendy got a haircut or something and Hemingway didn't realize it was her and she didn't recognize him because he'd cut his hair and was wearing a pair of (incredibly charming, he says) glasses. I don't know, they were drunk, blablablah, Hemingway was still single, they went back to his place and the clothes came off, the condom lay forgotten and WHOOPS... a baby happened.

Let's say they had a girl. Her name would be Madeleine (Maddie or Matt for short) and she'd probably need therapy, having the history of emotional disorders her parents do. She doesn't have OCD like her mother, but she's very particular about certain things and I think it probably worries Wendy into thinking her daughter is going to turn out like her. She's rather quiet most of the time, preferring to watch conversations rather than take part in them, but she's the kid who will suddenly come up with an awesome zinger or a very insightful point right where it's needed and then go back to reading the newspaper or drawing something on the back of her homework. She's a little odd.

If they had a boy, his name would be Bailey and I think he would be more like Wendy than Miller, but he would go with his dad on camping trips because I don't think Miller would be a deadbeat dad... at any rate, I don't want him to be. Anyway, he writes for the newspaper at his school and ends up going to college for journalism but changes his mind at the last minute and decides to major in environmental science. He was never the kind of kid who could sit behind a desk for the rest of his life, anyway.

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2008-09-08 03:34 am UTC (link)
Okay, because I really can't resist.

Cori and Roswel, Dot and Nico (why not!) and your take on Spencer/Edward (not obligatory, lol).

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2008-09-14 06:08 am UTC (link)
Cori and Ros are sort of together all through college, and he really helps to keep her spirits up when her dad disowns her and stops paying for school because she doesn't want to follow in his footsteps after all. She moves in with Ros and Skip and keeps them from living in their own filth and they make sure she has a place to live and no one ever feeds her cannabis-laced brownies again, so she's content to live there. Ros even offered to let her have his room when she moved in, but she said what was the big deal and couldn't they just share it. That was all well and good for a while, but Cori is a woman with urges and Roswel sort of knows he has urges. Anyway, the sexytiems happened and they weren't totally bad. And then they started happening more often, and Cori never really thought about getting the Pill, they thought they were really careful... and then one day Cori skipped a period and all hell broke loose for a few days and Cori went away for a few days to see Regan, and when she came back, she acted as if nothing was wrong and very discreetly told Roswel she was keeping the baby. Because that's just how she is. Anyway, Roswel was pretty much falling all over himself to help her and she realized she was kind of being a bitch, being all quiet and keeping to herself. She wasn't even mad at him, really. And it's not like she couldn't work on her dissertation from home. So that's what she did. She got her Ph.D as a part-time student and was eventually able to get a job counseling at Elsinore. And somewhere inside all of that craziness, the baby arrived...

She was born in early spring. Cori was on so many painkillers she passed right out after the baby was born, so Roswel was the one left with the birth certificate. The baby had reddish-blonde hair, kind of a mix between Roswel and Cori's hair colors, so what went on the birth certificate?

Strawberry. Strawberry Krantz.

Cori was a little hysterical when she woke up and saw that, but she supposed it was a little fitting once she held the baby and had a little time to get used to it. Strawberry goes by Robbie at school, in hopes people will think it's short for Roberta or something. She is incredibly smart like her mother, but she has her father's penchant for whimsy and lack of thinking things through. Cori kind of adores her for it.

God, I just wrote a fricking novel about them, didn't I?

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2008-09-14 06:27 am UTC (link)
Dot and Nico have pretty much always thought each other to be very attractive, and one night they're at a party or some kind of lame-ass Lowood mixer (since they both work there) and end up ditching the party and end up in an empty classroom. Proceed to the hooking-up on Stevenson's desk. (Whatever, Dot's not a slut, leave her alone. :P) Dot's on birth control, they're a little drunk on champagne, it's all good... except it's not all good because Dot forgot to take her birth control that day because she fails at life, obviously, and Nico's swimmers are very strong, so... voila baby. Dot considers abortion, but then she figures maybe this will be the thing that will make her responsible and maybe stop her from being such an emo loser. After all... babies are kind of supposed to love their parents, right? And Nico totally helps her out. They're by no means a happy family or any of that crap, but y'know, Nico's there for his kid and that's all that matters. And even if he wasn't... Dot would be too proud to ask for help, anyway.

Her name is Julia and she acts a lot like Nico - very sure of herself, able to strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone, life-of-the-party type. But she's also a lot like Dot - very observant, quick-witted, and easily annoyed by people who don't interest her. She thinks it's kind of cool how laid-back her parents are; she's learned from them that making the wrong choices will put you in bad situations, so she does what she likes but tries not to take it too far. She doesn't have much of a curfew but she doesn't have to sneak around behind their backs to do much of anything. She's a smart kid; she learns her lessons the first time she makes a mistake. Dot is especially thankful for that; like she needs a miniature version of herself running around ruining her life!

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